Color Coding Key for

The main page is Color-Coded using my own system to make navigation easier.

Key to commentary area text color-coding:

Blue bold = Comments and writing by me.

Red bold = Dates and important annotations.

Green bold = Links to source articles and supporting articles.

Black bold = Temporary external hyperlinks and other notes.

Black normal = Snippets and text from outside sources.

Key to cell color-coding in menus:

Small yellow cells to the left of menu items means those areas have been updated during the past seven days.

Small green cells to the left of menu items means that these are newly added external links.

Concurrent light blue cells are for permanent internal links, to pages on the jar2 server.

Alternating light blue - dark blue cells are for permanent external links.

This system was created by me and is original to I hope that it helps you to navigate my site. Thanks for stopping by.

Copyright 2006 by All rights reserved.