James and JoAnne Moriarty

Libyan invasion was planned in advance – Mr. and Mrs. Moriarty

The Invasion of Libya Was an Orchestrated and Pre-Planned Aggressive Attack

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During the US/NATO invasion of Libya there were many people on the ground who survived and witnessed the true horrors of the events taking place in that country. Due to eyewitness accounts such as those of James and JoAnne Moriarty, who gave an exclusive interview to the Voice of Russia, a picture has emerged of a campaign where al-Qaeda invaded Libya and was provided air support by the US/NATO. If this is true it goes against all of the accepted norms of international law and conduct. In effect paid non-state mercenaries staging an illegal invasion with air support from the West to make the resources available.

Robles: Hello, Sir, and hello, Ma'am. How are you this evening?

Moriartys: Fine. Thank you so much for having us in your program.

Robles: Thank you for agreeing to speak with me. I've heard some disturbing reports from sources in Libya regarding a campaign to assassinate and murder officers who were trained in Russia. How far-fetched does that sound to you? Do you think that's true?

James Moriarity: You are 100% correct. When you have a group of fundamentalist radical psychopathic murderous Islamists trying to control the country of Libya, of course, any possible group that would confront them is a threat. So they don't want to happen in Libya, what happened in Egypt, so they are systematically killing every officer in Libya.

Robles: All the officers?

James Moriarity: And most of them were trained in Russia..and the really quality officers in Libya were trained in Russia. As well as Muammar Gaddafi's sons, and he was a fantastic military tactician.

So they are killing these officers. Every day they go to prayers and when they step out they are murdered, they are assassinated and this is a sustained effort, it happens every day.

I think they have killed almost 200 military officers, by now, in the last few weeks, and they are doing that, and that's so that they can try to hold their position. And of course the country is in total anarchy, it's a failed state. And they have no food, water, nor the normal accouterments that are required for human existence. So, the people are unhappy, there are 2 million Libyans in the exile, there are only 3 million Libyans left in the country and they have to stay locked in their homes every time. And they are hungry now.

All of the things that happen when you have a bunch of radicals, that are not considering the needs of the people.

Robles: Now, who is behind all these murders?

JoAnne Moriarity: Libya does not support any radical Islamists. They were not ever allowed in Libya, and that's why NATO joined hands with Abdelhakim Belhadj and these other radical Islamist, Al-Hasidi and some of the other ones that were actually fighting the United States in Afghanistan.

There is the Misrata mafia that are Turkish, they come from Turkey. They joined hands with these people, because the Libyan people were not against their own government.

So you have five percent of the people who are radical Islamists and NATO took over Libya for them and handed it to them.

So you have 2 million in exile, 3 million living in fear everyday because you have armed gangs of militia, what they call "militia" but they are armed gangs of extremists. They walk the streets with guns and they attack periodically.

In fact today we heard, there was an attack of the militias, of these extremists, of the Al-Zawia extremist militia, they attacked Ajulet tribe and the Ajulet tribe actually beat them this time. They burned their cars and beat them, so that Libyan people begin to fight back. This is not their normal lifestyle, they don't like the extremists. They call them "rubbish people".

Robles: Two important questions: either of you if you could answer them, one; who is behind this systematic killing of Russian trained and other officers, and two; can you tell us anything you know about Muammar Gaddafi's widow? She contacted the Voice of Russia just yesterday, with a plea to the international community to investigate the murder. What can you tell us about the murder, the widow and who is behind these killings?

James Moriarity: First of all, let me address the first question: Libya is now owned by al-Qaeda, Ansar Al-Sharia and every other radical Islamist group. They change their names every day, but that's who the United States uses as their attack force, their "junkyard dog" if you would. And what happened in Libya: Libya was such a rich country, there was such a small population, that when the United States paid for 250,000 radical Islamists to be brought into Libya as mercenaries, these mercenaries were well-trained, they are psychopaths, they would kill, rape, torture murder everybody, and now those guys own the country, and they told the United States to go "pound sand", "we now own this country, we have all the resources of the country, we have all the money to commit our type of Jihad worldwide".

And so the junkyard dog is now biting the hand of the United States and those are the guys that are committing these heinous acts. They call themselves militias, but they are trying to legitimatize their psychopathy. They are murders. They are not militia, they are murders.

