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15 July, 06:20

Americans "Arrested" Roman Seleznev Without Legal Instruments

Protected Witness

John Robles' Last Investigative Work After Uncovering CIA Airline VISTA JET

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The United States, which has taken the role of the world's policeman, continues to ignore international law, procedural standards, diplomatic conventions and multi-lateral agreements. Roman Seleznev was literally kidnapped by the US from the Maldives on an internal grand jury finding that even a judge in the Maldives did not feel was credible enough to grant the issuing of an arrest warrant. Radio VR spoke to a witness to the kidnapping to get a clearer picture of what actually happened.

Hello, this is John Robles. I am speaking with a source at Male airport in the Maldives, who witnessed the detention of Roman Seleznev. The speaker's name has been kept anonymous for his own safety.

Robles: Hello, sir, thank you for agreeing to speak with me in the middle of the night, I really appreciate it. You witnessed the detention of Mr. Seleznev, can you tell us what you saw?

Source: What I saw was while they were at the departure hall: there was one of my friends, who was accompanying the three of them, one was a man, there was a little daughter and there was a woman.

Clearly, there were two white guys who were having a conversation with him. The other guy, he did not resist anything. I was a bit far away, but I saw him being cuffed by the two Americans (as we later found out).

And I thought it was a normal Interpol operation which we often see in Male airport anyway, so we did not bother to check who he was, we did not bother to come near him, but after three days we realized it was not a normal arrest. It was the Americans and it was the Secret Service. I found it from the news that it was not Interpol.

Anyway, clearly, it was not local police who talked to him; it was the two white guys. I can remember one very clearly, one was wearing a green T-shirt and jeans type pants. He cuffed him.

Then we started watching the guy who was being cuffed, and he was very cool actually, very calm. What he did was he put his jacket or shirt on his wrist so that we couldn't see that he had been cuffed. He was cuffed from the departure hall and then he was walked by these two guys (two American guys), there were some local police behind him, but they were not engaging in anything, they were just behind him. And he was walked to the CIP lounge, which is the "Commercially Important People" lounge which is normally called the VIP lounge, and he was taken there in front of everybody!

There're other witnesses as well. It wasn't very secret; he was taken away in front of us. And the lady with the daughter went through the normal departure hall.

Robles: Why was he taken to the lounge and did the wife and the daughter protest or did they just go and get on the plane?

Source: They were talking, they were engaged in some conversation, but I didn't hear it.

Later I asked the guy who was the representative of Kanifushi, which is the resort he was based in, he told me, the two guys came and said: "You will come with us", or something like that. And there was no paper produced at the time of this arrest.

Robles: They didn’t produce any papers, warrants…? Nothing?

Source: Nothing, just cuffed him; that is what we saw. And why he was taken to the VIP lounge; well, the process is if they are leaving by private jets; anybody can go through that lounge. It's a private lounge, so nobody could actually see what is going on when they go through there. I later talked to the guys who were handling the flight; the guy told me that he was calm, but the two guys literally threw him onto the flight.

Robles: They threw him onto the airplane?

Source: Yes. They were very nice on the inside, but at boarding time they literally pushed him into the plane.

Robles: They physically threw him, pushed him into the plane?

So, what you are telling me is: when people could see them, they were polite and normal, but when they though no one was watching, they were very violent.

Source: I can't say violent or anything like that, but the guy who handled the flight said it wasn't nice. He said he was pushed into the plane.

Robles: His wife Anna gave a press conference and said that while these guys were in the lounge with her husband, she heard them screaming at him, and he kept saying "No! No!"

Source: There was definitely a heated conversation. I mean he physically didn't resist, but he was saying something, I could see that. Like I said, we didn't go near there; we didn't bother to check that because it is a normal sight that people are being carried away in front of us here. These arrests.

Robles: That's normally Interpol or is it Americans who do that?

Source: They were one hundred per cent Americans. That's not… It was confirmed only three days later. I even Tweeted about it the day it happened but I wanted to disregard it because I thought it was just a normal case.

Robles: I'm sorry, what I was asking is it normal for Interpol to arrest people or is it normal for Americans to arrest people there?

Source: For Interpol. Because we are working in the airport, for us an arrest is just a normal thing. Sometimes people are drunk and they have to be arrested. But in this case, it was definitely not locals, it was Americans, I mean too white guys, it was not locals.

Robles: Ok, because the news reports out of the Maldives… The Maldive authorities said that it was locals.

Source: That's not locals, that's not true. If you go through my Twitter timeline on that day you can see exactly.

Robles: Everyone who has been there has said the same thing. Does Interpol normally use local police?

Source: There are some cases that I know of which happened in 2011. Even then the president was involved in a case, but he didn't want to handle just like that, without any warrant or without any court case. But this time it is different, this time they just came, cuffed, took him.

Robles: As far as I know, in the Maldives the law is that if someone is going to be extradited they have to go through a court, right? Then they have to have a finding and after that they have to have an extradition order, right?

Source: Right! Yes! Through the news I read that they tried for the court order but the judge refused

Robles: For Mr.Seleznev the judge refused an order?

Source: The judge refused to give an arrest warrant to police.

Robles: What did you hear? What was the reason?

Source: There was no reason, I have the article which is in local. They changed some parts yesterday, but I have a copy which I have saved locally, in which it is said he was arrested on the advice given by the Attorney General that when they put the exit stamp on his passport, they can arrest him.

Even though he is in the Maldives, if his passport is stamped "exit", they could arrest him.

Robles: Did they stamp his passport?

Source: I don't think they did in the departure hall when they were there. They could have done that in the lounge.

Robles: I see. Or they could have done it later.

Source: They could have done that, but everybody knows it is a stupid reason for an arrest.

Robles: This is also very important. You have just mentioned that they changed the story.

Source: They changed the story and they have a local version on their site. I have the original and it states that they arrested him on the advice by the Attorney General. If they put this exit stamp on his passport they could arrest him.

Robles: In the new story that is not there?

Source: That part has been cut out. Nobody gave an explanation why.

Robles: I see. Very interesting. Do you know anything about this airline?

Source: The company that handled the aircraft, I think, was SkyTours from here, locally. Normally they are the handling agents for jets.

Robles: Did you see this aircraft? Again the company is called "VistaJet"!

Source: "Vistajet" could be the parent company, but the local handling party was not Vista anything. It was SkyTours.

Robles: Did you see any other Americans or did you only see two? Did you see any people with bulletproof vests?

Source: No, nothing. They were in normal casual clothes because the Maldives is a very peaceful place and I don't think anybody would need bulletproofs and all sorts of weapons in the airport. It's really very calm.

Robles: What else have you heard that would be interesting for our listeners?

Source: The interesting part would be the part that I've told you: this arrest was done on an advice by The Attorney General and because the judge refused to issue a warrant.

And now the American counterpart is saying that the Maldives arrested him and for the past two or three days we can see from official US statements that Interpol was not mentioned, it was clearly mentioned "Secret Service", but all of a sudden day before yesterday we saw it was on Interpol's Notice.

Robles: What do you mean it was on Interpol’s notice?

Source: They said he was on Interpol’s watch list, but in none of the official statements from the US could we see any Interpol mentioned – it was clearly said Secret Service.

Robles: So, one: there was no Interpol, it was the US Secret Service; originally there was advice from the Attorney General, that was taken out of the news, right? And originally there were stories that the judge refused to issue a warrant. To whom? To the Americans or to the police?

Source: To the police, but I'm not sure. Anyway, if there was any operation, it would be the police, but the judge refused.

Robles: Let me make sure I have this correct: the Americans wanted to arrest Mr. Seleznev and therefore, asked the judge for a warrant, or the police asked the judge for a warrant. But the judge refused to issue the warrant against Mr. Seleznev. Then, on the advice of the attorney general the Americans kidnapped Mr. Seleznev as long as he had an exit stamp in his passport: it was ok to do that?

Source: Yes, that is what we learnt from the news. That part has been cut out.

Robles: Is there anything else you can tell us?

Source: It's basically it, because it didn't take much time. It took maximum five minutes from the departure hall to the VIP longue.

Robles: Were his wife and his daughter detained or harrassed or pushed around in any way?

Source: No, nothing of that sort. They immediately separated his family and took him away with them after handcuffing him.

Robles: So, he didn't have a chance to say goodbye to his wife or talk to her?

Source: After they cuffed him, we got out of the departure hall. Then again we saw him been walked in front of us to the arrival hall.

Robles: Is it normal when they arrest people to take them to this CIP "VIP" lounge?

Source: No, it's not normal. They would be taken out from some other entrance.

Robles: So, it was very unusual that he was taken through the VIP lounge.

Source: Yes, we were talking about it because there were so many people in the arrival hall, and they saw that he was cuffed and was being walked from the departure hall through the arrival to the VIP-lounge. When we started watching him, he put his jacket or coat on his wrist.

Robles: He did it himself?

Source: Yes.

Robles: What do you mean "he was walked"? Was he forced?

Source: He was, obviously, cuffed, the other two on both sides.

Robles: Did they have guns?

Source: Not visibly.

Robles: Is it possible, that they were pointing a gun at him?

Source: No.

Robles: Okay. Thank you, I really appreciate this. 

This is John Robles, I am speaking with an anonymous source at Male airport in the Maldives, who witnessed the detention of Roman Seleznev. The speaker’s name has been kept anonymous for his own safety.


13 July, 17:54

Roman Seleznev Kidnapped by US Agents, Whisked Away by CIA Rendition Flight

John Robles

Roman Seleznev kidnapped by US agents, whisked away by CIA rendition flight

The father of Roman Seleznev has offered a $50,000 reward for information regarding the arrest of his son in the Maldives, including any video or other evidence supporting the reports and witness statements that it was American agents that arrested, questioned and then transported his son to Guam. The case is another example of the United States and the CIA flaunting international laws and forcing countries to allow them free reign.

Americans involved

Roman Seleznev's common law wife Anna Otisko, who was with him at the airport when he was detained, described Roman's captors during an emotional press conference she gave to Russian media along with Roman’s father, Russian MP Valery Seleznev. She described how American CIA agents arrested and interrogated Roman. She said that the agents were clearly not from among the local population as they were Caucasian and spoke in clear American English. With tears in her eyes she described how she could hear the agents aggressively questioning Roman and how he repeatedly replied "No! No!" to their questions.

Other witnesses also report that a team of American agents was seen whisking Mr. Seleznev away to an awaiting private aircraft and treating him in a very aggressive and forceful manner. Witness statements contradict the official statements coming out of the Maldives that it was a completely local operation and that police were lawfully carrying out an Interpol red notice warrant. Given that local laws that require such suspects to be allowed a hearing in a court before extradition after which a proper order must be handed down were completely ignored, the case is completely identical of the detentions of Victor Bout and Constantin Yaroshenko.

CIA flight exposed

As with all CIA rendition operations the devil is in the details, and although the CIA always attempts to keep their infrastructure secret there are always clues left behind that an alert investigator can use to cross the "T"s and dot the "I"s, the rendition of Mr. Seleznev being no exception.

Mr. Seleznev was supposed to have taken TransAero flight UN 510 departing from Male International Airport in the Maldives at 11:55 to Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport but was never allowed to board that flight.

According to flight tracking information after his quick detention and questioning Mr. Seleznev was whisked away on a Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft owned by VISTA JET with flight number Vistajet 510. According to flight information the scheduled departure time was 11:00 local time but for some reason it was delayed and departed 19 minutes later. This delay was no doubt due to the unpredictable nature of the rendition, though it shows that the CIA expected the procedure to take much less time. The time also coincides with the fact that Roman would have arrived on the airport earlier to register for the flight and although his hotel could not be reached I would assume that the CIA already knew in advance when Roman would arrive by taxi to the airport. Vista Jet flight VJT510 arrived in Guam at 02:33, four minutes ahead of schedule.

After arriving in Guam the aircraft then flew to Dalian, Liaoning in the People’s Republic of China - a fact which may be unrelated but seems rather suspicious given the nature of the aircraft and the mission it had just been on. Perhaps the aircraft had legitimate clients on board, however Vista Jet refused to comment on any aspect of this story.

Under current difficult economic times when airlines continue to go belly up worldwide, Vista Jet seems to be an exception as it is flourishing, which is fully in line with the fact that the airline appears to be used by the CIA for operations such as rendition flights. Again Vista Jet refused to comment when I contacted their representatives. According to Vista Jet’s site in November of 2012 Vista Jet placed the single largest transaction in the history of business aviation by placing an order for Bombadier Global Jets worth $7.8 billion dollars.

Identity theft

After reading the Grand Jury Indictment handed down against Roman Seleznev it becomes clear why a Secret Grand Jury was used to target him. The United States has no evidence and is basing their persecution on the fact that the name Roman Seleznev was used by the criminals they are seeking in what can only be described as identity theft. If the date on the indictment is correct, March 16 2011, then it is also suspicious why Roman was involved in a terrorist attack shortly thereafter. If we recall Roman was one of the victims of a terrorist attack in Marrakech, Morocco on April 28th 2011, a fact that may point to a failed CIA execution attempt and might be fuel for conspiracy theorists.

The indictment covers the targets of the alleged hackers and any investigator worth his salt would probably never file charges against an individual on such contradictory circumstantial evidence. Hence the reason the Grand Jury mechanism was used. The targets of the "hacker" include small local cafes and localized targets that no international "super hacker" would go after. I would suggest the investigators look into disgruntled local residents if they are really interested in finding the perpetrators of the crimes they allege. As Roman only has basic computer knowledge it is not possible that he is the person the US seeks.

