Thahoketoteh Mohawk Elder, Bear Clan, Tyendinaga


Russian Hacker Attack on Indian Nation Computer Bogus

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After recent revelations that the US Government engages in massive hacking, the planting of malware and spyware to gain control and access to computers and engages in massive internet surveillance one has to take all accusations by the US of hacking with a grain of salt.

After the charges against the People's Republic of China on the eve of the recent historic Russian/Chinese negotiations and now with news accusations against Russia, these cyber charges have taken on more of a political character than ever before. Recent unsubstantiated reports of a Russian hacker breaking into a First Nations tribal server are simply an attempt to sow discord between the Russian people and the First Nations people of North America, peoples who are bound by a hundreds year old Peace Treaty, the Two Row Wampum.

According to a representative of the tribal nations of North America, reports of a supposed "Russian hacker attack" on a tribal website are nothing but an attempt to divide an alliance between the Indian nations and the Russian Federation.

Hello, this is John Robles, I am speaking with Thahoketoteh, he is an elder with the Bear Clan and the Mohawk Nation.

Robles: Hello Sir, how are you this evening?

Thahoketoteh: I am great John, and I hope you are as well as I am?

Robles: First off, if we could, I would like to get your opinion on these reports that a so-called Russian hacker has attacked a first nation's computer for some reason, a tribal computer in Washington State. What do you make of that?

Thahoketoteh: Well, it's almost laughable to someone like me. I'm onto to all of the … I write the news every day and so I'm all over all this stuff, and the only time I've seen is a link that you had shown me, and when I start to investigate that they had never mentioned, well number one – what would anyone need from a Tribe Band Council's computer?

I mean, all they're doing is administering the poverty for the Federal Government, who is reneging on every contact it ever had with them.

Why would a Russian hacker go in there – number one? I mean, right off the back it makes no sense, and it's always anti-Russia propaganda through the US, it always has been since the Cold War, and now this Ukraine thing: pure propaganda. I've heard nothing from Indian country.

Robles: Why would they want to? So you haven't heard anything from any of the tribes in Washington or anybody in your network? Because you are following all of the nations' news…

Thahoketoteh: Yes.

Robles: Why at this juncture, why do you think they are trying to do this right at this point?

Thahoketoteh: Well, you know, in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, in 2008 Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood up in the House of Commons in Ottawa, and he apologized for the residential school holocaust that occurred here. Thinking he could just apologize for that and it would be good.

He set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, then in 2008, and they've just ended their five-year mandate.

First thing was to develop the truth about what happened, and it's horrifying. So the truth is that the Crown committed genocide, that's what it is.

So now they're onto to the Reconciliation Strategy part, and I went to an event last week, met Chief Justice Murray Sinclair, who is a Cree, but he is also a Supreme Court Judge, so he has taken an oath to The Bar, which makes him no longer a Cree, but anyways he's done some beautiful work, because he's trying to do the right thing, but he said that his mandate was find out the truth about what happened and develop a reconciliation strategy. But he cannot charge the Crown, that is what he said.

So when I talked to him, I said you can't charge the Crown because it's all Admiralty Court in Canada, and that is the Crown because it's controlled through The Vatican, and The Vatican is the Crown, and he's shaking his head, "… yes that's exactly right!"

And I said except the International Court of Arbitration in the Hague is not a Vatican controlled court, not an Admiralty Court, we can charge the Crown there, so we could get a fair trial.

Anything that we do here, in this country, anything in their courts is all fixed, we can never get a fair trial on anything. I know, I just did two of them against the Crown in Federal Court myself, and I can tell you there is no way to beat them in the Admiralty Court, they will not even hear your argument if it's against them. They are not going to try themselves. You are never going to get a fair trial.

Robles: Can you tell us about what happened recently with the Wampum Belts?

Thahoketoteh: Yes, those Wampum Belts, we did a story on Mohawk Nation News. When my grandfather Etowokoam, he was one of their Chiefs that showed up in London, in 1710, we made Wampum Belts and presented them to all thirteen bloodlines, because we knew about the thirteen bloodlines in 1710.

Then when they made their first United States, it was no coincidence that it was thirteen states. The first flag of the United States is thirteen stars, one for each of the bloodlines, that's the royalty that runs the Vatican, and the Christian Monarchs of Europe that developed the Vatican.

To me, when you start attacking the Vatican like I have, an Indian, and now the truth is out that they're guilty of genocide and also that they're not being charged with genocide, even though they are guilty …

So, if I was in the Vatican, I would be kind of worried, personally, I would think that anything they do with Indians and Russia is to dissuade us from pursuing in a non-Vatican court: which that one that Nicholas set up in the Hague, that is a non-Vatican court, a non-Admiralty Court. It was set up for world peace, and that is what we are about.

