These images are of the forged Nigerian documents that were the basis for much of the rhetoric in George Bush’s speeches in the weeks leading up to the invasion of Iraq. He convinced half the world that Iraq was building nuclear weapons. They are at the center of the current scandal, and many are even calling for Bush’s impeachment. The man many say was at the center of it all, David Kelly, was found dead this weekend in what they are claiming was a suicide. Stinks of a black-op.

John R.

18 July 2003
Source: Hardcopy of La Repubblica,
July 16, 2003, pp. 1-3.

These five images appeared in hardcopy of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on July 16, 2003. The online story without the images:

They are reportedly portions of forged documents on supply of uranium materials by Niger to Iraq and were allegedly provided by Italian intelligence, SISMI, to British intelligence, MI6.

A sixth document shown in La Repubblica is a portion of document No. 3 below.