In the US Grand Juries meet in secret, their evidence is kept hidden and their findings are not subject to oversight, hence it is the ideal tool for political prosecutions with a pre-determined outcome like those of Julian Assange and other information activists. In such cases evidence is almost impossible to gather, which also explains why Roman was being pressured and kept under conditions amounting to torture as US agents attempted to force him to confess that he is the Roman Seleznev they are looking for.

Rather than admitting they have made a mistake, free the illegally detained Seleznev and apologize for conducting yet another illegal rendition, the US Government will continue to make an abomination of international law and illegally detain yet another Russian citizen for a crime he did not commit. Here we can recall Victor Bout and Constantin Yaroshenko who are locked up in American prisons for "conspiracy to commit crimes" and not for actual crimes committed.

I hope that Roman will be freed soon as he has done nothing wrong, but as with all political prosecutions the US will be highly unlikely to admit they made a mistake. As for Vista Air, they may be just an innocent organization used by the CIA and not involved in anything nefarious, but nevertheless I would fly on Aeroflot or Transaero just to be on the safe side. Given the fact that Mr. Seleznev is a Russian citizen and was taken against his will illegally from the Maldives, one might take up the issue with Vista Air, their number is 44 207 0 605 700. For some reason they did not want to talk to me. 

jar2@list.ru. Please contact me if you have any information on this issue.


30 June, 2014 21:34

McFaul 2.0: Ukraine "Color" Revolution Architect John Tefft Coming to Russia

John Robles

The choice by US President Barack Obama and the neo-conservative Cold War hawks running the US foreign policy establishment of John F. Tefft as the new US Ambassador to Russia should be setting off warning bells all over the Kremlin and in fact in all of the countries currently undergoing or targeted for US regime change/destabilization operations including Venezuela, Brazil, Syria and all other countries pursuing an independent foreign policy.

With the current humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine and the rise of violent fascist forces, the fact that the chief architect of Operation Ukraine is now being sent to Russia is at once chilling and at the same time predictable.

After the spectacular failure of US Ambassador Michael McFaul to pull off a color revolution in Russia leading to his demise as the US top color revolution/destabilization specialist, the US as usual, rather than admitting it is wrong and pursuing a path of peace and promoting mutual cooperation, has decided to stubbornly snub its nose at the Kremlin and continue down a road of confrontation.

With the leadership of the US State Department prone to statements such as Victoria Nuland’s famous "F-the-EU", the body responsible for diplomacy on a continuous confrontational war footing and organizations like USAID co-opted to the CIA and involved in destabilization operations all of the world every country that has not been already "annexed" by Washington should take a very close look at who they are allowing to operate in their country.

This past April I summed up the choice as follows"John F. Tefft, a Russia hater who served as US Ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania and promoted the invasion of South Ossetia while in Georgia, the current crisis and the resurgence of fascist forces in Ukraine and the rabid Russophobia and demonization of Russia in Lithuania, has been chosen to be the next US Ambassador to Russia. Tefft was extremely active and involved and one might say instrumental in bringing about the aforementioned anti-Russian events. As McFaul failed to organize the destabilization of Russia and the ouster of President Putin, apparently Obama is seeking more experienced hands."

With Tefft’s history in organizing the destabilization in Ukraine and his role as a key architect of the previous color revolution(s) there, his role in assisting to whatever degree the rise of anti-Russian neo-nazis and Russophobes in other former Soviet Eastern Bloc countries and most stunningly his role in the Georgian attack and the ensuing short war in South Ossetia it would be extremely justified for President Putin, the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Security Services to simply say no to the appointment.

The US is bent on destroying Russia and preventing Russia from being a competitive global power. That fact is documented, all but openly stated and is no longer a secret. Ukraine has made it more than obvious even for the staunchest Washington apologists and the idea of some "reset" or peaceful cooperation from the US side has become nothing but a fantasy. By its own confrontational policies, aggressive military expansion, unilateral sanctions and most importantly the almost completely transparent support of neo-nazis in Ukraine who are waging a war by proxy against Russia for the US and killing Russian journalists, ethnic Russians and anyone who is pro-Russian, the US has proven it is nothing but an unapologetic global aggressor bent on spreading its own hegemony by force at any cost (a fact laid out by the PNAC).

Regarding the appointment of Tefft there are two ways the scenario may play out, he may be turned down which is probably unlikely, or he may be accepted under the philosophy of "keeping my enemies as close as possible." As we saw with McFaul whose color-revolution attempts were neutralized almost from the day he arrived and whose tenure saw the expulsion of USAID, the Voice of America and the entire host of US subversive organizations, plans and individuals, Tefft will have an even harder time if he is allowed to set foot on the territory of Russia.

Given the fact that Tefft is already a known enemy of Russia unlike the smiling McFaul who played on the Trojan Horse of the reset, it would be interesting to watch if Tefft can get anything done at all, but with the stakes being the very integrity of the Russian State, there is a doubt that such a cat and mouse game is worth it. However, given the caliber of State’s "F-the-EU" employees, that risk might be overstated and Tefft is given more credit than he deserves.


19 May, 2014 23:26

CIA/FBI Dying for Illegal Junta in Ukraine

John Robles

The US/CIA/NATO have stepped up their military operations and continue to actively wage their secret war in Ukraine against the Ukrainian people in an extremely dangerous poorly planned operation that is failing and carries with it the real threat of sparking off a full-fledged war, if not World War III, against an unwilling Russian Federation which continues to attempt to deal with the aggressive-in-your-face-threat to its security through diplomacy and peaceful means. The recent capture and killing of 25 CIA officers in Ukraine only shows the desperation of the US effort and the complete disregard for not only international law and the people of Ukraine but also for the lives of their own CIA personnel.

The facts are as follows (backed up by dozens of reports, eyewitness statements and visual evidence): on the 18th of May the People’s Mayor of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomaryovannounced that: "Kiev-controlled troops and 'law enforcers' had sustained heavy losses during a so-called ‘counter-terrorist’ operation in the east of the country."

"At least 650 servicemen were killed, wounded or taken prisoner in the past ten 10 days," he said.

"There are 70 foreigners among them and of those 13 agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were killed and 12 others were wounded", Ponomaryov told reporters.

The Mayor also said that the self-defense forces afflicted heavy losses on Right Sector/Ukrainian army forces and also completely wiped out the junta’s "Alpha" operatives.

According to media and television reports Mayor Ponomaryov stated that with regard to the "…foreign mercenaries in the ranks of Ukrainian executioners, they also suffered losses. According to Ponomarev, a private military company Analizy Systemowe Bartlomiej lost 6 people, Greystone - 14 people, Academi - 50 people. CIA and FBI have lost 25 employees, of which 13 - killed."

"Furthermore, killed or injured 40 soldiers of the 95th airmobile brigade of Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as 20 members of the MUP . Loss Donetsk militias from May 2-12 8 were killed and 3 wounded."

US Denies

The Voice of Russia also reported that the CIA denied the claims on a Twitter post, which of course is to be expected: "The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has denied reports of a number of CIA agents allegedly killed in clashes between forces loyal to the Kiev authorities and self-defense units in eastern Ukraine."

"A CIA official claimed on the US embassy in Berlin's official Twitter page of the that no such incidents had taken place and that allegations by pro-Russian activists did not correspond to reality."

Plausible Deniability

Plausible Deniability is a phrase coined by the CIA itself "to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge."

Due to the fact that the denial comes through a Twitter post and not from an official CIA or FBI statement, or from the White House for that matter, and that the CIA/FBI is heavily involved in illegal operations in Ukraine and has been for decades, I would argue that it is a given that the CIA has lost officers, agents, mercenaries and support staff in Ukraine. That is almost a given, the only question is how many.

Illegal Operation

Due to the huge flow of information and the massive amount of reports, leaks and revelations there is little debate in the media about one simple fact and that fact is what is most troubling about the entire US/CIA/NATO/EU meddling in the sovereign affairs of Ukraine. To make matters worse the US/CIA/NATO/EU undeniably now have blood on their hands, not only that of Ukrainian civilians, Tatars and Russians but also of citizens of other countries.

The fact that is being ignored is that US/CIA/NATO/EU "operations" and meddling in Ukraine are ILLEGAL. From the overthrowing of the democratically elected government, to the shooting and murder of police, to the killing of anyone who is against the junta, to the backing and training of the Right Sector, and finally to the importing of US/CIA/Greystone and other mercenaries to kill Ukrainians, the entire "mission" is illegal.

The United States of America is involved in a dirty illegal war in a country it had no business in being in in the first place. The Ukrainian operation serves no us security interest, it is no "protecting American lives" and it does nothing for the American people, to advance democracy or human rights or anything else. US/NATO want missiles in Ukraine to further threaten Russia which has done nothing but to try to be friends and simply do business. CIA operations in Ukraine are illegal. Period. End of discussion.

I will not go into how many poor innocent Ukrainians have died or suffered in the Nuland coup and since, only to say that those who were burned alive and gassed and murdered in Odessa and other locations in Ukraine will not be forgotten and those responsible, whether they be CIA or nazi trash, will be held accountable.

CIA Recklessly Using Staff as Cannon Fodder

This is a message most likely of interest to those poor CIA operatives in Ukraine who are blindly fulfilling the orders of the Agency, the Company, the Farm, Langley or whatever else you want to call it and the "Washington Elites" who have abrogated onto themselves the right to send you off to die in some far off land to fulfill their poorly though out geopolitical objectives and continue to propagate and wage the Cold War that they just can not seem to let go of. Also for all you members of the CIA’s Special Operations Group, NAVY Seals, CIA/Greystone/Academi and the like who are operating in Ukraine.

I am a humanist I suppose and am speaking to the human in all of you. I understand that when you signed up you were full of misdirected patriotism, perhaps full of prejudice and hate for "rag heads" and "terrorists" and the like and all you wanted to do was to serve your country and even proudly give your life for the Constitution, the security of the American people and for your "government of the people by the people and for the people". Honorable motivations (other than the racial hatred thing and love of killing of course) but what will you do when you find out you have been used? When your comrades and you are asked to kill women and children or provide intelligence and support for the killing of civilians whose only crime is that they speak Russian and do not want to be ruled by nazis? How will your wives and families feel back in America when they find out you died in some field near Slavyansk and your body was left there to rot because the US Government could not even admit on a Twitter post that you died fulfilling your mission?

There is no justification for what your "leaders" are asking you to do in Ukraine. There is no threat against America other than what they themselves are creating. The Russian people and the Russian Government, no matter how much they are demonized wish the American people and even you no harm. Look at Edward Snowden. He was CIA AND NSA and Russia gave him asylum because he saw the lies and understood the truth about the illegality that he was asked to take part in. Even this certified "enemy of the state" was protected by Russia.

I have written for the world audience and my readers about what is really happening in Ukraine for the last 6 months. Trying to get the truth out to the world and little has changed, now I ask you directly: you who are helping the nazi junta for the US Government, the CIA, Greystone, USAID and the like, stop what you are doing, you are killing innocent people, including your own highly trained citizens. I am pleading to you because your leaders, your president, you secretary of state are doing the bidding of someone other than the American people. Remember who you serve. Remember your Constitution. There is no legitimate reason for you to be subverting Ukraine. The central bankers, the military industrial complex and the Washington elite are not what you signed up to give your life for. Russia is not your enemy. Believe me. Neither is Ukraine. Your enemy and the enemy of all of us is sitting in Kiev right now (the nazi junta) and in Washington’s elite clubs and posh watering holes patting each other on the back for the million dollars they made today. Or is it billion? And for the way they have gotten you to unwittingly go along with their little plan. They must be laughing that you are prepared to die for them.

In the end you may die in some field near Slavyansk or some other Ukrainian city as you were involved in a "secret" operation to kill Christian women and children for the crime of being "pro-Russian" and they will deny that you exist and your body will rot somewhere in an unmarked grave. Is that what you signed up for?

Think about it. Look around you. What are you really doing?



3 May, 00:48

The Selling Out of Ukraine: What the CIA Does Not Want Ukrainians to Know

John Robles

The The Press Secretary for the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov has stated that the so-called authorities in Kiev will, in the end, have to answer primarily to the Ukrainian people for their actions with regard to the ordering of military operations against civilians in the south eastern part of Ukraine. However the members of the junta government in Kiev who are responsible for ordering what they have tried to label as an "anti-terrorist" operation, one which has seen the participation of fighter aircraft, armed troops and the death of protestors continue to operate with impunity.

Junta Will be Responsible to the Ukrainian People

"With regard to the responsibility which inevitably incur those people who have made a decision on such operations taking advantage of combat aircraft, armed forces, then this responsibility, certainly they will be held before the Ukrainian people in the first place, is probably the most important thing," Peskov said to television channel Russia 24.

Early on Friday the Ukrainian military began to storm the city Slavyansk in the Donetsk region using aircraft and armored vehicles with reports of dead and injured.

Moscow has called Kiev's actions punitive and said they destroy the last hope for the viability of the Geneva agreements to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine.

CIA's Double Agent Gets Control of Operations Against Civilians

Control for the "special operations" in Slavyansk against demonstrators and those opposed to the nazi junta in Kiev was transferred from the Minister of Interior of Ukraine Arsen Avakov to the head of Ukraine's Security Service Valentin Nalyvaychenko, according to RIA Novosti citing sources in the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The junta installed nazi coup leader Turchinov, who has usurped the office of president stated that the change was made because of a "disastrous first stage". Turchinov's orders to launch military operations against civilians in opposition to a coup is a criminal act on an unprecedented level taking place right in front of the eyes of the world, yet the outcry by the West and "human rights" organizations is nowhere to be seen.

As I have said many times in the past this impunity and collusion by the press is because the US is behind the coup in Ukraine and even if the nazis in Kiev make good on their promises to hang Jews and Russians and anyone else who is against their reign, and even begin a campaign of genocide the western media will remain silent and the US will continue to call them legitimate and lawful.


