OCTOBER 21, 2004


Why would those who are profiting the most from 9-11 want to track down Bin Laden??? 9-11 was made to order for BushCo, George Bush stated he had, “…hit the trifecta!”, regarding the events of 9-11, it should make that clear for everyone, they will not go after Bin Laden, nor will they actually fight an effective war against terror, it goes against their own interests to do so… Now we have to ask ourselves; “Are people who put their own personal gain, and the advancement of a SECRET AGENDA, ahead of the lives of the American people, worthy of being in power?” NO! With the Bushies there is not only the “appearance” of impropriety, but mountains of evidence pointing to deeds so evil that they defy belief. One of the most startling and irrefutable pieces of evidence that I have seen are photographs which prove an airplane never hit the Pentagon, then there are the thousands of statements, actions, and slips of the tongue, coming at us on a daily basis which point in one direction, yet no one wants to go there, because it defies belief to imagine, that the President of the United States and those who put him in the White House are guilty of involvement in the single most horrific act of terrorism in modern history, orchestrated to allow them to go ahead with their “Hidden Agenda”, complete world domination just being one aspect of it… So “Agent TOM OSSMAN” aka Osama bin Laden will continue to go free and they will continue to try to stifle dissent, cow us into submission, twist the truth, and pull the wool over our eyes…. And dear reader have no doubt, they will do, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, to stay in power…


God Help Us All !!!













In 22 days, 20 hours, and 33 minutes we will say bye to the "Mis-Administration of Lies", I just wonder when the prosecution for the persecution “befraught” on the population of not only our country but the world, will be properly pursued…






I was extremely disappointed in Bush, after all this was supposed to be his strong point, but listening to him I felt sorry for him, he was so human; first becoming flustered, then seeming confused, and even seemed on the brink of flying into a rage. I actually thought at one point he would just tell Mr. Kerry to go Cheney himself and leave the stage. Mr. Bush was so sure that what he has been doing was right that to me he appeared cocky and extremely defensive. He did a good job of trying to paint Mr. Kerry as someone who sends “mixed messages”, but it was clear the argument was hollow, and of himself as someone with, “steadfast resolve, no matter what!” He did not present anything new other than his steadfastness in pursuing his failed policies. His mangled simplistic use of the English language was also extremely irritating to listen to, but it is part of his charm and helps him to gain the sympathy he so desperately needs. These qualities made me feel sorry for him but in light of his record and off all the people who have died, quite frankly, he made me sick. Sure his steadfast resolve “no matter what” and his aw shucks fabricated twanging way of talking have some appeal, but they are not the qualities I want in a President! I think the American people agreed.

Mr. Kerry on the other hand showed quiet strength, dignity, composure, intelligence, restraint, diplomacy, and a serious command of the issues, all lacking in Bush. The substance and thoughtfulness of his words seemed a breath of fresh air compared to Bush’s tired old hollow rhetoric. I think that even the Bush supporters came away saying of Mr. Kerry, “Now that is a President!” even though their support was mostly unchanged. Listening to callers on C-Span after the debate I was struck by several callers who supported Bush, they called Mr. Kerry “President Kerry”, two of these individuals did not even realize that they had said that. I think it is pretty clear no matter what camp you belong to, after watching or listening to the debate Mr. Kerry obviously has all the Presidential qualities that Bush is severely lacking in. Mr. Kerry instilled a feeling of comfort, trust, and intelligent competence, and the feelings of pity I came away with for Bush pale in comparison. Mr. Kerry’s statements about Iraq, Korea, and the way our allies have been ostracized by Bush’s policies, made it clear that he will give America and Americans their dignity and position back on the world stage. He obviously is ready to pursue a new direction using diplomacy and the help of our allies that will bring about peace.

I think it is very clear, if we want to continue to live in a world of terror and fear, where the US is a pariah then we can resolutely stick with Bush, if we want our dignity, security and peace back we can welcome a man who already has shown he is fit for the job, who cares, and is intelligent enough to weigh his options, listen and process new information when making decisions, and make the right choices, not only for himself and his “base” but for all of us.




11-02-04 The End of an Error


"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

Mark Alexander


Dear Esteemed Senator Kerry “The Hope of Americans Worldwide” may all the forces of good be on your side tomorrow! Our spirits and wishes will be with you. And sir, please, kick his miserable evil @$$...Cuz you be the man!





RN4Kerry at September 29, 2004 05:15 PM


He "Mr. Kerry" (is) GREAT....I know I am not alone in feeling that he may be one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the USA, his deeply intelligent grasp of the world we live in, his integrity, his wisdom, his steadfast resolve in the face of adversity, his intelligence and caring for the common man and for the future, and his sincere and deep commitment to the values and the nobler human qualities that we all strive for, not only as Americans but as human beings, all of these things give me, and others, hope and faith in Mr. Kerry....And hey, you gotta admit, his chiseled features would look great up there on mount Rushmore...


