SU-24: A Casus Belli for US/NATO

There Must Be A Tribunal

By John Robles

The facts alone surrounding the downing of the Russian SU-24 fighter in Syrian territory are damning enough but coupled with the statements and/or lack of statements or condemnation from official Ankara, the entire incident has become absolutely insidious in nature.

The more we learn the more one thing is clear, the coalition of evil (US/NATO/Israel/Saudi) that is behind the downing of the jet and the entire “War on Terror/911/Flight-9268/MH-370/etc.” has completely lost any pretense it may have once had to being a legitimate union “fighting” terror and has shown itself for what it is, a genocidal psychotic criminal cabal driven blindly insane by its own impunity and single-minded drive to establish global hegemony and using terrorists as a constant reason to launch Wars of Aggression and commit crimes against humanity.

NATO, its member Turkey and the US have made one fact crystal clear; they not only created and sponsored ISIS but they are ready to go to war with Russia and start World War III in support of ISIS and to reach their geopolitical objectives. The downing of the Russian SU-24 is simply a Casus Belli to allow NATO to go to war against Russia and then China.

Mossad Officer Elliot Shimon and McCain Created ISIS

The key facts in the downing of the SU-24 so far are as follows:

1. Shortly before the attack Russian Federation Air and Space Defense Forces bombed oil facilities and transportation infrastructure being used by Turkey (controlled by the son of the Turkish President Bilal Erdogan) to illegal export Syrian oil stolen by ISIS out of the country (for further delivery to Israel and for US and domestic consumption). US/CIA media operations tried to deflect attention from their involvement in advance by claiming Russian bombing runs as their own.

2. We know that the attack was ordered at the highest levels which means it was ordered by the United States and NATO since the President of Turkey is a NATO puppet and has long facilitated the delivery of weapons not only to Ukraine to support the nazis there but to support Syrian terrorists as well. The press has tried to deflect some of the blame and of course there are multiple levels and players in any such event. Blame for the order itself was placed on the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu  as well as the son pf President Erdogan and a chief ally of ISIS Bilal Erdogan. But the NATO agenda is clear.

3. With the go ahead and technical support of NATO and US Air Force AWAKS operations and even Saudi Arabia, Turkish F-16s waited in the general vicinity and circled, for what some reports said was over an hour, for the Russian SU-24 to enter the area. Their mission was to shoot down the Russian bomber. There was no warning given. The shoot down was pre-planned and a pre-meditated act. This was supported by Air Force Lt. General Tom McInerney an expert on incursions. He supports the fact that if there was a slight crossing into Turkish airspace for a few seconds it was not reason for a shoot down.

4. The pilots and bomber/navigator ejected but the pilot was killed as he was parachuting to the ground. This constitutes a war crime. This was done by paramilitary/terrorist forces controlled by a CIA/MIT Turkish commander named Alparsian Celik. The killers of the pilot have been identified with their again being an officer of MIT, the Turkish Intelligence Agency. Alparslan Celik, is deputy commander of a Syrian Turkmen brigade and the leader of a CIA death squad known as the Grey Wolves which had a hand in the murder of 426 children in Latakia and the gas attacks that almost led to WWIII.

5. The Turkish Intelligence Service MIT has long supported ISIS with some of the reasons and ties already coming out in the press.  After the shooting down of the Russian SU-24 the the head of the Turkish Intelligence Service MIT made a loud declaration coming out in support of the ISIS terrorist group. In fact entering NATO ally Turkey into the Syrian conflict on the side of ISIS as the US continues to do nothing to condemn Turkey or fight the terrorists it created.

6. Turkey’s and Erdogan’s ties to ISIS go way back with recent reports from Turkey and the jailing of journalists who broke the story confirming the delivery of weapons to ISIS. More recently Turkish MIT was exposed for delivering arms to ISIS. But that is not all, the chief source of ISIS funding comes from stolen oil which makes up 95% of Israel’s usage and which is controlled by the son of the Turkish President Bilal Erdogan.

7. The ties between ISIS and the CIA go way back and being as the war power of ISIS is now that of a nation state it is impossible to hide the connections with US and Western backed suppliers. The thousands of jeeps, trucks and millions of weapons are coming in from all over. There are even reports of CIA and Navy Seal Teams in Syria hunting Iranian and Russian targets according to another article.

8. Russia’s response has been strong with Russia razing the area where the killers were to the ground and an entire wide-ranging array of sanctions implemented against Turkey as the Turkish President continues to refuse to apologize for the murder going so far as saying Russian should apologize to Turkey. Russia immediately released the details of the attack unlike the West whose claims have all been proven false.     