According to the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko he has given order to liquidate all of the demonstrators and those opposed to the regime if anyone opens fire during what he caontinues to call "antiterrorist operations".

Valentin Nalyvaychenko made his plans clear when he told the Ukrainian TV channel "1+1" that his forces: "will intensify efforts to localize the situation and explain to the locals that it was dangerous to be at the meetings, where the terrorists are hiding behind women and children." Obviously he wants to clear the crowds of civilians from all walks of life of demonstrators of women and children in order tell his troops to go in and kill all of the protestors who are men. His calling anyone who is against the nazi junta a terrorist is completely ridiculous and fools no one but is designed for his western audience who are not informed of the real situation on the ground. The so called "terrorists" are merely common Ukrainians who refuse to pronounce nazis who took over the government by force as legitimate.

Nalyvaychenko made several other statements that are not worth repeating as they are nothing but lies that deny the reality of the situation in Ukraine and attempt to portray the nazi junta as a legitimate government.

CIA Stooge, neo-nazi Trainer and Ukrainian Traitor

The fact that Nalyvaychenko was made the head of the SBU cannot be ignored as he was being tried for treason for passing information to the CIA during a previous stint at the top of the SBU. It is reported that the CIA had such a cosy relationship with the Ukrainian security service at the time that the CIA was even given an office in the SBU headquarters where they could access any files that they wanted.

Recently another former head of the SBU Alexander Yekimenko in an interview with the Russia 24 television channel said that Nalyvaychenko was recruited by the CIA and US intelligence agencies when he was consul general of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States. He aslo said that the special services significantly helped his colleague Mr. Kondratuk who was also at the consulate in that period.

Yekimenko said records indicate that Nalyvaychenko maintained contacts with U.S. intelligence and after his retirement from the diplomatic service and during the period when he first led the Ukrainian Security Service in 2006-2010 .

Nalyvaychenko ties to power structures in Ukraine and the CIA explains the great influence that US intelligence agencies currently have on developments in the country.

Another known agent according to Yekimenko is Alexander Danyluk a leader of one of the far right groups who is closely linked to British intelligence. Through him British intelligence controls the country's Central Elections Commission.

We know Yatsenyuk is also a CIA stooge, Klitschko has ties with German intelligence and the CIA and Nalyvaychenko were instrumental in bringing the nazi Right Sector to power. Maybe it is about time the people of Ukraine who are still in the dark became more aware as to exactly who is running their country right now, traitors, Nazis, turncoats and mobsters. But then again, Washington would not have it any other way.

The views and comments above are my own I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.


30 March, 01:14

US Support/Training of Yarosh and Right Sector: Another Victory for US Terror

John Robles

Dmitry Yarosh

Dmitry Yarosh

The US Government, through the use of paramilitary neo-nazi extremist elements carried out the overthrowing of the government of Ukraine. Admissions, statements and the actions of US Government officials and hundreds of taped conversations, private e-mails, and uncontested facts that have been reported and released prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US was behind the coup in Ukraine, yet the “world community” is quiet and the disgrace and affront to humanity that the West calls “Euro-Maidan” continues to blight and sully the concepts of democracy, rule of law, sovereignty and civilization in front of the eyes of the world. ​

The geopolitical architects of Maidan

Brezhinsky acolytes, neo-conservative PNAC planners, CIA, NATO, the Pentagon, the US corporate/military industrial complex that controls the entire US Government including the President of the United States Barrack Hussein Obama (who has become nothing more than a gas salesman of late) and the entire US foreign policy establishment decided they wanted regime change in Ukraine.

The goal of the western cabal is many fold in Ukraine but includes: cementing US hegemony in former Soviet Republics, installing NATO war elements to continue to surround Russia, ending Russian influence in Ukraine, dividing the Slavic world, weakening the Russian Orthodox Church, controlling and profiting off the flow of Russian gas into Europe, evicting the Black Sea Fleet and ending all trade between Ukraine and Russia.

The planners needed a fifth column in Ukraine, one that would hate Russia enough to do anything to bring about the change of government that was needed in order for Washington to continue with its nefarious plans of world domination and control of resources. They spent at least $5 billion and 10 years training neo-nazis including the Right Sector and organizing a coup d’état timed to begin with the start of the Olympic Games in Sochi so as to lessen the impact of the success that was had by Russia in organizing and hosting the games.

All of those facts and more are known to the world as is the plain and simple fact that the regime in Kiev is nothing more than an installed puppet show organized by the West and in no way representing the Ukrainian people. The names and actors behind the coup are also no secret, as is the fact that the Right Sector is nothing but a gang of ruthless, lawless, nazi thugs yet there is no outcry, there is no backing off by western politicians who continue to support the lawless nazi killers and the western media continue marching in lock step aiding and abetting in what has become truly one of the single greatest disgraces for Washington and the western world.

There can now be absolutely no doubt (if there ever was one) that the US/NATO/EU are co-conspirators in an illegal, aggressive, amoral and dangerous project to control the world, its wealth and its resources and will stop at nothing to meet their goal.

Obama (as the signatory) and his Washington planners unleashed what might be called the worst scum of the Earth in Ukraine and they will soon learn how ignorant they have been in their global regime change campaign strategy. A strategy that has seen Washington supporting terrorists, creating Al-Qaeda, recruiting training and financing people like Osama Bin Laden, supporting right wing paramilitaries and employing an army of non-state mercenaries and private contractors to complete their “missions” around the world. Only this time it will not stand.

Washington will soon see how their ignorance of the peoples of the world and their attempts to shape the world in their own image and to control it will finally cause the end of what is currently known as the United States of America. This end is sure to come because they have gone too far and the people of the world will no longer be able to look the other way, and when that option is gone, those in Washington will finally have to face an accounting for everything they have done, from 9-11 to the 426 children slaughtered in Latakia Syria.

Supporting terrorists and using terror

The “catastrophic and catalyzing event” that the neo-con planners behind the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) needed as a catalyst for global military domination was 9-11. Since that day the “War on Terror” paradigm has seen the United States literally use terror to conquer the world.

First there were the illegal and aggressive invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, then the surrounding of Russia and China with NATO war elements and the global expansion of NATO which became a global expeditionary force to terrorize the world and bring it into submission for Washington. WE have also seen the collusion and cooperation with Al-Qaeda and radical Islamic terrorists and now the funding, training and backing of neo-nazis in Ukraine.

The Right Sector is the latest US regime change force and like the US using the ultimate terror of nuclear attack when need be, the Right Sector has used terror to overthrow a democratically elected government in a European country and continues to attempt to control and bring the people of Ukraine into submission through a western backed reign of terror.

Terrorism is broadly defined as the use of terror to bring about political aims, and that is exactly what the Right Sector have done.The believe they have done so for their fascist neo-nazi ideology and for the “purity” of Ukraine, but in reality they have just been used and manipulated by Washington into bringing about regime change which will lead to the complete destruction and enslavement of what is left of Ukraine once the West divides up the spoils.

The Right Sector

The blight and the disgrace against humanity that is the Right Sector and all of their associated groups continue to occupyMaidan Nezalezhnosti, the central square of Kiev, and hold the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Government hostage as their reign of terror continues unabated and for the most part unchallenged.

The Right Sector is a neo-nazi group led by terrorist DmitryYarosh. They follow the ideology of Stepan Bandera a nazi collaborator during World War II who led Ukrainian fascists and whose brutality and inhumanity was even considered extreme by the German nazi SS.

During their orgy of slaughter and bloodshed the Ukrainian “Bandervites” killed at least 4 million Jews and other ethnic minorities in Ukraine. They were well known for slaughtering children, especially small girls and hanging their victims from street lamps and other public fixtures as a warning.

The current Right Sector has repeatedly threatened to hang their opponents and have placed nooses all over the country as a warning to anyone who opposes them. They have openly called for hanging blacks, Jews and Russians (something also called for by their brethren the ku-klux-klan and other neo-nazi groups) and have threatened to hang public officials and anyone else who does not follow their wishes.

Dmitry Yarosh

Their leader, Dmitry Yarosh, is a known terrorist who fought alongside Chechen terrorists (the same Chechen terrorists that the US and the UK have given asylum to on multiple occasions) against Russian Forces. He is a blood thirsty animal who has no problem screaming Glory to Allah or Heil Hitler as long as he is playing to the bloodlust of whoever he happens to be killing with.

Yarosh recently called for Chechens to rise up and launch terrorist attacks on Russians in Ukraine, for open warfare with the Russian Federation and for Crimean Tartars to join his Right Sector in fighting in Crimea.

Yarosh is on an international wanted list and has been sanctioned by several countries and governments for his past activities. He is wanted for forming illegal armed groups, openly calling for terrorist acts and murder. He should also be wanted for organizing and taking part in an armed coup which overthrew a democratically elected government but so far no charges as to the coup have filed or called for. A rabid-dog-frothing-at-the-mouth-with-hate-for-Russia he is the perfect servant for Washington in Ukraine, although he supposedly hates the West as well and will bite their hand when the time comes.

Yarosh has announced he is running for president in the upcoming Ukrainian elections.

Alexander Muzychko

Other wise known as Sasha Bilyi, Muzychko was also another rapid dog like Yarosh, but with less brains and nothing but a ruthless brute. Also a wanted terrorist and a leader of the Right Sector, Muzychkoalso fought with Chechen terrorists and is wanted for torturing and murdering Russian soldiers who had been captured.

Muzychko received a lot of media attention shortly before his death for his storming of the government offices and his assault on a local prosecutor, events which were filmed and placed on the internet.

He is ridiculed for one segment which appeared on the internet where he challenged a gathering of frightened officials (which he had invaded) to take away his automatic rifle, his knife and other weapons. He epitomized the image of a brainless bandit whose only means of attaining power was through violence and fear.

Muzychko’s life ended the way he led it. He was shot, or shot himself, and died like a rapid dog with his face in the dirt. After his death the Right Sector’s “peaceful demonstrators” attempted to storm the Parliament of Ukraine demanding the resignation of the junta appointed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Many of the Right Sectors "peacefully demonstrators" called for his hanging for the death of their “brother”. The Right Sector claims Muzychko was killed on Avakov’s orders.

It is an interesting note that the junta which the West wants in power, is ready to arrest and perhaps even kill Right Sector members who helped them rise to power. Along with a recent video released by several news agencies which shows Maidan participants confronting their paymasters and unhappy because they did not receive their money, this is something which further underlines the fact that the Right Sector and other groups were simply used and are to be disposed of. 

Crimes and atrocities committed by the Right Sector

The overthrowing of the democratically elected government of Ukraine and the occupation of Maidan Nezalezhnosti continue to be a disgrace for Ukraine in the eyes of the world and a clear and resounding victory for western lawlessness and mafia/terrorist tactics, and their reign of terror has included too many crimes to list here but I will attempt to list a few.

Arresting, deporting, and shutting down the press

The Right Sector has arrested, interrogated and deported scores of Russian and foreign journalists. They have beaten, intimidated, terrorized and even killed members of the Ukrainian media, bloggers and anyone else they could get their hands on who spoke out against them, in favor of Russia or for attempting to report on their illegal activities.

Ukraine and the Right Sector have shut down all Russian television broadcasts into Ukraine and have even attacked Russian television infrastructure and various websites.

Many bloggers who have been beaten have been filmed bloodied and on their knees by the Right Sector and forced to apologize to the Ukrainian people. The Right Sector has no problem beating and even killing people in front of cameras as they killed several police on Maidan Square in December by beating them to death.

Terrorizing and even killing the public

Before the media blackout hit Ukraine there were increasing reports of Right Sector paramilitaries killing civilians and people fleeing Kiev and Western Ukraine. One report had a bus full of Crimeans killed after having gasoline poured on them and many being beaten, forced to their knees and forced to sing the Ukrainian National Anthem.

There have been multiple reports and it is known that it is standard procedure for the Right Sector to threaten the families of officials and anyone else they target, to steal cars and even force landowners to sign over their deeds, and to even burn down the homes of and kill anyone who is too loud in their opposition.

Recent reports from Ukraine show Right Sector members running rampant in the streets and attacking and beating anyone who is wearing a St. George’s Ribbon or who appears to be pro-Russian.

Recently a motorcade of pro-Russian activists was attacked and hammers and other heavy objects were thrown through the windows and the occupants were forced out of their cars and beaten.

Ukrainians have been terrorized into silence and Russians and other minorities including Germans continue to flee the country.

Holocaust Denial

The first act of the junta was to outlaw the Russian language, which is ridiculous because even the junta's presidential candidates are now broadcasting commercials in Russian and videos have been leaked of internal Right Sector meeting that are being conducted using the Russian language.

The second act, and one which the western media conveniently ignored, was a statement to the United Nations by the junta appointed representative saying the Nuremburg Trials were illegitimate and that Bandera did nothing wrong.

Obama’s support

Despite all that Muslim-“African”-American US President Barrack Obama continues to support the junta and has even had junta leader Yatsenyuk in the White House.

To see what appeared to some to be a serious country and serious politicians engaged in supporting the illegal junta in Ukraine is stunning, even mind-boggling until we realize that the EU association agreement which the junta was installed to pass into law includes a clause to transfer %100 of the Russian gas pipeline to Exxon Oil, after raising gas prices to "European levels" of course.

Want to buy some gas Europe? The US is selling.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru


4 March, 23:55

Ukraine was Coup D'état by the CIA

David Shayler

Download audio file

What has occurred in Ukraine was not a popular revolution, it was a carefully orchestrated coup d’état. The "demonstrators" with the metal barricades, bullet proof vest, army helmets, weapons, shield and masks were very well organized and trained. The whole affair was orchestrated by the West in an attempt to bring Ukraine into NATO and split Russia. Mr. David Shayler a former MI5 officer spoke to the Voice of Russia on the activities of the intelligence services and on what the forces behind the scenes are doing. He says President Putin is merely protecting his country and his people and is in a strong position.