John "A Fan of the Man"



rgforjkje at September 16, 2004 05:41 PM


We are engaged, I believe, in a war against evil, against something so black the outcome will affect the world for centuries.


The current situation in the US already falls within the definition of fascism, I don't think it is a coincidence that people with Nazi connections in their past are coming into power....sazzylady11 on September 16, 2004 05:44 PM...What I am afraid of is the fact that they, "The Shadow Government", already have plans in place for taking complete power, clauses in the Patriot Act, and the powers held by FEMA alone are enough, scenario permitting, to outright cancel the Constitution and allow them an unfettered hand to do as they wish. It will only take one significant "terrorist" act and we will all be "shadow prisoners", there are plans already in place... I just hope we are strong enough to stop them...I know I for one, will not go down without a fight... Thank God we are not alone..."Divided We Stand, United We Fall"






The man responsible for 9-11 is sitting in the White House laughing at us as we speak, endlessly smirking as they continue to use the mass murder of our fellow Americans for their own gains



The man responsible for 9-11 is sitting in the White House laughing at us as we speak, endlessly smirking as they continue to use the mass murder of our fellow Americans for their own gains...


9-11 would not have happened if George Walker Bush had not been placed in the White House and you can be one hundred percent certain, if he remains there, the terror will continue, and we will be attacked again...Wherever we are....


Dick Chicanery was right recently when he told supporters in Iowa that there's a danger the United States will be attacked again "if we make the wrong choice...” that choice is George Bush...


Fascism under Bush: What awaits:




By the way Smirky. Where is your family associate Bin Laden?


He is hiding the fact that BushCo had connections to the Hinckley family.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo had connections with the Nazi's.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo helped him to be AWOL during Vietnam.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo has all but turned the US into Mussolini's definition of fascism.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo has continued business dealings and mutual interests with the Bin Laden family.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo orchestrated 9-11 to bring about what we are heading for today.

He is hiding the fact that he has been AWOL for most of his presidency.

He is hiding the fact that he is an alcoholic and mentally unbalanced.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo has no plan to help America.

He is hiding the fact that he has complete contempt for the men and women in uniform who serve this country.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo has committed genocide.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo rigged the 2000 US presidential elections.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo committed treason in burning CIA agents.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo has no respect for the Constitution of the United States of America.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo is protecting Osama Bin Laden.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo is funding the Slime Balls for Bush.

He is hiding the fact that he was warned about 9-11 and did nothing because it was a part of their plan.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo Invaded Iraq to facilitate the construction of a pipeline.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo started a war of aggression.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo tortured thousands in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Cuba.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo is holding thousands of Americans incommunicado.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo is involved in ethnic cleansing.

He is hiding the fact that BushCo belong to the highest bidder. Be they Arabs or Corporations.

He is hiding the fact that he has milked the country for all it's worth.

He is hiding the fact that he has no right to call himself president.

He is hiding the fact that he is completely incompetent, ignorant, and out-of-touch.

He is hiding the fact that he is not a Texan.

He is hiding the fact that he is a complete and utter failure.

He is hiding the fact that even his father hates him.

He is hiding the fact that he can't read.

He is hiding the fact that all the terror alerts were fake.

He is hiding the fact that a plane never crashed into the Pentagon, no wreckage.

He is hiding the fact that in the countries darkest hour he hid, clueless.

He is hiding the fact that he is really not in charge.

He is hiding the fact that even the Pope is against him.

He is hiding the fact that he has let whackos take over our country.

He is hiding the fact that Catholics have an agenda.

He is hiding the fact that he did not allow UN inspectors to verify the election results in 2000.

He is hiding the fact that .....STOP!!!!!!!!.....


That is just SOME of what we know....


What should really scare you is what is REALLY hidden.....



wellington at September 3, 2004 08:00 PM


I think he should be:

1. Impeached

2. Tried for crimes against humanity.

3. Tried for election fraud, embezzlement, profiteering, tax-evasion, murder, treason, obstruction of justice, etc., etc..

4. Along with all his pillaging buddies made to pay restitution to the families of all who have lost loved ones due to his negligent, self-serving warmongering actions...



Since you have been foolish enough to bring up PRESIDENT GORE troglo-troll, here are a few fun and interesting facts for you:


1. If President Gore had not been usurped; 9-11, Iraq and the other 9 million disasters that Smirky-Chimp has wrought on us would never have happened.


2. He had more experience serving as Vice-President for one day, than crap-for-brains had in his entire, failed, over-privileged life.





Mr. Kerry wouldn't have pranced around, screaming "Mission Accomplished" waving plastic turkeys and telling Islamic fanatics to "Bring 'em on!" showing complete callous, criminally negligent disregard for the men and women in harms way and causing more death and hatred of Americans than any other man in US history. Mr. Kerry wouldn’t have tried to hide the deaths the men and women making the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Mr. Kerry wouldn’t have sold the American dream down river for generations to come. Mr. Kerry wouldn’t have sat in a classroom with a dumb ass clueless look while we were being attacked. Mr. Kerry wouldn’t have helped the family and associates of Bin Laden escape the country. Mr. Kerry wouldn’t have had business dealings with the Bin Ladens, nor have lain down with Saudi oil men. Mr. Kerry would not have shamelessly profited off terror, nor created more terrorists than any Bin Laden could have dreamed of.