They are jockeying for position, jockeying for control. And they are fighting each other and they are going through all these machinations. And in the meantime there is no base of population in Libya that is able to defend themselves.

So if you can imagine the old western era, the old United States West where there were gangs of outlaws: they would ride into a town, shoot everybody up, they'd rape the women and kill the kids and take whatever they want and ride out. That's Libya and that's from one end of Libya to the other.

And that is "thank you very much", to the United States for directing NATO to bring in these radical Islamists psychopaths. And to call them Muslims is a misnomer, because they have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.

We know lots of good Muslims and Muslims don't drink, they don't do drugs, they don't rape women and they don't kill women and they don't cut their breasts off, they don't chop off heads. These are only these psychopathic mercenaries of the United States that are doing this.

And the appeal to the international humanitarian organizations worldwide, has been going on since February of 2011. And the latest appeal from Gaddafi's widow is another appeal to Russia, because Russia, you know all of us, that are trying to be independent in this, we prayed that Russia and China would step in and veto those original orders from the UN and NATO to invade Libya and, of course, a no-fly zone was just an absolute joke. They went in and started blowing the country up.

If the people don't know it, there were 60,000 sorties committed by the UN and NATO into Libya. That was more than in the entire span of WWII combined for a population of five and a half million and half a million Libyans were killed or are missing. Libya is a really tight society and if any of those Libyans were alive, I can promise, they would be contacting their families.

So in our calculations, there were half a million Libyans killed, out of five and a half million, under the auspices of protecting the civilians. Please! It was a joke, it was just terrible. And Russia has stepped forward in Syria and they have drawn a line and they have said: "We aren't going to allow it to happen".

The world needs to realize that there is an absolute radical One World Order Government controlling the United States. and their agenda is to knock off country after country after country, cause complete disruption and make slaves out of everybody.

And the latest appeal to try to have a humanitarian organization go back and investigate the assassination of Gaddafi should be done. But you know, in the laws of the United States (JoAnne and I are US citizens), in the laws of the United States, no one, and I am talking about a government official all the way down to a guy driving a taxi, no one, is allowed to propagate insurrection and absolutely not allowed to talk about the assassination of a world leader.

Yet we had Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all these other politicians of the United States asking for the assassination of Gaddafi. Those were criminal acts by government officials of the United States.

And we are business people. So this is such a shocking thing for us to be involved in, in the first place. But second, to see it happen and to be in Libya and to be subjected to bombing raids and to see these poor families, where their sons were having their heads cut off and they were being to0ld by the media that these beheadings and this cannibalism were being conducted by Gaddafi's troops, which is just not true.

JoAnne and I were there, we are eye-witnesses, we saw it. We videotaped over 200 Gbs of the information and now JoAnne and I are targeted individuals by the US government, we've been blacklisted. We can't do any business, they bankrupted us they've exploited us to the point that we have nothing but our story.

And we have a great business, we rejuvenate oil wells all over the world. We rejuvenated more than 7,000 oil wells with less than a hundred failures. We cleaned up pipelines, sludge pits, we have a great product. They've destroyed our business.

And the great hope for the world today is really the country where you are sitting right now. Russia needs to keep a strong back and a strong heart and try to counteract this terrible influence.

Robles: You said, "Russia is the great hope of the world right now"?

James Moriarity: I think so.

Robles: I'd like to go back a little bit. You said there were 250,000 of these Islamic psychopaths, that were sent in there? 250,000?

James Moriarity: Yes, that's how many were brought in by the US, because they are the mercenaries. There were no Libyans who wanted to fight their government. There were about 5% radicals, there may have been another 10 to 15% that didn't like their government much, but there were not enough people in Libya that wanted to fight the government, so they bring in all these radicals and they started flowing in the country in 2010. And this was all planned.

You can go back to Dennis Kucinich and he outed the United States, France and England, Conressman Dennis Kucinich, he brought forward copies of the war games that were planned, the invasion of Libya, in 2010. And those war games had been planned for many, many years in advance. And the date of the takeover of Libya was set to be March 16th 2011, it happened a month before that. This was all planned in advance.