Hello this is John Robles your listening to an interview with Mr. David Shayler, he’s a former MI-5 officer, turned whistleblower and truth campaigner. This is part 1 of a longer interview.

shaylerDavid Shayler

Robles: Hello David how are you this evening?

Shayler: Hello John I am fine. Thanks for having me on the show again.

Robles: Thanks for agreeing to speak to us. It is a very difficult time for Russia, for Ukraine, very strained relations. Something is getting lost in the media coverage in the West and I’ve seen a lot of reports from the West it is completely skewed. What is being lost, I think, is the fact that 80% or more of the Ukrainian population are Russian-speaking or Russian nationals and their rights are being obliterated. Can you comment on what you know about, since you are former intelligence officer, on subversive operations by NATO and the West in Ukraine? What do you think their objective is?

Shayler: When I first saw this it was absolutely clear to me that this was not a popular revolution. Immediately you had people turning up with metal barricades, they were very organized, they were in masks and so on. Now I would say if I was pissed off with my government, now I’m going to demonstrate, where would I get a metal barricade from?

So, clearly these people are paid mercenaries and this revolution was nothing to do with the will of the people. As you say, most of the people in the Ukraine either speak Russian or have relations in Russia and so on. This was something that’s been orchestrated by the west, they’ve been trying to start the Third World War, and we saw that last year in Syria. It failed then, but they are obviously now trying to open another front to try and cause that war.

And what’s a bit curious in this country has been the propaganda for both sides, on the one hand we’ve been told on certain newspapers, this is Putin trying to build an empire, and you’ve only got to look at the maps of bases that go around Iran, US bases, to see what empire building looks like. And obviously, I don’t believe Vladimir Putin is trying to build an empire at all, I think he is trying to protect his own country.

And on the other hand, we’ve had people then trying to say that Putin is extremely, in a very weak position. No, he is not in a weak position, because he supplies gas to Europe basically. Now people are trying to say “Oh he couldn’t turn the gas off, it’s got to be a bad news for him”, but if he turned that gas off, Europe would be ruined in about 3 or 4 days.

So, Putin once again is in a very strong position, he played his hand very, very well in Syria, and won enormous admiration in the west, he has won enormous admiration in the west for setting up Russia Today, which is the fastest growing English news channel, and the one that we all log on to, we don’t trust the BBC anymore, we don’t trust our mainstream media in this country.

So, the idea that it is some kind of Russian operation to try and take over the world, it is just absolutely nonsense, it belongs to the old rhetoric of the Cold War, and as we saw then most of that stuff in that period of the Cold War, was that the American intelligence inventing things about the Soviet Union to try and get more funding, and to get more intelligence officers and so on.

And when the Soviet Union collapsed - they didn’t predict that - and it was quite obvious the Soviets weren’t trying to take over the world in the way that they suggested. So, this whole thing, from the beginning to the end, is a total nonsense of the western coverage.

It is uncritical of people like John Kerry, when he says “unacceptable for Russian troops to go into the Crimea”. I mean, we’ve got troops in Afghanistan still, we had huge invasions of Iraq, we’ve had illegal activity in Libya, in a country that is now, again, being taken over by Islamic extremists.

So, people in this country make comments, but they don’t seem to be able to see that the west is doing these things far worse than any other country. But there is a good reason why this is happening, because the economy of the west is about to collapse. There have been articles suggesting that the spring of this year will be when we start to see the collapse, somebody has even named the date of March 4th 2014, which is actually tomorrow, because they’ve got to a point now where they can’t go either way, they can’t put interest rates any lower, and they can’t print any more money without devaluing the currency.

So, they’ve got to do one or the other, and either of them are going to lead to massive chaos on the streets. People are going to start losing their homes, they are not going to be able to afford food, and that is that. So that’s why we are seeing all this propaganda in the western media. It is just that – it is propaganda. This was a textbook revolution stoked up by western intelligence services basically.

Robles: The coverage now, if you could. You are in the UK, you are bombarded with this propaganda, they are putting out, and I’ve had people say it is so egregious, it seems like pre-invasion or pre-war propaganda, I mean threats, and these are repeated. First it was Obama saying there is going to be a price to pay etc, characterizations I’ve heard of in the western media that there are these innocent little Ukrainian soldiers being surrounded by this huge Russian invasion force. Actually in Crimea all of the military, they switched sides, they declared the generals, the commanders, they all said the government in Kiev is illegitimate, they are now under the command of the Governor of Crimea.

Shayler: In the west they have reported that these Ukrainian generals who have refused to play ball, are going to be charged with treason. But doing this is not treason, as you say, this was a democratically elected government. But what we saw over the last few days, in weeks, and everything in Kiev, I say has been a violent insurrection, there have been lots and lots of people killed.

Now could you imagine if that had been the streets of London and we had been protesting, and taking police kidnap, and shooting people? The western media would not be reporting that as a popular revolution, they would be reporting that as an armed insurrection, which is what it is.

Robles: It was even worse than that David, they were actually, they were killing police officers who were unarmed. They were shooting them in the head, snipers shooting them in the head. There was like 89 police officers, with either … out of all of them were either killed or taken to hospital. They had bullet wounds to their head or the neck.

Shayler: Yes, no, this is what we are seeing; it is a bit like a few years ago with Georgia as well. The western media was full of how the Russians were invading Georgia, and then Putin sent over Gorbachev because he had got quite a profile in the west, to actually come and tell western governments that this was all a load of rubbish. If it hadn’t been for intervention of Gorbachev, whom they trusted, that could have provoked a war.

And as I say, the problem is, the people … the powers that that be are in absolutely desperate situation. They’ve been pursuing these lies, these policies that are impoverishing the British people, impoverishing the people of the west, and they thought they could get away with it by starting the Third World War in Syria, because once they’ve done that, they can bring in all sorts of repression, all sorts of austerity and no one can complain. Now it hasn’t happened, so 6 months down the line from that failure to invade Syria they are now being exposed on all fronts.

The only place where they still have any reputation, or they try and preserve any reputation is in the western mainstream media. But believe me, our alternative news people here, people who are doing their own websites, the bloggers, and all those people have seen through this stuff.

So, let’s take some solace from that, but the vast majority, well I don’t say that it’s the vast majority, but certainly not the people I know. I don’t think they are probably representative, but there are certainly a lot of people in this country who know the truth of what is going on, and this is western propaganda and the Russians are just trying to defend their own state you see. I put out a spoof article saying “breaking news, Russia sites missiles in Cuba”, kind of thing, because that is how crazy it is. If the Russians are siting missiles in Cuba, provoking revolutions in Mexico on the doorstep of America, the Americans would have something to say about that. Of course they would.

It just shows how stupid the whole thing is. And I say, I just cannot get inside the heads of western leaders; I cannot believe that in this day and age they cannot know what is going on. Obviously they try and insulate them, they lead very strange lives, American presidents are constantly watched by the secret service, even when they no longer presidents.

And that way of course, they can’t talk to anybody they shouldn’t be speaking to, because the secret service will report it back again. But even in those circumstances surely these people must have some time to get on the Internet and just check things for themselves. But they don’t. And I say, that is a frightening, frightening state of affairs. It really is.

Robles: So, do you believe that Obama is ignorant of the real situation in Ukraine?

Shayler: Well I tend to think that the reason they choose these people is because they have a level of stupidity and compliance. You see stuff on the Internet saying it is all a conspiracy, and Obama is part of it, Tony Blair was part of it, and so on. But what those people never seem to allow for is just sheer human vanity and ego, and stupidity. Even people who are academically educated, that can be extremely stupid when it comes to actually thinking for themselves. So, I generally think they keep people away from it, so they can actually, obviously go on the television and say the lies without realizing they are lies.

If they work for television they knew there were lies, they might give it away through their facial ticks and body language. That is my personal opinion; I don’t think these people are signed up to it, but I fully believe that behind that, in terms of the military, the intelligence, those organizations have been penetrated by the Zionists, and I suggest in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. That agenda is set out in that document, and that document talks about creating a United States of Europe, and a State of Greater Israel from the Nile to Euphrates. Now, once you understand all of that, you begin to understand what is going on in the world at the moment.

Robles: Hey David. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. David, can you comment real quick here, you mentioned the world Zionist, and the first thing that jumped in my mind was Zbigniew Brzezinski. He has populated the entire US foreign policy establishment, the top of it, including Obama’s advisors - they are all Brzezinski acolytes. From your view, as someone who was on the inside, what can you tell us about Brzezinski?

Shayler: I only know about Brzezinski, what I’ve seen on the Internet and so on, but he doesn’t appear to be part of this New World Order, and that as I say, that is set out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The methods these Zionists will use are also set out there, and it is about control of the media through ownership, through discrediting the enemies of the media through off-the-record briefings, and in fact we’ve actually had this leaked recently, something that Edward Snowden took.

It has been written about by Glenn Greenwald, and they’ve now released the actual slides for a presentation of a secret section of GCHQ, which is like the Joint Intelligence Task something or other, and all the things I’ve been talking about, how they stop you by creating false victims on the Internet, or go on the Internet and claim that you’ve done something to them, by taking away your means of income, by trying to discredit you in all ways. This is now a matter of record.

All of the things I’ve been saying for 16 years that the intelligence services and the secret services do have now all been disclosed but that doesn’t seem to get through to parliament, it hasn’t stopped the head GCHQ from going to the parliamentary committee that is supposed to oversee the intelligence services and just still say that they are working in our interest, and they are trying to protect us. But they are clearly, clearly not. The whole invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have put the citizens of the west at far greater risk of attack.

Robles: Now how is the UK involved? Now, after 9/11, I don’t know if you are aware of General Wesley Clark. He was shocked himself that Paul Wolfowitz came to him one day, he was assistant secretary of Defense in the US, Clark was the Head of NATO, and he told him, we are now in the business of destroying countries. And they came out with this list of 7 countries that they had to destroy in 5 years. How is UK involved in all that? Where do they play in?

Shayler: What we play is the kind of junior partner to the US, don’t we, what is supposed to be called a special relationship, and as I say, we live in this country with American airbases, we have no independent nuclear deterrent here, we can’t fire those nuclear weapons without the say so of the Americans, so we essentially were perhaps the first country to become colonized by the Americans using this new form of neo-imperialism.

It’s not an imperialism where you … well they have got some bases but you don’t need a lot of soldiers there, it is more a kind of an imperialism done through the control of the political class of the media. When you look at the power of the CIA, the CIA is a larger economy than many of the economies in Africa, it owns companies, it owns airlines, it owns publishing companies. That you realize that the CIA has got enormous tentacles and I am now inclined to believe the CIA was behind the problems we had for example during the miner’s strike in 1980s.

There was a man called Roger Windsor, who worked for the National Union of Mineworkers, who basically to try and avoid sequestrations, just sent money out of the accounts abroad, but that could obviously be easily traced. And he’d actually cut his teeth in an organization, which I can’t quite remember the name of, but was known to be a CIA-front organization. Now this man was alleged to be an MI-5 agent and he approached me after I had blown the whistle. He came to me and said “do you think I am MI-5 agent?” and I said, “no, I don’t, I think your profile was not right to be an MI-5 agent, but let me have a look at your case”.

I looked at his case and the conclusion I came to was that he was an MI-6 agent. Well the next time he phoned me up, he says “do you think I am an MI-5 agent?” – I said no, it’s no good. “But were you are an MI-6 agent”, at which point he went “bu…, bu …, but ” and put the phone down and wouldn’t receive my calls. Now MI-6 and the CIA work very, very closely.

What it does with MI-6 it’s nowhere near as well funded as the CIA, but there is no freedom of information in Britain surrounding the intelligence services. So, the things that the CIA perhaps can’t do in America, in case there’s a documentary trail to it, they get MI-6 to do, knowing that nobody in Britain is ever allowed to see what MI-6 does and therefore they are going to be clear basically.

You were listening to part 1 of an interview with Mr David Shayler, a former MI5 officer, turned whistle blower and truth campaigner. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening, and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be. Stay with us.


14 October 2012, 14:30  

Benghazi Attack on Largest CIA Regional Operation, Steven’s Death Simply Collateral

John Robles

Benghazi attack on largest CIA regional operation, Steven’s death collateral

While the US continues to debate and determine whom to blame and what “failures” led to the attack on the US Embassy compound and CIA safe house in Benghazi, nowhere is anyone considering the fact the event was the result of US meddling into the affairs of foreign states or the fact it was the US who is responsible for the death of Libya’s former leader.

The intelligence and security failure at the United States Embassy Compound in Benghazi Libya is being spun in so many different ways by the US press and politicians all with an agenda of their own to promote, and even with the deaths of 4 people involved, they are still refusing to look at the real root causes which led to the disaster.

Once again the US Government has obfuscated, passed the buck and continued to propagate versions of the event that are contradictory and have little basis in fact, something obvious as their statements are continuously revealed to be false, and that is just from what has been put out there in the media.

What really happened in Benghazi was the result of long running US meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations and in particular in the Muslim world. An area they have shown time and time they have no clear understanding about and even less respect for. The attack in Benghazi was an attack on one of the CIA’s largest operations in the region. This is clear from the fact that Steven’s death was a secondary event in the attack on the compound. They attackers were after what was in the compound, not Stevens.

This was also underlined by the fact that over half of the US personnel evacuated from Benghazi were CIA, the sheer number of them surprising even to Libyan officials and the fact that a CIA safe house was also attacked at the same time.