Then again if Bush the gutless smirking chimp and his gang of worthless immoral thugs had not stolen the last election and committed a modern day American coup de ’tat, 9-11 would not have happened, Iraq would not have happened, ten of thousands of people would still be with us, we could still be proud to be Americans in the face of the world, and the nation would be basking in economic bliss enjoying life and moving forward. Instead we are supposed to live in some Orwellian alternate universe kept in check by fear and intimidation, cowed into servile submission by constant threats of heinous acts being brought down upon us by unseen, heretofore non-existent entities all the while being raped of our rights and robbed into poverty so that his cursed and putrid “base” can continue to reap wealth and live high off the hog on the backs of the poor and meek.


Jt2254 I seem to recall a commercial way back when for barbeque sauce…What was the line? Something like; “Get a rope!”.





I wanted to post this on the last thread but as it just finished up, I thought I'd post it here.


As for the smears, that is all they have! They have nothing more. We must educate people who buy into their dirty propaganda


There is no way that George W will do anything at all, neither to bring the price of oil down nor to put an end to the myriad ways and forms that the power elite have devised to reap wealth off the blood and sweat of common Americans, for those profiting from terror, fear, and death and from oil and weapons, are, as he so smugly put it, his base.


GW Smirky "poster boy for the Bin Ladens", did not move into action when we were attacked on 9-11, and there is no way on earth he will be inclined to move into action now, at risk would be his entire philosophy of recklessly using those at the bottom as cannon fodder and as the means to ensure that he and "his" remain comfortable and living high off the hog. The burdens he has brought onto the backs of Americans for generations to come are not a concern to him, the American people, especially those who are poor and suffering the most, are a distraction to him, as long as he is in power it will be thus. He has done more than any man in history to ensure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and it doesn't matter to him if they happen to be Saudis or terrorists.


He has caused the loss of tens of thousands of innocent civilian lives, for oil profits, he has ensured that the US has the undying hatred of Muslims the world over, for oil profits, he has caused the loss of close to four thousand American lives, for oil profits. Can anyone honestly, even for a second, consider that he would actually do something to lower the profit margin?


How can they be beat? We could all stop driving our cars. That would bring the whole thing down. I know it won’t happen, but just think....





I wanted to post this on the last thread but as it just finished up, I thought I'd post it here.


As for the smears, that is all they have! They have nothing more. We must educate people who buy into their dirty propaganda


There is no way that George W will do anything at all, neither to bring the price of oil down nor to put an end to the myriad ways and forms that the power elite have devised to reap wealth off the blood and sweat of common Americans, for those profiting from terror, fear, and death and from oil and weapons, are, as he so smugly put it, his base.


GW Smirky "poster boy for the Bin Ladens", did not move into action when we were attacked on 9-11, and there is no way on earth he will be inclined to move into action now, at risk would be his entire philosophy of recklessly using those at the bottom as cannon fodder and as the means to ensure that he and "his" remain comfortable and living high off the hog. The burdens he has brought onto the backs of Americans for generations to come are not a concern to him, the American people, especially those who are poor and suffering the most, are a distraction to him, as long as he is in power it will be thus. He has done more than any man in history to ensure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and it doesn't matter to him if they happen to be Saudis or terrorists.


He has caused the loss of tens of thousands of innocent civilian lives, for oil profits, he has ensured that the US has the undying hatred of Muslims the world over, for oil profits, he has caused the loss of close to four thousand American lives, for oil profits. Can anyone honestly, even for a second, consider that he would actually do something to lower the profit margin?


How can they be beat? We could all stop driving our cars. That would bring the whole thing down. I know it won’t happen, but just think....





This Administration from the day it took power had its sights set on Iraq, it needed a reason and had justifiable cause, the record will show to go as far as being involved in the events of September 11, in order to propagate the needed support for an invasion which was illegal, unnecessary, and would never have been supported by the world community. It is public knowledge that Saddam tried to negotiate and actually acquiesced to US demands in the days before the invasion but GWB would have no part in dealing with the problem diplomatically. In light of the facts, all part of the public record, GWB is guilty of launching an unprovoked war of aggression, costing the lives of tens of thousands for his own ends and heinous abuses of power. He needs to be tried under international and federal law, and removed from office as soon as possible. That is tantamount.