We are the sovereign here. No corporation could be a sovereign. It can't happen, that's pretend, that's artificial, a corporation is artificial.

Robles: We discovered some Wampum Belts here in Russia, why were those important?

Thahoketoteh: They were from 1710, when we came there, and they record, I'm just looking at them: what has to happen is we have to get together with some Russian people.

I know that you had some ambassador in 1710, and he ended up being a writer, and I ask your people at the Peter the Great and see and if they could research his stuff and find out what he wrote about. He was there, so he would have wrote something about that if he was a writer, but I guess it's all in Russian so no-one has gone through it yet I guess. That would be very interesting for me.

Those Wampum Belts are recording, I'm looking at them, and they show: the arrows coming from one way that would be us. The arrows coming from the other way; that would be you guys, and the Peace being that's why we were there… So that's what the Wampum Belts are about.

But again, we need to have a group of us around to discuss this Wampum Belt with some Russians and some Mohawk people, the same way it was made. It was made like that. It would be a recording of what we were discussing, and it was about peace that we were talking – peace on earth. So this is historic, a peace conference...

Robles: So this was the first to …?

Thahoketoteh: The first peace conference anywhere in the world for anyone. We came there to spread the peace.

After the Great Peace of Montreal with France in 1701, that's an ancient Iroquois thing, and from that we developed the Two Row Wampum that we took over to Albany, to the British.

So in July 1701, June 1701, June 25th, that was the finalization of the Great Peace of Montreal. We were now… we buried all of our weapons under the tree of peace with France and all her allies, and then went down in July, a month later, to Albany and gave the Two Row to the British, and said: "You are welcome to come and settle in Ontario", and that's the only reason they ever came to Ontario, at our invitation.

And so, they came, and now they pretend none of that ever happened, and that they are the sovereign.

Robles: Can you tell us about your case that's coming up, that you are trying raise awareness for and raise funds for and promote, that's going to take place at the court in The Hague?

Thahoketoteh: I'm talking with a few different people in the Iroquois Confederacy, because we are the sovereign here, we want to charge the Crown with genocide just for what they did to our children in that aboriginal school holocaust. Unbelievable what they did to us, and it still affects our children to this day.

So we want them charged with genocide, and so we are going to do that, and so there is a lot of money and expenses. So I'm just trying to raise some capital, access some funding to be able to do this. I know what it takes, it's not hard but it takes time. You'd have to travel to The Hague and get a… There's a lot of things that need to be done. So that's what the monies that we need.

Personally I'm willing to do everything myself, if I don't have any help and I will, because I need to do that for my grandchildren. Because no more, we are not going through the same war, the 500-year war called colonialism is almost over. We are almost there.

We are the sovereign and that's the key.

Robles: Where or how could people support the case if they want to, financially or otherwise? Maybe there are some good lawyers out there who might be willing to give their time something?

Thahoketoteh: I would love if there was a good lawyer who would help, that really does want to do something. I don't know, maybe you have them over there in Russia, they don't exist over here.

Anyone who has taken an oath to The Bar has taken an oath to the City of London bankers. That's what people don't understand. That's why you could never get a lawyer, because they've taken an oath to The Bar, and The Bar is the City of London bankers.

Robles: I see. Now you mentioned it's crashing down around them, and you mentioned something about the Bilderberg meeting, where they said their New World Order is coming to an end. Why is that?

Thahoketoteh: They keep going on about a New World Order, but it's all old, there's nothing new about it, it's all old world order. And it's the old world order that's crashing down, and I guess they just figured they would continue with this old world with a new mask, a corporate mask? I suppose that was their idea.

But it's not working out for them, and they talked about, mainly about Russia, Ukraine, about everything falling apart.

They were trying to take down the Russian Empire since the Cold War ended, and that's what that whole Ukraine thing that they set up. We all know about false flags. You know they can't do anything anymore, and that's all they ever done, nothing but false flags.

I loved what Putin did at the Olympics, showing what Russia's given to humanity and history. If America was to do the same, they've given humanity war and genocide, nothing else. One after the other, and that's what they do. What they did when they came in 1779, people think they had an American Revolution, it never happened.

If you just look at 1776, 77, 78, the biggest army Washington had up till 1778, he had 1,500 men and he crossed the Delaware in December 1778. That was the biggest army he had, and he beat the Hessian, who were paid mercenaries, so they were paid to lose, and then one month later General Sullivan amasses 12,800 troops, cavalry, and he marches on Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy, to do one thing – to chop down the tree of peace. And they, just like in Avatar, that tree was 3,000 years old; they chopped it down. And they turned the Constitution of Peace into the Constitution of War.