The most conclusive evidence we have as to the nature of the attack was what was taken from the embassy compound. The UK’s Independent reported that: “… missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans… while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts.” The same article states that the US knew 48 hours before the attack that American missions could be attacked but failed to do anything about it.

We have heard so many versions starting with the assessment that the incident in Benghazi was not a pre-planned organized attack by Hillary Clinton and her State Department, then “To this day, we do not have a complete picture.” and even statements that it may have been an inside job by rogue CIA Libyan agents and CIA paid Al-Qaeda terrorists, and everything in between, that it is clear they have no idea what happened and underlines their complete disconnect with the countries they are involved with.

The US media and the US government have completely missed the entire point and in their self-serving myopia and have failed to honor their dead with the truth and look at the real cause behind the Benghazi incident. Not the situational and technical causes but the real root cause.

Russia’s Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov may have been brutally honest in the wording of his assessment of the incident and was taken out of context but he was right in painting the event as something other than the US being an “innocent” victim. Something the West loves to do when the deaths of US citizens are involved in any event.

Sure the act was abhorrent, abysmal and in no way should be excused, but why is it that the world should be outraged every time something happens to Americans and every time they die at the hands of terrorists or insurgents or the people they themselves are trying to kill?

Why is it that Americans can invade countries at will, engaging in illegal aggressive wars, and the world has no recourse? And the people who fight to protect their homelands are treated as terrorists and criminals and allowed to be taken to Guantanamo and tortured when the invaders who are killing their families and friends and loved ones and stealing their resources and destroying their homes and cities are allowed to walk around with impunity and kill and desecrate and murder and bomb endlessly at will?

If we are to believe the official US version of 9-11, that some “primitive Muslim terrorists”, and I say that because they are portrayed that way by Americans not because I believe that, then we are to believe that these Al-Qaeda operatives, from some cave in Afghanistan or wherever, planned the most precise controlled demolition in the history of mankind and took the lives of just under 3,000 Americans. Then this was also blowback for meddling in the Muslim world.

Regardless of who planned the 9-11 attacks who benefitted is clear however as the event allowed the US to begin its endless resource war against “terror”, but the world has grown up, and the holes in the official story are now part of dinner table conversation the world over.

The US has been meddling in Muslim countries for decades, and while the US is holding hearings and passing the blame back and forth to everyone and everything under the sun, no one is even thinking that perhaps the blame lies with the US itself and with American arrogance and naivety.

The Clinton’s are concerned, as they know it is Hillary’s aggressive in-your-face-do-what-we-say-or-die stance that contributed to the attack, even going so far as to organize a legal team in case she is blamed, according to the Daily Caller citing author Ed Klein: “… former President Bill Clinton is moving fast to develop a contingency plan for how his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, should react if Obama attempts to tie the Benghazi fiasco around her neck.”

The US really believes that they can go anywhere in the world and bring about regime change wherever they want, extra-judicially execute whoever they want, eliminate leaders like dogs in the street, torture anyone in the name of their own “security”, kidnap and disappear anyone at will, bomb whatever country dares to show independence, invade and confiscate the resources of any country they desire, control and punish any country in the world into submission and dictate to absolutely everyone what they can and can’t do. Sadly for the imperial power this is increasingly not the case.

Americans believe the world welcomes them and wants to be like them and travel to America and live in the land of milk and honey and breathe free, something totally untrue yet self gratifying as they sit in the fumes of their degenerate, ignorant, polluted and segregated police state.

That meddling for decades in the Muslim world, engaging in an undeclared endless war against Muslims, extra-judicially executing Muslim leaders and invading Muslim countries never crosses the minds of Americans as a reason for anti-American incidents shows a complete lack of understanding of the people of the world and how the world really works and a complete unbelievable pompous self-righteous arrogance.

Why is it that, in the eyes of Americans and their “allies”, the father of a little Muslim kid in Afghanistan is worth less than an American soldier? Why is it that when Gaddafi was killed like a dog in the street and Hillary Clinton said “We came, we saw, he died” the world was supposed to accept that, yet when Stevens was drug along the street like a dog, we are supposed to go mad with grief and pity and outrage?

Sure Stevens knew there was a security problem, he was working “in country” he had dealings with Al-Qaeda and the mercenaries and insurgents who helped the US to take control of Libya, and assassinate Muamar Gadaffi but no one wanted to listen. Those responsible are not programmed to listen to such news, they honestly believe that Americans are welcomed wherever they go as the bringers of democracy and freedom and anything that does not fit that misconception can not be.

If the US were truly loved as liberators and the bringers of democracy, as they would like the world to believe, some politicians even painting the picture of the Benghazi incident as a sign of success, then in reality they would not need armed guards and security at all.

Sure Benghazi was an intelligence failure but the failure was not with the “Intelligence Community” but with the simple intelligence to understand that if you kill and attack and humiliate a people long enough they are going to hit back.

True success in the world is when you do not have to use force and weapons to fulfill your goals and make yourself respected and loved and when you are able to walk the streets without guards and truly be called a friend.

The views and opinions expressed here are the writer’s own, he can be reached at jar2@list.ru


17 October 2012, 11:39  

Clinton’s Utter Failure and Pleas for Russia to Help

John Robles

Hillary Clinton admits the security failure in Benghazi was her fault, although not mentioning decades of US meddling in the Muslim world, in a move more likely than not engineered to deflect negativity from Obama as he fights for re-election. As if to underline her failure as Secretary of State the US has also pleaded with Russia to do more to solve the situation in Syria. In the meanwhile US candidates who may bring about real change in US (Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala) are being arrested.

If you have been around for a while you all recall the famous Bill Clinton tradition of flip-flopping and trying to play to everyone in the room. Well that Clinton tradition seems to be alive and well and living in Benghazi, Libya, metaphorically speaking of course.

Bill is back, or at least he has made enough noise to get some press, this time up in arms and really upset because the Clinton dream of making Hillary the first female US President may be at risk, if you believe that she really has a chance after a dismal career as Secretary of State. We should recall that the post was her consolation prize for helping out Obama on his becoming the first black US President.

According to author Ed Klein in an interview with The Daily Caller, a right-wing US media outlet, Bill Clinton has organized a legal team to decide how to deal with Hillary being blamed for the Benghazi attack. This was at about the same time White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters the blame lies with the State Department and not the White House.

According to Klein the worst case scenario for the Clintons would have Hillary resigning from her post, something that would damage not only Obama’s re-election chances but her presidential aspirations for 2016.

Behind the scenes the Clintons are fighting for their grip on power and decisions are being made not only to protect Hillary from the fallout from Benghazi but to protect Obama’s re-elections bid. Something which has prompted Clinton to now take full responsibility for the “security failure” in Benghazi, Libya, and to say that Obama was in no way involved in “mission security” issues.

To say that Hillary Clinton has failed as Secretary of State might be a harsh assessment, given the disastrous state of affairs she was passed on by her predecessor, but in reality failure might be the only word that fits. The day when Muammar Kaddafi was brutally murdered in the street, and Clinton joyously proclaimed, “We came, we saw, he died!” is over. Any victory the US could have claimed in Libya is dead and gone, unless we talk about oil deals and the like, which of course was the real reason for the invasion of Libya, wasn’t it?

The same can be said for the advancement of US interests and US meddling in every country the US has attempted to garner control: Iraq “failure”, Iran “failure”, the Arab Spring countries “failure”, Russia and attempts at undermining President Putin “failure”, Afghanistan “failure”, Pakistan “failure”, Venezuela “failure” and now Libya “failure”.

Hold on, I am not finished, as if to add a thick oozing coat of icing to the rotting and putrid cake of failure, US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland recently stated that the United States hopes Russia will get more involved in the settlement of the Syrian conflict.

Nuland said: “They have influence that we don’t have, since they have had these military relationships for so long, and we’d like to see them use it to pressure Assad…” Wow! Has someone in the US finally woken up and realized that it is in fact a multi-polar world and they can not go around dictating to everyone and “controlling the situation” everywhere they go?

This is the same State Department that called Russia “morally bankrupt” and falsely accused Russia of supplying weapons to Assad when they are funding and arming terrorists and sending them into Syria to kill anything that moves? Russia just kicked USAID out of the country and refused all pleas by the State Department to allow them to keep operating, that should have been a wake up call, and perhaps they are waking up, and finally realizing that they have no idea what they are doing. More than likely not but it’s a nice thought.

As if to further underline the morally bankrupt and completely corrupt system of “democracy” in the US and further evidence of how far those in power will go to stay there, last night US Green Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and Vice-Presidential Candidate Cheri Honkala, who I spoke to last month, were arrested while protesting their exclusion from the Presidential Debates.

They are on the ballots of many states and have the right to participate in the election process, this includes debates, yet the US two one-party system has continuously locked them out.

While the Clintons are hiring lawyers, Obama is now claiming responsibility for deaths of 4 US diplomats in Libya, Romney is promising an even worse world, US candidates who might bring about real change (the Green party candidates) are being arrested and NATO is ever escalating their grip all over the world; people are dying and going hungry and any hope there may have been for a better world is dying a slow and painful death.


25 October 2012, 22:32  

Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely: Benghazi Attack Carried Out by CIA

John Robles

Playing politics with the deaths of their personnel, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have proven: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Newly uncovered e-mails show that Clinton and Obama knew within hours that the Benghazi attack was carried out by al-Qaeda linked terrorists. The same terrorists they contracted to destroy Libya and assassinate the late Muammar Gaddafi.

You have to hand it to United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, you could get whiplash watching her flip-flop back and forth, her statements and positioning on the Benghazi attack changing and dodging back and forth like some Wimbledon tennis match on amphetamines with the fast-forward locked on hyper-speed.

Not long ago I wrote about the Clintons and their hiring of legal team in the event that she was blamed for the security failures that allowed the Benghazi attack to take place. Clinton took the fall the next day, in a political move to protect Obama’s re-election bid. I also went into the fact that the attack was actually aimed at CIA base Benghazi and not on Stevens. Clinton has not gone into this. Now it is revealed that Clinton and the Obama Administration knew it was a terrorist attack almost immediately, and said nothing.

Another political move? This latest revelation begs a lot of questions, among them: are Clinton’s political ambitions and her dream of being the first woman president of the United States in 2016 getting in the way of her performing her job as Secretary of State? Is she incompetent? Or is she just following the Clinton tradition of flipping and flopping as the wind changes?

Whatever the case for the Clinton obfuscation, the release of the e-mails is damning to put it mildly. Yet Clinton continues to side-step, dodge and obfuscate. She warns us to take the e-mails cautiously, and downplays their significance even saying that the news that it was a terrorist attack came from social networks and that is not evidence.

The e-mails in question started to come in within 20 minutes of the attack, and according to Reuters were obtained by them from government sources. Reuters reports that the first email, was sent at 16:05 Washington time, 20-30 minutes after the attack began with the subject line being “U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack”. The text read: “…. approximately 20 armed people fired shots; explosions have been heard as well. Ambassador Stevens, who is currently in Benghazi, and four (redacted) personnel are in the compound safe haven. The 17th of February militia is providing security support.”

The second e-mail was sent at 16:54 Washington time with the subject being: “Update 1: U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi” and text reporting that : “… the firing at the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi had stopped and the compound had been cleared. … a ‘response team’ was at the site attempting to locate missing personnel.”

A third email sent at 18:07 carried the subject line: “Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack.”The message reported: “Embassy Tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripoli.”

Why then did the White House and Clinton continue to place the blame on the video “The Innocence of Muslims” for days after the attack? Well for one the terrorists groups most likely connected with the attack, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar al-Sharia, and other groups were working with the CIA and the US Government in Libya in the operation to overthrow Muammar Kaddafi. For a Secretary of State who is blinded by her own political ambitions this connection would not be something she would want to come out.

In fact as was made clear by the actions of the Clinton’s in gathering a legal team, they are terrified of the American public seeing any failure in Libya. Clinton and her glib: “We came! We saw! He died!” comments on the brutal and unjust assassination of Kaddafi, from the start, showed the true beast beneath her aging and waning exterior. That and her self-congratulatory stance on the decimation of yet another country by the US proves her godless inhumanity and the fact that she will do anything, including murdering thousands, if not millions, to attain her political ambitions.

This time the checks and balances come from the Republican side, Democrats being cowed into submission to protect the party’s president and Clinton. According to ABC News Republican Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte wrote a letter questioning Obama why his administration "consistently described the attack for days afterward as a spontaneous response to an anti-Islam video. These emails make clear that your administration knew within two hours of the attack that it was a terrorist act and that Ansar al-Sharia, a Libyan militant group with links to al Qaeda, had claimed responsibility for it… This latest revelation only adds to the confusion surrounding what you and your administration knew about the attacks in Benghazi, when you knew it, and why you responded to those tragic events in the ways that you did."

Clinton and Obama may tell a lie or two to the American people every day, they are politicians; they are concerned for their political futures. It is a shame that they would play politics with the deaths of their own personnel and continue to attempt to paint their complete utter and total failure in Libya as some sort of victory.

Unless killing Muammar Gaddafi at any cost was the goal to begin with? The aggressive invasion and assassination of the head of state of the sovereign country of Libya was a crime against humanity. Of course they are going to lie.


16 October 2012, 14:49  

USAID/CIA Supporting Dictators and Stifling Democracy

Doctor Stuart Bramhall


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“Clearly their main focus is not to give foreign aid to a country, it is basically to advance the US economic interests” says Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall a researcher, writer, political-activist and blogger, who has studied the activities of USAID for years, spoke with about USAID and their ties to the CIA. Her research has shown that USAID and the CIA promote dictators and are against Democracy which allows corporations to maintain high-profit margins and allows the US to control resources.


USAID has been expelled from the Russian Federation because in the Government’s opinion they attempted to influence the internal political processes in the country. What can you tell our listeners about USAID and similar things they’ve done in other countries?