August6, 2004


We are living in some Orwellian parallel universe. This can not be the America I grew up in. People are actually afraid that their President could have complicity in launching terrorist attacks on our own shores. People are actually debating whether the man who holds the highest office could manipulate terror alerts for political expediency, people openly discuss facts, (FACTS!!), pertaining to the president which are obviously felonious in nature. His blatant impropriety and disregard for human lives is a daily talking point, his own twisted henchmen are parting his side, he is out of control and drugged. He has ruined the country, the environment, the economy, the educational system, diplomatic relations, has burned intelligence operatives, has killed tens of thousands, launched a war of aggression, the list goes on and on, and then there are the daily lies, LIES, AND MORE LIES. Running Bush out on a rail is not enough! Winning the election is not enough. We are supposedly a nation of laws, he is defiling our very system if he continues to be “ABOVE THE LAW”, he must be tried impeached and made to pay for everything he has done, if not we all have been defeated and do not deserve anything better…Radical thinking? I beg to differ, remember the screams about Clinton’s little affair, how much did we pay for that? $40 million? Bush should be impeached; he should be made to account for what he has done…. He has hurt the country, anyone who has taken an oath to protect the constitution and to protect our country should be up in arms not sitting placidly by and defend us against this man…and I don’t mean all you wonderful people involved in bringing about an end to the mockery he has made of the office of president… I mean all the congressmen, and senators, and public servants, who are themselves complicit in their silence in bringing about the end of our nation….I know my comments may be extreme but I think I am being realistic, and I have not and will not sit by and watch quietly as this mockery of an administration continues to defile the very idea, the very heart of what should be America…..  



Wonderful to see the stupendous turnouts, people are beginning to wake up and realize what we have know from the start, in John Kerry lies the hope and the future of our country, for all of us....Sad comments on the Church....It is against doctrine to judge in such a manner and to refuse communion, which signifies the body of Christ, to those who are humbly wishing to partake of it, thus allowing Jesus into their hearts and lives...Just as Muslim extremists have twisted Islam so have Neo-Cons manipulated and defiled the Catholic Church. Maybe I am wrong, being agnostic it is very possible, but I doubt it....As for the attacks on Mr. Kerry, that's "ESTEEMED Senator from Massachusetts" to you Snarly and Smirky, they can just go and SHOVE IT, it is a shame the way some people will do anything for a buck, I am talking about the three stooges who have been deriding Mr. Kerry military service, yet what is unbelievable for me is that with all their "wads" they still can't find anyone who is willing to vouch for one day of Smirky McAWOL's ,"claimed", military service. Something reeks to high heaven, in Denmark.....The pictures are great such a tremendous contrast to Emperor Shrub’s “Free Speech Zones”…..Fabulously splendiferous turn-outs…..Ya wanna know what I think? I think Bush Boy’s days are numbered no matter what he tries, except for, maybe, voting machine rigging again, because, ya know what? The American people are onto him….


11-02-04 The End of an Error

89 Days 2 Hours and 44 minutes left for AWOL “McFwightsuit”



August 5, 2004 03:10 AM

They can find and bribe men to tell lies about Mr. Kerry but they have yet to find anyone who will vouch for the Smirking Evil Chimp from Hell serving one damn day......Of all the methods of attack BushCo has chosen the only one so far that I honestly thought they would avoid like the plague, they make me sick.......The crowds are great....and look no free speech zones...No snipers...No paid participants...No barricades...




John Kerry, they keep attacking,

All together, LET'S SEND THEM PACKING !!!!




What a criminally negligent, self-serving, treasonous, backpedaling, conniving, self-righteous, profiteering, immoral, dangerous, un-American, deceitful, racist, evil, and (no caj***s) administration



Not necessarily in that order


Mr AWOL does not apologize, he places blame on others, he tries to re-write history, he tells more lies. It takes a man to admit being wrong, and quite frankly, he doesn't have the caj***s, (Spanish) to do so.

Posted by: John JAR2 on June 17, 2004 10:41 AM



CALFI DEM; IF you would be so kind as to permit me to allow: criminally negligent, self-serving, treasonous, backpedaling, conniving, self-righteous, profiteering, immoral, dangerous, un-American, deceitful, racist, evil, and (no caj***s) administration, to your list, I would be indebted.



My updated description of the Village Idiot’s Regime:

What an unbelievably criminally negligent, self-serving, treasonous, backpedaling, conniving, self-righteous, war-profiteering, immoral, dangerous, un-American, deceitful, racist, evil, (no caj***s), vulgar, greedy, bloodthirsty, sanctimonious, foul-mouthed, perverted, sadistic, illegal, twisted, controlling, self-serving, dirty, corrupt, xenophobic, ignorant, entrenched, two-faced, felonious, murderous, nasty, divisive, derisive, bad-mannered, elitist, Orwellian, and manipulative administration. I can give at least one example for every single one of those adjectives…


Grammarians please advise me on order of adjective problems you may notice…


10-02-2004 The End of an Error !!

91 Days 2 Hours 41 Minutes Remaining !!




BRING IT ON !!!!!!


If things don’t change our country will, for the worse…The end perhaps….