And they just copied the Kaienerekowa, instead of a Council of Women they put in a Senate, instead of a Council of Men they put in a Congress. Then they just put a hierarchal president over it all, like a Roman Emperor sort of, so it really doesn't matter because you've got this guy and he will do what he wants. So it's just ridiculous, it's not democracy, it's nothing to do with it.

So that's really … people think well the American Revolution never happened. Americans have never been free from the bankers of London and still are run and owned by them, outright.

Robles: There was a kind of a black joke, I guess you would call it, at the end of the Soviet Union, when the country started falling apart and people were falling into despair with unemployment and poverty this was after the Soviet Union collapsed, and some people would say: "Well you wanted America, you got it!" And I'm thinking about the people in Ukraine, these people that supposedly wanted the West and wanted America, and look what's happening there now?

Thahoketoteh: You get America. You get war you get war, death, disease, destruction, and debt. That's what you get from America nothing else, what else could you get from them? There's no good way to look at it.

It's getting worse every day in America, and they will paint whatever picture they want. Remember the Bilderberg own the media, all of it, they have everything controlled they think, but they don't control all the Internet, and that's all they've been trying to do with this new TPP and all these other things.

But you know what, and you say about Russia, I think I mentioned I've just read Nicholas and Alexandra, it's the most amazing story I've ever read, to tell you the truth, you know it really is. And what a phenomenal history you guys got. I hope you guys are doing something about the hundred year anniversary of World War 1 starting in July.

Austro-Hungary attacked Serbia, ancient Russian … I mean Constantine was from Serbia, he was Russian, they all speak Russian. Within one month of the war starting Austro-Hungary doesn't even exist anymore, and Russia marches on Prussia, and this is phenomenal history, which we are never taught this at school.

Canada always goes on about the, not even a 100 thousand men they lost in World War 1, and Britain goes on about 900 thousand. But reading that book, and Nicholas lost 1.8 million Russians in the first year, in 1914. Nobody talks about that.

Robles: It's the same thing with World War II.

Thahoketoteh: The same thing with WWII and Napoleon. So then, I started looking at that, I'm thinking: "What's going on, why do they always attack Russia?" And it goes right back to the Vatican splitting off the Christian Church in 900 AD, and setting up shop in Rome, calling themselves Roman Catholics; they're really just Freemason devil worshippers. Just look at the Vatican, it's all masonic, they got all those statues, and they got those obelisks from Egypt, all kinds of masonic stuff the whole thing.

Robles: Well it makes you wonder, with the Doctrine of Discovery which was just a license to commit genocide for gold.

Thahoketoteh: Yes.

Robles: How could it be some spiritual, or how could they even talk about God?

Thahoketoteh: Right, that's a fact. Right, they are the devil. They are the devil worshippers and the Revelations, again I'm not a Christian, but in Revelations they talk about the false church, and the Catholic Church is the false church.

Constantine was Russian, the capital of Rome was Constantinople, the capital of the Church was Kiev "Russia" Ukraine didn't exist. Kiev, Russia, always was Kiev, Russia, in those days.

To me it's quite clear why Napoleon attacked through the Vatican, and then why Hitler attacked through the Vatican and now Obama is attacking through the Vatican? What is going on Obama?

Robles: We are almost out of time here. One more time, fill us in, what's your view on this hacker attack, and then if you could give us some details about how people could support the case and what's going on with it?

Thahoketoteh: Well the hacker attack, pure blatant …like I wouldn't even respond to it if I was you guys because they are just throwing out some bait seeing if they can get you to bite or something. They are trying to develop some anti-Indian and anti-Russian, divide the Mohawk-Russian Alliance, that's what they are trying to divide.

You found the Wampum Belt, that makes you our ancient ally. You predate the colonies, the thirteen colonies, you predated that by 70 years, they didn't even exist, when we already had a treaty belt with you, and it's in place, and people can see it.

I'm not making this up. We are one sovereign, you are another, we have an ancient alliance. It's about that. They are trying to kibosh any of that, to get natives turned against you right now

Robles: I see. Where can people go to find out about, maybe possibly donate, or maybe we have an international lawyer out there who could help?

Thahoketoteh: Please, I have a website, its thahoketoteh dot ws. That's my website.

This is John Robles, I was speaking to Mr Thahoketoteh, he is an elder with the Bear Clan in the Mohawk nation. He is also a journalist and a contributor to Mohawk Nation News dot com.

Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.


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