One thing you need to understand is that it is not acceptable in the US in the political process to give foreign aid. Basically ever since Ronald Reagan was the President, President or Congress people who advocated for doing foreign aid came under a lot of criticism politically. And generally the idea is that it is only really acceptable to give foreign aid if there is some kind of military or economic advantage in giving aid to that country. But you can’t really tell this from walking at the USAID website. Clearly their main focus is not to give foreign aid to a country, it is basically to advance the US economic interests. On their website they divide the periods of influence into 1990-2000, 2000 and forward.

They state very clearly like between 1980 and 1990 the primary focus of the USAID was to promote free market, that kind of a cold word is to say – to promote neoliberalism which is a very specific US economics that promotes very limited Government, only in a form of police force or military force. They feel education should be privatized, medical care should be privatized, social services should be privatized. So, basically this is an attitude that the Government has really no role except to police the population and to expand military influence. And the USAID says this very clearly on their website. None of this is secret, we are not talking about the classified information. It is freely available information that you can read about on the USAID website, you can read in Foreign Relation Council documents and State Department documents.

Noam Chomsky who is a famous American dissident has done a lot of research into something that he calls “US grand area planning” as this been going on since the late 1930’es. And the notion is that there are certain regions of the world that really are expected to be subordinated to the needs of American planning, this is both economically and militarily. And since the WW II these areas have included the western hemisphere, the Far East and the former British Empire. And there’s been a very consistent policy by the US that we support totalitarian dictatorships in those regions. Latin America, they have a long history of direct military interventions where we just sent the marines down if, say, a country lacks a democratic leader, we invade, like we did in Grenada or like we did in Panama.

What can you tell us about the CIA using the USAID as a friend company?

It’s always been a friend company for the CIA. Started by Kenndy, by the executive order in 1961, during the 1980’es, when various Latin American countries began to try to overthrow some of these dictators that the US had installed, there was a very close collaboration between the AFL-CIO – which is the American federation of labour – and the USAID in order to work with potential labour activists there in order to basically suppress union organizing and to persuade the labour activists that they needed to cooperate with the corporations which for the most part were US corporations that were exploiting these countries.

What other types of organizations could USAID use and how could they be manipulated to bring about US advantage or US plans in a region?

They are mostly trying to promote the interests of US corporations. The CIA has very close connections with a number of corporations. There are a number of Wall Street banking interests that have been very closely associated with the CIA and also a number of specific companies that are very closely associated with the CIA.

And so, to a large extent in Latin America the function of the CIA was to suppress any local democracy movements and to suppress any local labour organizing that was going to interfere with the interests of the corporations because the corporations didn’t want to have unions where workers were making significant demands over wages and working conditions. And by having the CIA and the USAID and the AFL-CIO working closely to collaborate with the police and with the squads to arrest and kill union activists, they could prevent any union organizing from happening and that would keep the wages really low because that would increase the profit of the corporations.

Can you name any of these corporations and banks?

Coca-Cola was one. In Guatemala United Fruit Company. Over a long period of time mostly the people who were involved with the CIA were lawyers who would represent various banks, like John McCloy, he was a Wall Street lawyer who worked with the CIA and later became the President of the Ford Foundation. And he was the one that had the Ford Foundation collaborate very closely with the CIA. The Ford Foundation would accept a lot of funding from the CIA because the Ford Foundation was going into countries and doing development, or they would make it appear like they were really trying to help the people in that country, whereas they were really trying to suppress pro-democracy movements and pro-union movements. The Ford Foundation has also worked very closely with USAID.

So, you are saying it is in the US interests to suppress democracy?

What happened in the ME is that we also supported dictators – we supported Mubarak, we supported the Saudi royal family which is a very totalitarian Government, we supported the King of Jordan…


Yes, and here it wasn’t because we wanted to get cheap labour, here it was because the US wanted to maintain control of oil resources. And so through their support of these dictators they were able to suppress any pro-democracy movement that might be inclined to nationalize, their fear was that some of these countries would elect a pro-democratic government that would want to nationalize their oil industry


31 October 2012, 18:58  

USAID/CIA: It is in the US' Interests to Suppress Democracy

Doctor Stuart Bramhall

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“In the Middle East we also supported dictators, we supported Mubarak, we supported the Saudi royal family” - says Stuart Bramhall, a retired psychiatrist, and author and a long-time political activist who has done extensive research on USAID. She also claims that in Eastern Europe the US government and USAID did a lot of training of activists in advance of all the color revolutions.


Robles: So, you are saying it is in the US interests to suppress democracy? 

Bramhall: What happened in the Middle East is that we also supported dictators, we supported Mubarak, we supported the Saudi royal family, which is a very totalitarian government. We supported the king of Jordan. And here it wasn’t because we wanted to get cheap labor. Here it was because the United States wanted to maintain control of oil resources and so, through their support of these dictators, they were able to suppress any pro-democracy movement that might be inclined to nationalize. 

Their biggest fear was that some of these countries would elect a pro-democratic government that would want to nationalize their oil industry, like when Iran, back in the 1950s, they elected a democratic government and in this case the CIA had organized a coup to overthrow the democratically elected government. That was Kermit Roosevelt that did, the re-installed the Shah of Iran, directly organizing a coup and so now what happened with the Arab Spring is they could see that there were some very strong pro-democracy rumblings and very strong pro-labor rumblings happening in the Middle East so that they knew it was only a matter of time before these dictators that they have been supporting were going to be overthrown. And so what they did is they actually trained many of the student activists in various kinds of non-violent techniques and they really set them up in the situation where, when the dictator was overthrown, they would install a new government that would be friendly to the United States. 

They had a period starting in 2008 where USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy and a number of similar foundations were training these activists, and they actually collaborated with the State Department where they would bring these activists over to the United States once a year and train them how to use Facebook, train them how to use Twitter, train them how to use various kinds of software that would kind of circumvent the efforts of the government to shut down websites. 

Robles: How might the US manipulate infrastructure projects and basic services, for example, schools and education and hospitals and clinics? 

Bramhall: Really there are a number of people in the State Department who have written books about USAID and actually I think it is fairly common knowledge that in US Embassies there are a lot of people that make out like they are working for the State Department, they are really CIA agents, it is called like being a CIAid agent under State Department cover and the same is true about USAID that the number of people who work for USAID are actually CIA agents. 

They do two things – one is they collect intelligence information but another thing that they do is they put out propaganda and it can either be propaganda that counters the government where they are working or it can be propaganda that basically supports a free market ideology that promotes the idea that everything should be run privately and that the idea of having publicly run schools is not economic or not free or not the best quality. 

Robles: How could that be used by the US to manipulate and advance their own goals? 

Bramhall: The thing is what is happening right now is that there are a lot of schools being privatized in the United States right now, as charter schools. So what Obama has done and a number of people in his Department of Education, they have collaborated with business people in local cities and that is why they started all of this testing, they go into the inner-cities and they have these minority students take these tests and if they don’t pass a test, they shut the school down and then what happens is that there is all this federal money that has been going into that school, that goes now to a private corporation, and they have all these corporations, set up with textbooks and testing, materials and test preparation material. So they’ve created this whole industry, they take this federal money and it gets funneled into these private corporations. They say that the idea is: that the reason you want to privatize education is because that is the best kind of education, but the truth is that the people who are running around promoting this are making immense profit. 

Robles: So, a lot of it has to do with just making a lot of really, really big money? 

Bramhall: That’s all it has to do with. The is really the only reason for neo-liberalism. It is the same thing with health care, there used to be similarly strong publicly sponsored health programs in the United States, Medicare was one of them, Medicaid is one of them and so what they have done now is they have said “it is better if you let the insurance companies deliver the healthcare rather than having the government do it”. 

About 15 years ago they started requiring elderly people to sign up for an insurance company when they signed up for Medicare. And that has just been a paper that has come out this past week: all of these profits have gone to the insurance companies instead of to patient care. 

They put out this disinformation that medical care is better if it is private, more effective or more efficient or costs less, but the truth is that you have all of these people raking in enormous profits because of the system being privatized. 

In New Zealand, which is where I live, our country is under enormous attack because of free trade treaties that we signed, they are trying to get us to dismantle our health system, so that the insurance companies can come here and start selling their product. 

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about what you know about USAID’s operations in Central and Latin America because they have been really active in those areas, in that part of the world, and in Eastern Europe? 

Bramhall: In Eastern Europe I am aware that they did a lot of training of activists in advance of all these color revolutions that they had. So, there were all these people those who were really unhappy with the government in a number of these countries and so the USAID came in and George Soros opened institutes and foundations and the National Endowment for Democracy and they trained all of these people to organize in a certain way and to make certain demands but the kind of demands that they had to made were very limited. 

What happened is they installed the government that either didn’t change the economic and political system or left them with an economic and political system that was even worse than the one that they replaced, but it was an economic and political system that was very very favorable to United States corporations and gave them a lot of incentives in terms of tax breaks and guaranteeing them a work force that wasn’t unionized so that they could make immense profit. 

By saying basically there are certain basic ideas that go along with neo-liberalism and these are things that central planning is bad, publicly funded healthcare is bad, publicly funded education is bad, these things need to be privatized in order for economies to flourish, that you need to have outside investment, and if you want outside investment, you have to give tax advantages to American corporations, you have to provide them with something called competitive labor markets. What that means is that there won’t be a requirement on the employer to provide pensions, there won’t be a whole lot of regulation about having a safe work place environment. 

So, in other words they promote these free market ideals that most European countries and even the United States prior to the second World War basically took for granted: that workers worked their best if they were able to meet the basic needs, they had a safe environment to work in, they had freely available access to education, and access to healthcare. 

So, what they do is they challenge these basic ideas as being bad because they interfere with the same market. In other words they make out like they are going to help the country but basically they are promoting a lot of disinformation and propaganda about a free market society and how that is the best kind of society to have. 

Robles: And it’s is all about making big money, right? 

 Bramhall: For corporations, yes.


1 October 2012, 23:25  

State Sponsored Terrorism: How USAID Funds Terrorist Groups

John Robles

'State sponsored terrorism' or USAID funds terrorist groups

The amount of information available is growing which points to the fact USAID is much more than it seems and that it is deeply intertwined, if not in fact an integral part, of the CIA. According to the Global Intelligence Files at Wikileaks one of the most overt cases of USAID interference and proof positive that it is in fact engaged in activities that are far beyond what it claims to be doing, was recently uncovered and involves the financing of subversive operations in Cuba.

It is sometimes difficult for people to understand and accept the sheer magnitude of the murderous and criminal things that the American government is capable of doing. Many people are ready to turn a blind eye and would rather be ignorant when they are presented evidence of monstrosities being committed by their government, labeling anyone who dares to question the official line as a kook or a conspiracy freak. We saw this with 9-11, when respected and educated structural engineers, architects, scientists and eyewitnesses reported on facts which brought the official version into question and these people lost their jobs, their freedom and many, their lives.

While investigating some of the activities of USAID (at the start this article was to be about their meddling in Russia) I learned more and more about what they actually do and the picture continues to become more horrible with each new revelation.

The activities of USAID in the past include everything from secret and even overt sterilization programs to facilitate selective control of certain race groups and peoples, population control experimentation using disease and even famine and even subverting governments and sovereign nations through the manipulation of educational institutions, critical infrastructure and using the most vulnerable segments of populations as tools to fulfill their own secret agendas.

This may sound bad enough but it gets worse, much worse. Not only is USAID a tool of the CIA and an instrument to bring about the fulfillment of the black operations of remorseless and conscious less monsters but it is a tool disguising itself as an innocent “friend” and a promoter of the more nobler aspirations of mankind. It is among other things a “tool” which finances terrorists and terrorist acts which kill innocent people.

This is clear in Cuba, which has been the target for US terrorism. Not only what might be called “state sponsored terrorism”, but as operation Northwoods showed the world, state planned, financed and executed terrorism. Sure project Northwoods was stopped by Kennedy, and it may be one of the reasons he was assassinated, but new evidence once again shows that the US Government will do whatever it takes to meet their objectives.

If you are not familiar with Project Northwoods it involved the US Government staging real terrorist acts in the United States, killing untold numbers of US citizens, blowing up airliners, sinking warships and staging various attacks on US properties and military installations and then placing the blame on Cuba, so that it could then invade the small Caribbean nation.

The projects details are strangely reminiscent of the events of 9-11. Project Northwoods passed through the entire chain of command, all the way to President Kennedy’s desk, who refused to sign it. When the information was finally leaked out it clearly showed that there are those who have no regard for human life when it comes to meeting their objectives in positions of great power in the US Government. If George Bush had been presented a plan to fly drone aircraft into the World Trade Center and fire a stinger missile into the Pentagon to serve as a catalyst for a global war of domination masked as a war on terrorism, would he have signed it?

According to an e-mail citing a report by the Granma newspaper, while Americans are suffering, schools are closing, unemployment is viral, healthcare is unattainable, and there are a myriad of other more pressing social issues, the U.S. Government set aside $3,400,000.00 to "… finance subversive operations in Cuba."

The money was reportedly transferred to one of the many anti-Cuba groups in Miami that are responsible for conducting anti-Cuban Government operations in Cuba, including acts of terrorism. The organization in question, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC), a subsidiary of the Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF), is involved in carrying out terrorist acts in Cuba.

The FHRC is located in Miami Florida and was founded by CIA-terrorist agent Jorge Mas Canosa and Luis Posada Carriles, men responsible for the loss of dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent lives. Their close relationship with the CIA and far-right senators and representatives is also at issue in the e-mail.