Straddling the country with debt and profiteering on the blood of our country men, "the illegal regime of George Walker Bush", has redefined the USA as a country where the rich will not only get richer but will do so remorselessly by throwing the struggling poor into utter destitution and then send them off to die so that even more profits are made. They have ransacked and pilfered, and sucked the economy dry, taking money and resources away from every source imaginable, strapping future generations with debt while they, they have mores, comfortably count their bloody money, ensured of a comfortable future. We must take back what is ours so that our children have the chance of having any kind of future, even a modest one. They must not be allowed to continue to profit from the blood and pain, the sweat and tears, of the poor and the struggling…..It must be stopped….For the future of America is at stake….This country was built on sweat and tears and hard work, it was built by individuals escaping tyranny, people with dreams and hopes, who brought with them a vision of a new tomorrow, of a bright future, in forging our great country they made sure that all of us would have the opportunity to make our dreams come true, through hard and diligent work and steadfast determination so that their children and their children’s children would not have to suffer the pain and the humiliation nor have to go through the struggles through which they had gone, but something has gone terribly wrong, there are forces at work here who want to take all of that away, who are in fact doing just that. They are evil and selfish, shortsighted and possessing of immeasurable greed and unquenchable thirst for power, power which they have unjustly taken and want to hold on to, but we, we the working sons and daughters of America must stand up, we must fight back, before they force us to be nothing but slaves in their Orwellian system with their Machiavellian manipulations of what for many of us is still, “the American Dream”. We must unite, we must fight back and we, the masses, the fiber and soul of this great country must stand up to their lies and the terror they have brought down on us and say STOP!!! We are not going to take it anymore. We want our country back, we want our hope back, we want our dreams back……We will get them back….


Wow, was I inspired or what? Wish I could write like that all the time…






Heard that Rove is planning to reduce the number of debates to (1) , and having chicanery and the chimp teamed up against Mr. Kerry, that's "Esteemed Senator From Massachusetts" to you Smirky. Any truth to this...




Roy LaPlante at August 4, 2004 06:05 AM

Thanks to Bill's style and diplomacy we were safe for eight years...It was that which kept the fanatics at bay.....Bring 'em on...Has killed tens of thousands...But I agree with you on the soft responses to the questions posed....He should have torn into Bush...I would have, but then again....He is an intelligent man...they are probably saving the strong stuff for later...closer to election time...Patiently biding their time. Calculating...Then like a tidal wave we are going to send the Bushies running with their tales between their legs...Smirky screaming and fighting every step of the way as he is removed from the White House...Can't wait.... Love the photos of Mr. Kerry...By the way does Mr. Kerry have a title we can use? Like the Honorable John Kerry? I can think of my own, like Mr. "Hope for the World" Kerry......Love the pictures...Mr. Kerry is so in touch...So with it...It is humbling to watch him...I see greatness in every nuance, every gesture...A class act...Only the substance behind what I see could project the visage of greatness he exudes...Not a touch of arrogance...His chiseled features look like they should be carved into Mount Rushmore....


JOHN in Moscow





August 01, 2004


Any intelligent truly conservative republican will see that this time their coice is a no brainer...The utter failure of the Bush, raid the treasury, skyrocket the deficit (Why not the kids will pay?), line our pockets while the getting is good, fiscal agenda should make it clear to the real "conservatives" who the only choice should be...We were doing pretty well under Clinton, without all the negativity add-ons if you ask me. Any real conservative should be able to understand that if the country is strong and ALL the people prosper it will only help all of us...Even the upper two percent......I call my vision "Trickle Up Economics", may be nonsense but who knows...


July 30, 2004

When people talk about freedom of the press these days it almost makes me laugh...With that freedom comes the immense responsibility to bring the masses un-biased factual reporting, in my opinion any organization which tries to temper their reporting with biased partisanship should be flagged and fined....I remember when there was such a thing as integrity....We should all mount a campaign against media manipulation by the neo-fascists.....



The "Neo-Fascist Propaganda Machine" I mean the Press is up to the same dirty tricks....I haven't checked all of the news outlets but AP's story with so many "was to haves" in it made it look as if nothing happened. Now Bush's planned capture of an "important" terrorist, remember him telling them (Pakistanis) he wanted Bin Laden by the election, is attempting to steal attention from Mr. Kerry...I am nauseous...What they are doing should be against the law, using "terror" to advance their own ends. Who are the real terrorists here?




"Things are improving now in Iraq!"  an idiotic statement any way you look at it, were it true it would mean returning sovereignty helped, since it's not, well...How can you expect a man guilty of election fraud to tell the truth anyway?


The bald faced lies, hypocrisy, spin, and treachery is only going to get worse before the election...