In Summary

So what we have along with the downing of Flight 9268, which was carried out by CIA controlled agents of ISIS, the murder of over 10,000 innocent civilians in the Donbass and the downing of Malaysian Flight mh-17 is yet another provocation to war sponsored and carried out by the criminal cabal that is seeking global hegemony. The evidence is all out there. Now evidence pointing to the fact that 9-11 was carried out by CIA/Mossad/Saudi and the JSOC Black Operations Community must be approached with the seriousness it deserves. We are no longer faced with a theory but with a global criminal cabal bent on global domination.  



A NOTE TO MY FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE RUSSIAN WORLD and personal commentary from John who has largely broken silence to publish this work.  

I would be derelict to, and in betrayal of, everything that I have fought for and stood for more than the last 20 years, if I did not speak out on the latest atrocities carried out by the West and what I labelled “the Complex” in my last significant article. Make no mistake that “they” want war and World War III is what they are going to drag us all into.

Since I have almost all but ceased to write I also want to take this opportunity to remind all of my former Russian, so-called “colleagues” in the media, my former readers and supporters and especially everyone who has chosen to simply look the other way and do nothing as the United States of America continues its insane drive to establish global hegemony, that everything that I wrote about in the past and everything that I predicted has come true. NATO is knocking on Russia’s door.

Everything that you "my colleagues" derided and so arrogantly labeled conspiracy theories, from 9-11 to MH-17, and all of the facts that you have ignored are now producing the reality that I predicted and one which will soon come and bite all of us in the collective ass. I do not gloat because there is nothing to gloat about, I merely state the truth. We have now been dragged into World War III and it could have been prevented.

In particular I am referring to certain "neo-liberal" members of Russian civil society and their efforts to undermine Russia, efforts which have been going on for decades with funding from the US State Department and which are still being controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency, the NSA and the US/NATO. The 5th columns and the foreign influence and lucre are still here in Russia, As for American society, it is completely repressed and unable tp counter the criminal cabal now in power and any idea of Russia receiving support from the American people which can influence those contreolling US foreign policy is completely unrealistic. Although the USAID/CIA 5th columns have had their effectiveness greatly constrained here in Russia by the efforts of the Federal Security Service and many patriotic Russians in the government and in society as a whole, the 5th columns continue to undermine Russian society through media manipulation and corrupt officials which have been entrenched since the 1990s.

There are many who have become galvanized in defense of Russia recently and this number is growing and this is good. However you who have ignored the facts and have colluded with the perpetrators, even silently, are just as guilty as those who have been committing atrocities since the invasion of Yugoslavia. Now after decades of silent collusion you see that they are killing your brothers and children and loved ones and you start to make noise and behave with indignation at how your “partners” are now killing your friends and loved ones, yet you were told of it all along and chose not to do anything.

You have been warned about the threat that NATO and the US and all of their associated “Special Services” pose to Russia and the Russian world, not only by me but by thousands of other people, yet you consciously chose not to listen. You chose rather to demonize all of the messengers of truth and, at your own risk, ignore the message completely. Why? Because it was an “uncomfortable” truth, or because they pay your salary, or perhaps simply because you are slaves to America?

Cognitive dissonance may be preventing you from seeing the truth, but I myself am awake and have been awake most of my life, for whatever reason that may be, and every day I live without the “comfort” of the illusions that you seem to hold so dear, but alas it is you who have been negligent and are partially to blame for the deaths, both now and those to come, of your own countrymen and women and children because you knew and chose to ignore the warnings in favor of your own comfort. Soon that comfort will be taken away and you will have to face what you have failed to prevent.

It was the same in Ukraine, the intelligent peace loving members of society were tolerant and chose to ignore the rise of the nazis within their country. The idea that “wink wink” the Aryans are a better race is even upheld by Russian racists who hate Caucasians and think: “no problem I am white too”. Yet nazi ideology holds that the Slavs are mud people as well and have to be extinguished and Ukrainian fascists believe Russians must be exterminated, an idea promoted and fed upon by the US and NATO in all of their efforts to attack and divide and destroy Russia and the Russian world. Now for Ukranians their country is no more because that was the plan of the US and NATO all along. It is also the plan for the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China and you are seeing it being carried out today on your TV screens, on the Internet and all around you.

I will repeat that the same attempt to organize a Maidan has been going on here in Russia and the instability of the 1990s has once again returned activated by infrastructure and agents that were never removed or dealt with properly. Those same bandits and corrupt officials, bought and paid for by the CIA and who were in power in the 1990s are still in power today with a few exceptions. Their current goal is to divide Russian Society using any lever they can. As with Ukraine the racial lever is being used effectively and now even though the government attempts to say that Russia is a multi-cultured and multi-confessional country the reality has become that Russia is for Russians and Moscow is for Muscovites. This is thanks to policies and laws that have been put into place by officials controlled by the CIA and by those who wish to advance racist and xenophobic polices using patriotism as the means to do so (just like in Ukraine, the psychology is the same). Just ask any ethnic Russian Muscovite here in Moscow about the disappearance of all of the "hatchi" "dagi" "churki" "cherno mazi" "Tadjiki" and other unwanted minorities from the capital and in fact from most Russian cities and they will smile and say how “normal” the faces they see have become. The United States planners and those actively attempting to divide and destroy the Russian World have succeeded amazingly in that. Although it is understandable that any country and any people under attack will become nationalistic and xenophobic it does not make it right.