Luis Posada Carriles is one of the most proliferate terrorists of modern times, not only was he one of the organizers of the1976 terrorist bombing of Cubana Airlines flight 455 that killed 73 passengers, but he has a long history of terrorist activities and working with the CIA including work under the alias "Ramon Medina," with the “Contra” program run by Lt. Col. Oliver North in the Reagan National Security Council. In 1998 he admitted in interview with Ann Louise Bardach for the New York Times that he was responsible for a string of hotel bombings in Havana which injured eleven people and killed an Italian national. He was also imprisoned in Panama for trying to assassinate Fidel Castro in December 2000 with 33 pounds of C-4 explosives.

The e-mail, or rather the article it refers to, call the funding embezzlement, citing the case of a different Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) subsidized by USAID, the Center for a Free Cuba, owned by Felipe Sixto, the right-hand man of CIA agent Frank "Paquito" Calzon.

If we accept what is now part of the public record, that through USAID the CIA and the US Government funds terrorist and subversive activities then would it be much of a stretch of the imagination to postulate that they have done the same in Russia? This would include funding Chechen terrorists and their terrorist activities and operations some of which required amazing amounts of funding, planning, resources and funding.

Subversive activities in Russia would also include funding, recruiting and planning for the usurping of the government and the organization of a “color” revolution, things such as population control to facilitate the long term plan of diminishing the population and in the end a complete end to the Russian people and the Russian state. Sound far-fetched? All of these have been planned and discussed and talked about, and the ideal tool for bringing such events about was USAID.

In another e-mail Fred Burton at Stratfor was asked to verify how many people on a list of Americans killed abroad were undercover operatives to which he unconvincingly said that many were not CIA, but what was interesting is that he did say that one Laurence Foley, who was killed in 2002 in Amman Jordan, was CIA and working under U.S. Agency for International Development official cover and Freddie Woodruff, who was shot dead in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1993 was the CIA Chief of Station.

As I stated in an earlier report, USAID has long been known to be a front company for the CIA, this fact alone should be enough to raise the warning flags but if we now add to that the fact that they are active in the funding of terrorist acts it makes the organization an even worse one than most of us could have imagined.


27 September 2012, 23:47  

Anti-US Protests: Catalyst for More US War

John Robles

As the reaction the US film “The Innocence of Muslims” continues to rage on worldwide I have to wonder as to “The Innocence of the Americans” who have made the film, distributed it and refuse to take it down. Hard questions have to be asked in light of the fact that the popularity and support of the “War on Terror” is waning and the fact that it is an election year.

Are we to believe such a massive provocation is the work of some idiot working on his own in California or is there something else behind the whole affair?

Many experts and observers around the world believed that the worldwide anti-American protests that were set off by the US film “The Innocence of Muslims,” would have died down by now but as they cool off in one country they continue to spread to others and in some to gain strength and severity.

Decades of anti-US sentiment brought about by the US meddling in Muslim countries and constant insults to, double-standards towards, attacks on and disrespect for, the Muslim people have been brought to the surface and apparently this “Genie” which refuses to go quietly back into its bottle has become a juggernaut of rage against America.

Although the US would like to continue to paint a picture of blameless virtuousness and holier-than-thou innocence, the paint is beginning to run and the mosaic of intolerance, ignorance, double-standards and just plain pompous arrogance lying below the surface is being revealed.

The dossier on US wars in the Muslim world and its gung-ho meddling and subversion, brutal regime change and nation-building, or rather destroying, is now so voluminous that it is would require its own library to properly catalogue. Just as with the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the world is seeing the result of, and paying the price for, US short-sightedness, lack of advance planning and any sort of care or foresight when it comes to the consequences of its actions.

The film “The Innocence of Muslims” should have been justifiably and rightfully titled, “The Stupidity of Americans” for that it was it has shown, both in the internal US dialogue and the external “diplomacy” that has ensued after the “film’s” debut. However even if the US had reacted thoughtfully and fairly and shown respect for those of the Islamic faith and those who were justifiably outraged, there is serious doubt that the current blow-back could have been prevented, such respect and thoughtfulness should have been part of US diplomacy decades ago. People the world over have long memories as opposed to the three-minute-attention-span of the average American which is something the US obviously forgets.

Even more sinister might be the Machiavellian possibility that this is something the US counts on. If we take a minute to consider the fact that the US has become a country embroiled in and hopeless trapped in a self-propagating worldwide endless war against a methodology “terror” which can never be eradicated in all its guises, a war that needs constant fuel to keep its fires roaring, then we can postulate that this was a carefully planned means of continuing the endless cycle of violence that the US is feeding on.

When events such as these take place, and events such as 9-11, I always ask the question; “Who does it benefit?” The answer may not be a pretty one but time and time again, the answer seems to be the US military industrial complex and the endless war on terror. A war used as a pretext for taking control of resources, making billions in re-building shattered countries and promoting the furthering the US militarization and the taking over of the entire planet.

According to the Pak Tribune reporting on an interview Hafiz Saeed an extremist cleric and the purported terrorist mastermind behind the 2008 attack on the Indian city of Mumbai, which he gave to Reuters, “Obama should have ordered steps to remove the film from the Internet instead of defending freedom of expression in America.” According to Saeed: "Obama's statements have caused a religious war, this is a very sensitive issue and it is not going to be resolved soon. Obama's statement has started a cultural war."

This may be true in part but the statement is extremely nearsighted and historically hollow. The fact of the matter is that the so-called-religious-war has been going on for decades and was transformed into its present overt state by George Bush using the events of 9-11 as a catalyst. Whether you call it a religious war, resource wars or steps towards global military domination the end result is the same.

As for the protests over the film; they have spread to Bangkok, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland and Nigeria and are now targeting French institutions and even Google, which has not taken the video down.

If you are engaged in an endless war on terror that is losing popularity then you need to foment as much hate and breed as many “terrorists” as possible. The only way to beat such a strategy is to ignore the provocations. You can’t fight a war if there are no enemies, no matter how hard you try to create them yourself. Or can you?


25 September 2012, 10:00  

Russia Says No to USAID

John Robles

The Government of the Russian Federation has been forced to take measures against US interests to protect its sovereignty and after allowing USAID to operate freely on the territory of the Russian Federation for 20 years has informed the organization that, as of October 1st, it is no longer welcome. USAID has proven that its stated objectives are not keeping with its real activities in the country, activities which have served to undermine Russia and advance US interests.

As of October 1 2012, USAID (The United States Agency for International Development) is to cease all of its operations on the territory of the Russian Federation by order of the Russian Government, ending decades of deep and far-reaching involvement in post-Soviet territory.

The Russian Government has determined that USAID has been attempting to, among other things, influence the internal political processes of the Russian Federation, this is true, clear and obvious and must not be allowed to continue. However that is only the very tip of an enormous iceberg of US involvement and meddling which goes to the very foundations of Russian society.

The organization, which has for years been listed as a CIA front, would like to paint a picture of itself as an innocent “humanitarian” group trying to advance the societal interests of the countries where it is, for all intents and purposes, buying influence.

This might have been believable in the innocent days of the 90’s when much of the world still believed that the US was interested in advancing the betterment of all mankind, but things have changed. The world has grown up, and has seen that the US is bent on a path of world domination and is willing to do everything and anything to advance its own selfish imperialistic interests.

If we take off the rose-colored-glasses and look at USAID for what it really is and accept the self-admitted pretext that US financial aid is tied to the advancement of US interests, then USAID becomes another animal entirely, a world apart from the image it attempts to portray as a guardian of humanity and democracy. For what it truly and really is, when you take away the propaganda and the spin, is a US tool to undermine, coerce, usurp and force countries to bend to the American will.

The tentacles of USAID are vast and far-reaching, are everywhere and encompass everything from day-care centers to the largest private banking institutions. There is not an area of Russian society where they have not penetrated and there is not an area that has not been in some way “touched” by the hand of USAID’s 2.6 billion dollar hand. That’s right folks, $2,600,000,000.00, let’s respect that number by printing out all the zeros.

$2.6 billion: that is a very healthy investment, and an investment it was, for the US Government would not spend that kind of money if there were no strings attached. “Strings” that they need to manipulate Russia and countries worldwide to make them pliable and “friendly” to US interests. In the recent past the US has at last repeatedly officially stated and admitted that US financial assistance and aid is tied to advancing US interests.

Back in the 1990s when the US Government was more transparent and it was possible to gain information about the inner workings of the government, it was common knowledge that USAID was under the CIA in the budgetary hierarchy. The CIA was under the DCI, the Director of Central Intelligence, as was the US State Department.

Is an organization that advances US interests, is funded by the US Intelligence apparatus and strives to gain access to critical infrastructure and the most vulnerable segments of civil society under the pretext of “advancing and assisting” the societies of its target countries, something that the world’s states really want operating on their territories? Russia’s expulsion of USAID should be a wake-up call for all countries that have allowed the organization to sink its hooks into their countries.

Slowly Russia is waking up and realizing that it is an enemy and not a friend who wants to surround us with missiles and dictate to us who our enemies should be, who our friends should be and who our rulers should be. It is an enemy who supports those who divide society, blaspheme our religion and undermine our government and our elected leaders.

Since 1992 USAID has funded organizations such as the Moscow Helsinki Group which has been used as a cover for MI-6 and refuses to register its source of income and as a “foreign agent” with the Russian Government, Transparency International’s Russian branch, an organization which has consistently denigrated and demonized Russia, the Golos organization which has directly meddled in Russian elections and attempted to sow doubt as to the legitimacy of power in the Russian Federation as well as other groups and organizations which have done little to actually strengthen and improve Russian society but which have allowed thousands of Western “operatives” to operate unhindered and advance their own agendas.

USAID has a long history of funding groups and organizations all over the world that have brought about “color revolutions” the current US Ambassador to Russia’s specialty, and served to bring about regime change and the fall of governments all over the world. The meddling in Latin America is clear, widespread and examples of such are easy to find by anyone with an internet connection.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not only told USAID to end its operations by October 1st but to also recall more than a dozen US diplomats working in Russia for USAID. Statements by US officials are unapologetic, do not deny the accusations and are almost a direct admission to meddling which they, for the most part, say will continue.

Senior US officials have issued statements such as this one from a senior US official in Moscow: “Washington will look for new ways to achieve their ends” and US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland’s statement: “Our diplomats look forward to continuing... cooperation with Russian non-governmental organizations.”

As if to underline their wish to undermine the legitimacy of the government of Russia, and in a shameful parting shot USAID issued an ignominious statement saying they had funded some “unspecified” activities of Russia’s leading United Russia party, prompting the head of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Andrei Vorobyov, to say "This is crafty/sly information. No funds from this organization have been received and no agreements were signed."

Countries worldwide beware and take heed, you may have allowed a Trojan horse into your country, and they may be next door, waiting for the right moment to attack.

The opinions and views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Voice of Russia.

The author can be reached at jar2@list.ru


10 July 2012, 12:01

Influence Bought by CIA in Afghanistan

John Robles

It was supposed to be the big saving face I suppose, but sadly as if to underline the failure of the Western adventure in Afghanistan, a conference by donor countries was recently held not in some free and peaceful city of Afghanistan, liberated by the peace-bringing-humanitarian-intervening NATO, but at a safe distance, in Tokyo Japan.

President Hamid Karzai looked worried and none too pleased. Perhaps he knows that when NATO leaves his chances of staying in power decrease exponentially. Perhaps he is tired of having to pose for photo ops with the same occupiers who have countless times ignored his calls for an end to civilian casualties and who have apologized countless times for the same casualties and the countless horrific acts against his people; acts of mass murder, urinating on corpses, collecting body parts as trophies, torture and much more, a sickening list too long to go into here.

It’s an election year in the U.S. and a pull-out is politically expedient and soon NATO will be abandoning Karzai and the country it has devastated for over a decade, so a saving face plan had to be carried out. On the surface it looks as if the kind and benevolent West is out to help Afghanistan, granting it a special non-NATO ally/special ally status and $16 billion in economic aid. I guess this is supposed to please the Afghan people. Of course the $16 billion will be able to assist the Afghan people in paying all of the Western reconstruction contractors and the special status will only serve to give the U.S. a legal framework for its long term geo-strategic plans in the region. A fact underlined by a statement made by Clinton at the donor summit: “We had no intention to leave Afghanistan. On the contrary, we are building partnerships with Afghanistan, which will continue far into the future."

Far into the future? Is the same in store for Pakistan which also recently received the “special ally” status from the U.S.?

As for the money it is supposed to in some way guarantee that the country does not spiral into complete anarchy once the NATO forces leave, that is their public reason. The real reason for the money may be the buying of continued influence in the country. One reason why the West was so opposed to Iran’s offer to build infrastructure and roads in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile the Taliban have continued to show the world that the U.S. has gotten nowhere in Afghanistan. Shortly after the donor meeting in Tokyo the Taliban launched a huge, albeit not entirely effective, attack on multiple targets in the country; a massive attack according to reports, resulting in 23 dead, 17 of them being Taliban. They were launched in response to the donor meeting which the Taliban saw as an agreement to continue a foreign occupation of their country.

Perhaps they are right, but who is really the worst in this conflict? The NATO/US forces who have killed up to tens of thousands either directly or indirectly, in their “righteous” war, or the Taliban, who have sadly, proven time and time again that they can be just as savage, if not more so, than the occupiers of their country.

Sadly for Afghanistan the future looks bleak. Another recent event in a village called Qol-i-Heer in central Afghanistan, further serves to underline the West's utter and dismal failure in Afghanistan, namely the cold-blooded execution of a poor Afghan girl named Najiba who was in her early 20s. She was publicly executed by the brutal and primitive Taliban for alleged “illegal sex” after she was passed back and forth between two top Taliban leaders. A brutal and cowardly act against all women and civilized people.