Just looked at the Bush site, I think even shrub is a fan; there are so many pictures of Mr Kerry. Read the Latino stuff, they must think Latinos are stupid, what did he call us "Hispanolos" if I recall his moniker, well after getting sick reading the crap on his site I have one thing to say, using Mrs. Kerry's words GWB "Shove It!!!!!", you have ignored us from the beginning, you have insulted and demeaned us with your racist agenda and now you want our votes "Shove it !!!" Blah, GAG " strong work ethic (500 days off), personal responsibility (Zero), faith in God (He will burn in Hell), smaller government (Orwellian in dimension and scope), and a strong sense of community (You are my base). Those are the same values that President Bush stands for (F*** Off).



July 29, 2004


If I could write anything I wanted to the future first lady it would be this:


Mrs. Kerry,

Your comments are uplifting and your message is loud and clear. I for one, and I know this is true for millions of others, am behind you and your husband all the way. It will be only for the betterment of the world to have such an intelligent, eloquent, and just person as yourself keeping 1600 Pennsylvania in order. If behind every great man there is a great woman then I applaud you and congratulate you on the fine job you have done with your great family and on your poise and grace under pressure.


With the Utmost Respect,







Jennifer what would you do if you were raped and got pregnant. God forbid that happening to anyone, or if you accidentally got pregnant from a guy you had no intention of staying nor whose child you wanted....Would you in your goose-stepping way carry it to term and forever hate the child you had born raising a dysfunctional individual who would become a danger to society, for example.....I can't stand sanctimonious ditto-heads like you who jump on the abortion band-wagon, enough already when there are real issues in the world....As a man I say that abortion, the tragedy that it is, is a woman's personal choice and should remain that way...It is legal, leave it alone...How dare you even utter anything about Mr. Kerry's Medals shrub the chicken hawk was AWOL...As for you addressing the future first lady as THK, that's ma’am to you...Crawl back whence you came....






Bush blocks court ordered payments to Black farmers:







I love all the pictures circulating on the propaganda, I mean news, sites of Mr. AWOL on a mountain bike riding on his private paved road on his raunch, I mean ranch. He looks so focused trying to keep the darn thing upright! And the helmet! What is he protecting! It epitomizes shrub and his presidency, on vacation, showcasing, all the time making claims to be good at something he is not, he keeps crashing his bike, but tries to cover it up by saying he rides hard. Just like everything else he keeps screwing up and then claims he is doing a good job at...On vacation, riding a mountain bike, which he has crashed several times, on a private road, mindful of his own safety, concentrating ever so intently on just staying upright! Inspirational! If it was my ten year old son maybe, I don't want to see, what passes for our President, "taking it easy", on vacation again, when there are so many pressing and urgent problems in the world. As a former professional cyclist, I would rather see him charging down some ravine at top speed, helmetless pouring sweat from every pore than the ridiculous bicycle safety spokesman type image I have seen on the net. To know he has crashed several times and injured his poor vwittle self does not inspire me...But that is the Rovian way, when there is no positive, accentuate the negative, twist it a little, and shove it down the throats of the masses...Having already spent over 500 days on vacation, failed at everything he has done...except dividing the nation and putting the country's future on a nosedive to hell, seeing him intently riding his vwittle mountain bike, scares me.  Give the man a pretzel, a six pack of bud and let's send him on a permanent vacation, he can bake what passes for his brain in the Texas sun till the cows come home...Just like daddy Bush and his famous sky-dive, all the publicity! And then it turned out he was strapped to a professional. Sorry Bushies, no guts no glory. I remember my first jump, I made my friends lie and told them I had jumped before so I could do it alone, that was something. I have had it with the plastic turkeys, the empty bravado, the unapologetic arrogant way they have caused so much death and pain, never once showing remorse or gratitude for the sacrifices made….You know what would be fitting?…If when Bush is evicted from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. he is not allowed to take Saddam’s pistol with him..Now that I would pay to watch… 










Posted by: wild_salmon


Why? Because blacks and minorities do not fit in to the fascist agenda. They are acceptable only if they have oil-tankers named after them, are filthy rich or can be used easily.


Many of you have posted expressing frustration with the press. Let us not forget that one of the first things Bush did was to put a muzzle on the press and on free speech. His embedded reporters, his" Not with me then you are a terrorist" policies, his effective use of censorship under the cloak of "National Security", his economic sanctions against news outlets who don't tow his line, the list goes on. When it takes a guy like Michael Moore to have to make a film to document truths that are monumental in their scope and depth, truths that the press has al but ignored, it makes you wonder where the responsibility of the press has gone. The press is supposed to report facts, not try to shape political opinion.


If Senator Kerry is going to win in November he must play by the same rules Bushco is playing by and use the press effectively. I think the press has become a tool for the right wing, not all news outlets, but most. This has been the case for years. Look what they did to Clinton?