This was no popular uprising, this was nothing but a coup d’état, it was a takeover of the government, and the reason for it was gold-backed Dinars, the African Bank, a gold backed currency for the continent of Africa would have destroyed the paper bankers, they couldn't allow that to happen, and therefore they wanted to kill Gaddafi and overthrow government.

The United States wanted to have AFRICOM as a unit, so they could keep China away from the natural resources of Africa. Libya South Africa and half a dozen other countries would not sign on to AFRICOM, which is the military control of Africa by the United States, so the United States wanted to kill Gaddafi for that reason.

And the third thing was Gaddafi, on behalf of the African countries, had brought forward a large and major lawsuit in international court for all the broken treaties and violations of the treaties that all the countries that had invaded Africa, taken them over for a century, and that law suit totaled more than $ 7 trillion and the attorney said it had teeth.

Therefore France and England and Germany and Italy and Turkey and all these other countries that had been invaders, and had been raiding Africa they7 joined hands to throw Libya out.

So there were three reasons. It had nothing to do with oil and gas. The fact that Libya had $500 billion in cash or cash equivalents in the Feb or in Euro, Libya had another $39 billion in cash in country had 179 tons of gold and 2,000 tons of silver, etc., etc., etc., means that all these invading countries could share the spoils.

Robles: There was one thing you didn't mention, but I know this was a key moment also in Iraq the day, I think that was 9 hours before Iraq was invaded, Saddam Hussein had decided to change oil trade into the Euro. Now, Muammar Gaddafi, if you recall, he was a friend to the UK and to the United States and then he decided to do the same thing right before they invaded the country. And now the oil trade has now been pegged at the dollar again and all trade has been done in the dollar out of Libya, I don't know if you knew that..

JoAnne Moriarity: It's absolutely the truth. I mean, these are the Zionists, these are the bankers that control the world, the paper bankers, and it's really a crime that their attitude is: this is "acceptable collateral damage", because they are not going to have their power and their control changed to the good of any country or any person.

They're going to kill or destroy anything that get in their way. It's really heinous. And they did it.

The thing about Gaddafi was that he had stepped down in 2006, he wasn't even in control of that country. It was required by the treaty of 2006 that they sign with the United States, with Condoleezza Rice. He was required to step down and he did it. It's interesting that it never came up. They blamed everything on him. And that was not true. Media is the propaganda machine.

Robles: James and Joanne, you would consider yourselves to be patriots, wouldn't you?

JoAnne Moriarity: Oh yeah, absolutely. We support our military, we are absolutely patriots. We thought that we had woken up in some alternate universe, when we were in Libya .We could not believe this was happening.

Robles: James just mentioned a minute ago, that even a taxi driver could not talk about insurrection and plan on assassinating heads of state. How did you react, Joanne, when you saw Hillary Clinton, I'm sure you saw that, I think it was… I don't want to deride a network… NBC News or ABC when she said: "We came, we saw, he died", with this girlish glee as if she was talking about buying a puppy. How did you feel about that?

JoAnne Moriarity: She does not represent the people of the United States. None of us claim her. She represents the oligarchs, the "One World Order" people. We do not claim her, she doesn't speak for us. She is absolutely as far too into evil as you can get, as far as I'm concerned.

Robles: She's as far into evil as you can get, you say?

JoAnne Moriarity: Yeah, I mean, she is an evil person. She has more blood on her hands than, pick anybody in history.

James Moriarity: You should hear all the comments that her secret service people… The language this woman uses is worse than any swash mouthed, gutter mouthed sailor you've ever heard.

There is nothing about this woman that should garner any respect from anybody. She is absolutely the devil incarnate, and so is Barack Obama and so are all of these other "One World Order" people. And it's unfortunate, the people of the United States have no idea what's going on.

And JoaAnne and we were the same. We were so blind about what our government did, that everyday shocked us what we saw in Libya, but we are eyewitnesses. We saw it with our own eyes.

Robles: That was the end of Part I of an interview with James and Joanne Moriarty, they are whistleblowers on war crimes in Libya. They were part of an NGO 100 day Fact Finding Mission during the recent NATO and US bombings of Libya. Due to their work with the tribes of Libya they were elected official spokespeople for the tribal nations of that country.


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