In my case whereas two years ago if something was wrong I could seek relief in the courts or call the police and there appeared the real chance that I would get Russian citizenship. Now all of that has gone out the window and I have to live in fear of being attacked in the streets and do not even go out. A good example is the fact that I cannot get a job even though I am a known Russian patriot and for no reason whatsoever my application for citizenship has been placed on permanent hold with statements from FMS such as I am an "undesirable type of citizen" meaning my race is wrong even though I have lived here 20 years and have 2 daughters who are Muscovites and have been officially married twice (I also refuse to pay the 900,000 ruble bribe they want). Let us not even go into all of my activism, my journalistic work in favor of Russia and the fact that I was “the Voice of Russia” for the better part of a decade. But the most insidious thing is the way my son and daughter were taken away from me and the way my son’s life has been destroyed as he remains in prison and all evidence exonerating him has been destroyed or ignored because some corrupt piece of shit decided to order his arrest.

I continue to fight for Russia despite all of this because I understand the real reasons for what I have been put through.

If you have been one of my readers you know all that, if you did not know visit my site at www.jar2.com for some truth and do the research yourselves. I have done so and what I have learned has made life quite uncomfortable but I seek the truth and the truth shall prevail.

A Quick Run Through

So let me get this straight for my readers just so you understand the background. We can go as far back as you like but let’s keep it to modern history I guess. We have a country based on the most massive genocide in the history of the world, as many as 500 million people by some estimates, and then built by the slavery of another race people, the Africans. The drunken murderous unwashed Anglo-Saxon murderers of this country stole the idea of democracy from the indigenous people that they committed genocide against and then began pretending that this was an ideal that had to be forced on the rest of the people of the world. These murderers wrote a paper that guaranteed that they continue to be armed and then started to force the world to accept that little pieces of fancy paper had value and were worth dying and spending one’s life slaving away for. This worked for several hundred years but they were faced with competition.

In modern times the idea of Socialism rose up where the people of the world began to realize that these little pieces of paper meant nothing and started to form alliances against the genocidal maniacs. A German-Jew named Hitler rose up to help the Anglo-Saxon murderers, financed and promoted by them (Prescott Bush) gaining inspiration from their original genocide and decided to launch a war of extermination against his own people which was aimed at killing off all of the people of his race who were opposed to genocide and maintaining the dominance of the little pieces of paper with stolen gold. In return for the Holocaust, which eliminated most of the moderate peaceful intelligent Hassidic Jews and allowed the Zionist Jews who were also on board with genocide, they were given a plot of land called Israel that was the home of people who are called Palestinians. They would have to be eliminated but that was not a problem for these genocidal tribes.      

In the US (the root of all evil) the slaves began to rise up but the ancestors of the genocidal “founders” had to maintain their power. Along came a brilliant young man with peace-loving and intelligent ideals and started to help these slaves and keep the genocidal lunatics down, people who would don white sheets and hoods and burn crosses and kill the blacks every time there was any chance of them rising up. The crosses were necessary to grant themselves legitimacy because their entire genocidal thinking was based on a paper written by a place called the Vatican called the Doctrine of Discovery which allowed them to commit the original genocide in exchange for 4% of all of the gold that was found and allowed them to continue to imprison the indigenous people, who were very peaceful and in fact invented what was called democracy, on places called reservations.

So anyway this young man named John Kennedy loved all his people and wanted people to be equal because we are but the genocidal lunatics would have none of it. They wanted to kill more people and take more land and resources and plotted a plan (Project Northwoods) to start more wars with the help of 40,000 or so nazis who they brought over after WWII. The same ones who designed the swastika shaped Navy Seals building in Sand Diego California.

So the son of the founders of the nazis and the principal financier of Hitler George Bush and a group of like minded genociders who demonized the Slavs who they considered mud people and hated Socialism which threatened their power with the pieces of paper hatched their plan which called for downing passenger planes to start a war with Cuba so they could use nuclear bombs on Russia but Kennedy rejected it so they killed him setting up a young idealist named Lee Harvey Oswald.

This caused quite an uproar so the genociders had to stay in the shadows for a while, several decades in fact. Finally with the help of what they called computers (Diebold Voting Machines) they were able to come to power again and installed the son of George Bush also named George Bush into power. He was not so bright so they got away with everything they planned.