There should be laws against news organizations involving themselves in politics at any level. Yet when the almighty dollar and sales rule editorial decision making there can be no way to trust the press. Maybe we know that but Joe-Blow-Working-Stiff may not, when upon coming home exhausted and putting his dogs up looking for something to watch inadvertently catches three minutes of news on Fox and believes whatever they spew at him. After all most of us were brought up to trust the press, and many believe that if something is printed it must be true. People don't have the time to research and question besides it would make many uncomfortable to even consider the possibility that the press is spewing nothing but propaganda and spin, carefully designed to manipulate and shape public opinion and thought.


Have a good one.







July 20, 2004

Hello all. Always nice to read something uplifting, which seems to only be possible on this blog. Maybe I am exaggerating, maybe not. Not wanting to be a downer, I thought I might throw my two cents into the discussion anyway as I think my point (IRAN) is worthy of scrutiny. I have subscribed to the theory for some time that Bushco will pull Bin Laden out of a hat in October, there has been plausible evidence floating around the Internet for months regarding the fact that he has already been captured and is being kept hidden until a politically expedient time when AWOL needs him. That has been one of my theories as to what Shrub will do to try to save his sinking mis-administration in October; my other theories involve various terrorist attack scenarios, which lead me to the point of my post. As a voracious news addict, I keep my ear to the ground and am seeing signs that awol, in his megalomanic lust to be a war president is laying the stage for an invasion of Iran, if they stage a terrorist attack, throw Bin Laden into the equation, taking him out in the process, and are able to raise panic levels high enough it may be possible to delay, even stop the upcoming election by calling up the marshal law clause of the Patriot Act and seizing complete power. Sound paranoid? Maybe. Plausible? Unfortunately yes.


It's long past time to pull weeds, shrub(s) as well, and do some serious housecleaning.




July 10, 2004

MBK I think that thread was one of my favorites, touching on a subject that at once divides and unites us all. The very fact that we are here, that we are conscious and aware is in it self a true and wondrous miracle, scientifically speaking the chances of us even existing are astronomical.


As for the current thread, it is just another example of the pathological "passing the buck" that is the trademark of this mis-administration, foregoing responsibility and integrity for political expediency and smokescreens.


Oust the Fascists




John a fan of "THE MAN"

Oust the Fascists


It looks like the Republicans still believe, and this mis-administration in particular, that if you spin lies long enough and often enough people will buy into them, if Mr. Chicanery has evidence that he is withholding it just follows what has been the edict of this, the most secretive administration in the history of the US. The very fact that he has chosen to follow that line shows that the neo-cons are desperate and grasping at straws and invisible threads, in an attempt to save their sinking ship. Thank god that the American people have finally woken up and are fighting back. I hope that Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards can make the US, the respected and admired world power and leader that it deserves to be. In being the shining example of what freedom and democracy was the US by its very strength and morality led the world by example, and gave hope to peoples the world over. Bush has destroyed all that, and it must be restored, forcing people to respect us for our might and out of fear will only breed hatred, and more of what we have seen in the last few years. I hope, I have hope, that we will once again be able to walk freely anywhere in the world and proclaim that we are Americans without fearing for our very lives, for this is the legacy which George Walker Bush has left us. I hope that Mr. Kerry will be the wise and tempered President that we need, without a doubt he is the hope for all of the disenfranchised Americans and the poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free. A daunting task lies ahead and we must all do our part to support him.  I thank you for reading my words and excuse myself for being so long-winded. JOHN AND JOHN ALL THE WAY !!!!!




Sattva said:Putin is foolish for meddling in the US election.


Sattva, if you would all turn off your Russia-bias and read the facts with an objective eye you would see that this and many other statements you have made are false.


Putin is very cleverly giving GB enough rope to hang himself, while at the same time giving him what appears to be a concession but is in fact another Pandora's box which Bush may open. (I hope none of the neo-cons are reading this, it might give them ideas.) As for being foolish this administration has set back US-RUSSIA relations by almost ten years. Shrub calling Vladimir Putin (pooty-poot), blocking Russian participation in rebuilding Iraq, and dozens of other actions have not made the US very loved here. So Putin, in aligning with general European sentiment and in continuing his stance against the Invasion is guaranteeing Russia's safety at home and soothing Muslim hatred for Russia. Very, very well done if you ask me. I feel much safer here, under such policies than I do anywhere near Bush-land.


Have a nice day, and goodnight from MOSCOW.


You know it's actually SBsomething beautiful, EPIC exceptional people impacting the community exercising their FOS, when Mr. AWOL is DRE directly responsible for everything being FUBAR. LOL laughing out loud no doing everything possibleDEP not to.

Posted by: John JAR2 on June 16, 2004 09:59 PM


Dearest All,
Just an idea; wouldn't it be a tad bit more reasonable to post snippets of articles and a relevant hyperlink than using up all of the space on this precious blog by reprinting entire articles written by third parties. No offense meant to anyone. Just an idea.


Posted by: John JAR2 on June 16, 2004 09:15 PM


I don't think anyone was, but you. I mean it is great that we all LOVE Mr. Kerry, but I keep seeing these great ideas thrown out which are worthy of debate and everyone goes off in other directions. Maybe it is the fact that finally many have found a place where they can express their ideas and their discontent without fearing the Bush Gestapo, and/or everyone has so much bottled up against Bush that they just want to be heard. Maybe we are the ones missing something? Maybe I should go to bed, it is 5:30 in the morning where I am and I have not slept a wink. Maybe I won't post this.

Posted by: John JAR2 on June 16, 2004 09:26 PM


Can't anyone ever follow the thread??? A $100,000.00 photo-op, how many poor lives could that money have benefitted or even saved? Mr. AWOL has shown once again how much he cares for the lives of those dying for his gain, diddly.


Posted by: John JAR2 on June 16, 2004 09:03 PM


You know it's actually SB, EPIC exercising their FOS, when Mr. AWOL is DRE being FUBAR. LOL no DEP not to.

Posted by: John JAR2 on June 16, 2004 09:59 PM


In choosing a vice-president, a president should choose an individual who, the people would vote for, for president, but he should not stand out too much while the future president is running for president.

Posted by: John JAR2 on June 16, 2004 10:31 PM


How about two pieces of Saddam's reddest carpet strapped to his bare feet and a bag of pretzles?

Posted by: John JAR2 on June 16, 2004 10:39 PM


EPIC Exceptional People Impacting the Community
DEP Doing Everything Possible

DEP not to LOL from the sheer weight


Posted by: John JAR2 on June 16, 2004 10:46 PM






Ron, never mind I lost my head; we are Democrats, free-thinkers, and freedom lovers. That would be so, like repugnant, I mean fascist, no wait I mean repukeblican.


I was waxing sentimental about my college days, trying to get by on $20 a week for groceries, working nights in a convalescent hospital, and finally having to drop out right before I was due to get my degree. I wonder how many other people were affected that way. Of course that was way back when the minimum wage was $3.35 an hour. I was thinking, you know, if there are thousands of people in that situation, that would mean an increase would not only help raise the standard of living for those at the bottom but their educational levels as well, which could only lead to many other positive effects. Kind of "trickle-up economics" scenario, if I may coin the phrase.


Anyway, have a greeeeaaat day!!



JOHN KERRY MAKE THEM PAY ( and go away)!!!!!!!







Not only have Bush's ads been misleading, his entire unearned, unjust, barely legal occupation of the White House has been misleading since day one. As for name calling I think George Bush has proven himself to be an uninterested, inexperienced, uncaring, crass, unfeeling, and quite frankly disgraceful president who has caused the deaths of thousands and ruined the image of the US worldwide. His administration and he himself have been guilty of violations of law and ethics on such a scale that it defies belief. Topping the list would be exposing undercover operatives, profiting from terror, unjustifiably starting an aggressive war in order to profit even more, destroying the economy, the ecology, and the rights of all Americans, ignoring international law, and these are just a few of the things that we know about! Name calling? Bush needs not be called names his record speaks for itself. Jeff. As for the economy, I find it hard to believe any figures coming out of this administration, they can not even report on terror, their sacred cow, correctly. How can any American person possibly even consider voting for such a man? He can not even put coherent sentences together. Unbelievable!


When Clinton was president and during the Reagan years it seemed, according to the republicans, that anyone who held public office or was in a position of authority should not be allowed to continue their jobs or hold office if anything that could be construed or even hinted at being an impropriety came to light in their dealings or even in their personal lives. Cheney's dealings, his professional conduct, his relationships with principals in dozens of questionable deals, and his, along with this administrations, continued flaunting of their own lack of adherence to every law and ethical precept which should govern their behavior and professional conduct, calls for one response, impeachment.

When we look at the ties that the Bush clan and Cheney have to the military industrial complex, it would seem to any reasonable person, that this should have prevented them from ever holding office. I personally find too many inconsistencies in this administration and too many instances, in the hundreds, where the legality, motives, and ethics of their actions can be questioned, and I am personally left with the conclusion that it is a travesty that they are allowed to continue holding office, even for another hour. Impeachment would be the least that should happen but no one else seems bothered enough to bring this up.

On an emotional note, what really burns me up, I mean my just blood boils, when I think what they did to Bill Clinton over a personal indiscretion, and how we are supposed to just sit by as the "man", Mr. AWOL, who took us into an unjustifiable war, and may have been involved in the worst attack on Americans in history, sits comfortably at his ranch throwing insults at a real veteran and statesman like John Kerry, and we are supposed to just sit passively by and take it because they are "conservatives" and if we don't we may be taken away and never heard from again because we can be labeled as terrorists. Jeez, am I ranting? What has happened to the U.S. ????

Anyway, you all have a great day; it has been an honor to post here.

John JAR2

JOHN KERRY all the way!

Kick their "derry" Mr. Kerry! If things get hairy you can count on Kerry! To get things done, he is the one. When the going gets tough John Kerry gets tougher. When the going got tough for Bush he ran and hid, at his ranch, in a bunker.