Then these genocidal lunatics with their overseas nazi buddies, who founded the European Union and what they called NATO, and the Zionists who they gave Israel and the House of Saud which was also founded by a Jew (a race of superior beings also prone to genocide), decided to take over the world. But they needed a catalyst so they decided to use some murderous lunatics that they had already sponsored against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and who had become largely useless to stage a “mass casualty event” which would allow them to launch an endless global war on a method of political pressure called terrorism. These lunatics who had been waiting in the background since their Northwoods Project was rejected formed an organization with the patriotic name “Project for a New American Century”, called themselves neo-cons and decided to destroy two skyscrapers which were already condemned due to asbestos and received the assistance and permission of the landlord who made billions in the deal.

Using mass psychological manipulation and shock and awe these lunatics got away with the murder of 1,999 people and were allowed to start invading country after country from which they could steal resources, namely oil, which replaced gold in maintaining the value of the little pieces of paper. Things went well for several years but more terrorists were needed so it was decided to create something called ISIS, which actually stood for the name of the intelligence service of the genocidal Jews (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service but no one was supposed to notice), in order to continue the endless war and global genocide (justified to some by saying it was to prevent the population from reaching the unsustainable 9 billion figure). For this they were offered the territories that they claimed in their own version of the book that allowed the American genocidal lunatics to continue their quest and the “terrorists” to kill being guaranteed a place in a heaven which had been destroyed long ago.


They remained unchallenged until Russia and the Slavs who they categorized as “mud” people as well, began to rise up after their country was broken up by the collapse of Socialism that the genociders had organized. Then after a man called Vladimir Putin, who was in the KGB and knew all of the secret history, replaced the drunken Yeltsin whom they had manipulated, began to kill their secret terrorist armies and challenge their genocidal plans. So they decided to divide the Russian world and bought some Zionist and nazis in the cradle of the Slavs, Ukraine, and destroyed it. Bringing down a passenger plane (MH-17) and killing tens of thousands top provoke Russia, and using the NATO Gladio secret armies and nazis in the process.

Russia still continued to rise up but so did ISIS taking territory after territory into what was called a Caliphate but which also coincided exactly to the land of the genocidal Jews called Zion. This included Syria and some other places where the leaders were killed and which were destroyed but then Russia decided to bomb the secret terrorist armies and was doing so successfully.

So US/NATO/Mossad/Saudi decided to punish Russia by doing what they did best (destroy and disappear passenger jets ala Northwoods) and shot down a passenger plane filled with innocent Russians over Egypt. This was supposed to stop Russia but it did not. They were still receiving political support of sorts from the troublesome French whom the Anglo-Saxons had long ago wanted to eliminate as well so they decided to kill some French people as well and then a Russian fighter jet to allow them to activate NATO against Russia. After all Russia had bombed oil trucks and facilities which were stealing billions of dollars worth of stolen oil for Israel and the US and were becoming a problem.

Next if things go wrong they will use nuclear weapons against Russia and China and wipe out any other pockets of resistance and blame it on terrorists. This will establish their Global Hegemony and the Full Spectrum Dominance they so insanely crave. Do you all got it now? Any questions?   


A Note on 9-11: The Root of All Evil

Since 9-11 those who have sought the truth have been demonized, disappeared, imprisoned and outright killed. For my efforts I have had to live as a refugee and in a state of virtual hiding for more than a decade and am exiled in a country where I live in a state of house arrest and am constantly under attack from those promoting and subservient to Western interests.

Why the truth about 9-11 is something that the Complex will do anything to prevent from being known should now be much clearer to anyone who may have doubted before. To expose their plans for global war and to expose the truth that 9-11 was an inside job carried out by the same forces that are now all but openly supporting the monster of ISIS that they have created, would cause the whole house of cards to come tumbling down and would lead to the end of their empire. But then wait, is that still true? Perhaps now things have progressed so long along the path that they have set upon that perhaps it is in reality too late and even if the plans were exposed there would be no change? Or perhaps they are so insane that they will continue down their road to hell with complete impunity as they continue to believe in their own exceptionalism, their being above international law and through manipulation control all of the levers and institutions of power.

Whatever the case may be they have grown so bold that they are even openly supporting terrorists in counter to the very supposed ideology that they have been pounding into the consciousness of the world for the last 14 years. We now know for a fact that the US “War on Terror” is a scam. 9-11 was a JSOC/Black Operation carried out by CIA/Mossad/Saudi elements and orchestrated by billionaire Zionists, Neocons and the PNAC and the only country really fighting against terrorism is the Russian Federation.

You dear citizens of the world allowed them get this far and what we are seeing today is just the latest stage, Stage 13 I believe it is, of their plan to take over the world, the plan laid out by the Project for the New American Century and the expanded to into the US/NATO Doctrine of Full Spectrum, Dominance.  

PEACE and Pray for President Putin. He is the only leader in the world truly fighting terrorism


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