Sure the Taliban are brutal, backwards and primitive savages making a mockery of their very name “Taliban”, which means roughly "Students of the Holy Koran", but, who in fact are the worst savages? Those who kill hundreds because of their primitive, brutal and backward beliefs, or those who kill thousands and have press teams, slick-looking uniforms and smooth-talking spokespeople and kill for the primitive motives of domination, or revenge for an attack they may have planned themselves?

Sadly for the Afghan people the answer to this question is not one that can be easily answered, nor if answered, would it help them in any way.


13 June 2012, 09:51

U2 Plane Pilot Awarded Posthumously

Francis Gary Powers Junior

U2 plane pilot awarded posthumously

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You are listening to an interview with Francis Gary Powers Junior – the founder of the Cold War Museum and the son of the pilot whose U2 Plane was shot down in 1960 over the Soviet Union.

Hello, Mr. Powers! How are you today?

I’m doing well, thank you. How are you?

I’m fine. Thanks for agreeing to speak with me again. On June 15, at 9:30 a.m. at a ceremony in the Pentagon you farther will posthumously receive the Silver Star. Why has it taken so long for your father to be recognized in such a manner?

Yes, that is correct, he will be receiving the Silver Star on June 15th . Nothing could have been done up to 1998, it was still a secret. In the summer of 1998 there was a big classification conference that showed it was a joined US Air Force-CIA Program that conducted the U2 over flight. So, in 1998 it was discovered and he was a military person at that time, that set up an award ceremony for May of 2000 in which he received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the POW Medal. So, at that time that’s all we thought was happening.

Ten years go by and in late December of 2010 I’m reading an article about two other pilots who received the Silver Star for being shot down on July 1st of 1960 and then incarcerated in Lubyanka Prison the same time period that my father was. So, in January of 2011 I wrote a letter to the Pentagon asking if this sets precedents for anything for my father. And then about 11 months later, in December of 2011 the Air Force comes back and says – yes, it does set precedents and that he will be awarded with the Silver Star some time in 2012. So, in actuality it only took less than a year, from the time I first wrote the letter of inquiry to I get a decision that he was worthy of this medal. We are all very excited.

You didn’t have to struggle, I mean it wasn’t years and years of battling to clear his name and everything?

No, I started trying to help clear his name back in 1996-1998. And then the classification conference in 1998 really helped to push things forward but I didn’t know that it was possible for him to receive the Silver Star until I wrote a letter in January of 2011. It took only about a year for the Air Force to act on this and update the records, and to embrace him as one of their own.

How did you feel when you learned about that?

We were very excited. My wife, my child, my family and all were very excited, very honoured, very humbled. It is a wonderful distinction to know that the Air Force fully embraces what my father went through indeed for our country back 50 years ago.

Who decided or did the Air Force decide to give the award to your father’s grandchildren, you children?

No, they asked the family who would like to receive it on behalf of the family. And there was just no doubt that it should be given to the grandchildren, for both of my sister and myself.

We talked before that your father was suspected of cooperating with the Soviets and I know you went through some hardships in the past because of that. Can you tell us about that?

Yes, at that time there was a lot of controversy and inventions, and speculation and rumors that were floating around 1960-1962 when he was in prison. There were rumors that he had distracted, that abandoned the plane in attack, that he spilled his guts and told the Soviets everything he knew, or that he haven’t followed the orders to committee a suicide. And all of this misinformation, these inventions and rumors have been cleared up over the last fifty years and it’s now shown that he did everything he was supposed to do under the circumstances he found himself in.

So, he had orders to commit a suicide?

No, he did not have orders to commit a suicide. It is one of the misinformation that still circulates around. All the pilots were given the option of taking a suicide type device with them. It was explained to them that this was an optional device to take and an optional device to use at their discretion in the event of torture. My father wasn’t tortured during his capture, he did not feel that he should have used it. It was also discovered on him after the third strip search. Once it was discovered he said to be very careful with that, he did not want to have a murder conviction on top of the espionage conviction.

You said he wasn’t tortured.

There was no physical torture at all but there was a lot of mental anguish, sleep deprivation, bright spotlights, grueling questions, so it was not a cakewalk by any means.

I know maybe this might not be completely proper comparison to make, but can you compare that with what terrorists suspects are being put through now in Guantanamo etc. Do you think the rules of war used back in those days were more civilized than what we are doing now?

My parents raised me to believe that a torture was the last resort and that America did not participated in those type of activities. Throughout the Cold War that was true, to the most part, we used to use some of our allies in other countries to do that type of work in getting the information from them. Now America is doing the waterboarding and other questioning legal techniques. I’m very troubled by what they are doing and hope that it is for the best and security of our country versus just some whim that it will come back to haunt them in the future.

Would you say that some of these terrorist suspects now are being treated much more harshly than your father was?

Yes, I do believe they are. I’m not privy to what type of interrogations they are going through but I’m assuming they are much worse than what my father went through.

We talked several times before. I remember doing the Chapman exchange. What do you think about modern days spy exchanges?

In regards to spy exchanges, they will continue to take place. It is always advantageous for foreign governments to get back their agents, their operatives, their pilots, their personnel so they can be debriefed and then they can determine if they provide any insight into what the enemy does, how it acts, what the plans are. So, I believe that the spy exchanges will continue to go on as long as there is espionage and I don’t believe that it will end any time soon.

Recently there’s been a lot of spy activity by the US. What would you say about the level of espionage activity going now as opposed to Cold War times? In my opinion it is very high? Why do you think it is so high?

Well, this is a completely different world we live in now. During the Cold War we knew who our enemy was and where they were located. Today the war on terror, the terrorists that are conducting these subversive attacks, we are not always sure where they are located, we are not sure which countries are involved. And so the amount of intelligence gathering has increased to try to find out and pinpoint the headquarters of these terrorist cells. So, it is a much different world we live in and more intelligence is necessary to find out where these operatives and these terrorists are hiding.

Thank you very much, Sir. That was an interview with Francis Gary Powers Junior – the founder of the Cold War Museum and the son of the famous U2pilot whose plane was shot down over the Soviet Union. Thank for listening.


21 January 2012, 10:28

Embarrassment for London as Powell Admits Spying Plot

Michael John Smith

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An interview with Michael John Smith, a British blogger and intelligence expert and the last person convicted of spying for the Soviet Union.

It was admitted this week that the famous Moscow rock incident was actually a British Intelligence operation. What is your opinion on this Mr. Smith?

Well, if we go back to 2006 when this incident actually happened. If you remember we had lots of denials at the time, and what was wheeled out from retirement was that old relic called Oleg Gordievsky, who actually claimed that this was all 'a KGB stunt'. Now we know that's not true, and in fact this week a man named Jonathan Powell, who was actually in Tony Blair’s office - so you can’t get much higher than that in the British Government - he actually made the statement that he thought the Russians knew about this at that time and they had been saving it up for, quote, "a political purpose". As though it's really all to do with, that it's a 'Russian problem'. We know that’s not true now, and I think it’s a very embarrassing situation for the British Government this week.

What do you think about the timing of the admission? Why are they admitting to it now?

Well, I think, interesting isn't it, I mean the Russian – UK relationships have been, they go through hot and cold periods. I think probably it’s a time when the British Government want to get on better with Russia. They probably need Russian oil, they need Russian gas, and it’s a time for perhaps more friendly relationships, so that we can have more trade between our two countries.

You’ve mentioned Gordievsky being wheeled out again.

Yeah. Well, as I said before John, you remember we discussed this last year, Gordievsky is somebody not to be trusted; he is merely a tool in the armory of the British Intelligence Services. Every time any incident like this comes into the media, Gordievsky comes forward and he makes claims which are anti-Russian and pro the British Intelligence. He is not really playing a useful role, I think, because it is so obvious that the guy is lying, in many ways. He lies about all sorts of things, and he exaggerates, he exaggerates to the point where his point is not considered real. For instance, we remember only a few weeks back, MI5 were complaining about a Russian woman called Katia Zatuliveter.

Yes, we talked about that, sure.

And Gordievsky said without a doubt that this woman was a Russian spy. Well, now she has been exonerated by a British Court as not being a Russian spy. So, what does that say about Gordievsky’s opinion? It says that the guy is not telling the truth.

Would you like to tell us how his testimony affected your life?

Yeah, well, Gordievsky said in my own case, he said that I was a Russian spy, and that from his own personal viewpoint he had inside information about the way that the KGB operated, their methods, and such like. And he said that I must have been a Russian spy just because of the nature of the evidence against me. There was no actual evidence that I had met any Russians or any KGB operatives, but from Gordievsky’s point of view it was all very clear. Now, you know, I look at the way, the evidence he gives in other cases, he lied in my case as well.

Why do you think the incident was denied by the UK authorities at that time?

Denial is a standard British tactic. I mean, if you look back through history, the British have always denied they do these sort of things: it’s not normal, it’s not the British way of doing things. And when they get caught out in this type of incident – it's politically embarrassing. I think what it shows, in many ways, is that British policy - at Government level - is full of hypocrisy.

What surprises me is that the British condemn Russia for having any intelligence gathering service in the world, or in London, or in any country, and they deny that we [the British] do that. But we know that MI6 is operating in Moscow, it's operating in all the world capitals, and why make a big thing of it? I mean, it’s just a part of life, and this paranoia, you know, that goes on amongst the intelligence services in the UK - it's a sign of immaturity I think, it’s unprofessional.

Intelligence services in the UK have played a major part in my life, you know. In fact I believe they're still tapping my phone at this very minute. My niece, I learned only three weeks ago, is going to marry an RAF man who works at RAF Lyneham, in the UK. And what has happened since is that he is now being called in for security clearance checks, because he is marrying my niece. And what's that got to do with me, I've never met the guy? But it’s just a sign of the way intelligence works in the UK. It is paranoia, you know, they think that everybody is sneaking around spying on everything, and particularly Russians, you know. If there are Russians in the UK – they must be spies. This is the way it works.

So, you are saying that your phone is being tapped or something because your niece is marrying an RAF pilot?

Well, he is not a pilot, I think he is a ground man. But, I mean, what it tells me is that they look very negatively on anything from the past that is a black mark against anybody. And particularly me, even though I was convicted of working for Russian Intelligence back in 1992, but even now I’m still considered a risk, you know, a risk even if a person meets me I could in some way "contaminate" them. It's very serious I think, and it’s very damaging for my own family connections.

It sounds like they are violating some human rights.

Well, I thought it was a human rights issue but probably there is nothing I can do about it.

What do you think about the phone thing? Why do you think it’s being tapped now?

Purely because they think I may be conniving to my niece’s new husband, to give secrets to the Russians. I’m sure that's what’s behind it. It seems crazy.

What’s the evidence? Do you have some evidence, that maybe, it's being tapped?

Well, it’s purely by the way... people can’t get through to me, I can’t get a dial tone, I mean there are all sorts of strange things going on. These are exactly the same sort of things that were happening in my case before when, back in the 80s, I was under surveillance by MI5 and my phone was acting very strangely – I couldn’t get a dial tone, I had to go out to a phone box just to phone in to clear the line. It seemed very strange, and when I called the phone company, they denied there was anything wrong with it.

And the same things are happening now?

Same things are happening now, you know, I recognize the signs.


21 November 2011, 16:11

What's Behind Katya Zatuliveter's Story?

Michael John Smith

What's behind Katya Zatuliveter's story?

Download audio file

Interview with Michael John Smith, a convicted Soviet spy in the UK, a blogger and an intelligence specialist.

I’d like to speak with you today about the Katya Zatuliveter case. In your opinion, do you think that Katya Zatuliveter is a Russian spy?

I don’t think so. But all we really know about this case is that she had some sort of private affair with her boss, Michael Hancock. He is a Liberal Democrat MP in the British House of Commons. Katya was his assistant and what started as a work relationship developed into some sort of a romantic relationship that often happens between a boss and his assistant. But no actual evidence has been produced that proves that Katya was a spy. And Mr. Tim Owen, her lawyer, has stated that MI5 doesn’t have any evidence that she has been involved in espionage.

Why would then MI5 target her?

Somehow they must have seen Katya as another Anna Chapman. I believe it is no coincidence that Katya was arrested in December 2010, shortly after the witch hunt over Anna Chapman. Mr. Hancock would also appear to be at possible risk partly because of his work with the all-party group on Russia, where apparently he has been rumoured as having opinions that were “too favourable” to Russia. Mr. Hancock was also on the Defense Select Committee, another parliamentary body and that dealt with government defense matters. And this is probably what really worried MI5. This spy case actually caused Mr. Hancock to resign from his post last month, in October.

So, these were just suspicions? There was nothing real?

You have got to remeber MI5 are a very paranoid organization, because they see spies wherever they see any Russians in the UK. And any Russian working for a member of Parliament will be seen as a possible spy.

Do you consider that MI5 acted unprofessionally in the Zatuliveter case?

I think they did. And I think this case does enormous damage to the reputation of MI5 and it shows them as being amateurs really, for their simplistic attitude to national security. Katya’s lawyer, Tim Owen, he has described MI5 as more like Inspector Clouseau than George Smiley, who was John le Carré’s spy. So, he is presenting MI5 as a sort of comic case. I think this recent case is just an indication of what is really going on behind the scenes. Both MI5 and MI6 use the media to spread false stories, disinformation and real lies: there is a long history of propaganda coming from the intelligence services. They also have their mouthpieces, their favourite spokesman, who can influence news in any way they want.

You mean someone, for example like, Oleg Gordievsky?

He plays no effective role apart from being a mouthpiece for the security services. As we are coming up to Christmas – and we know that Santa Claus has his little helpers, the elves, those vile ugly little critters – I believe MI5 and MI6 also have their little helpers as well. And Oleg Gordievsky plays a role as one of their loyal servants. And he comes out with very biased claims against Katya in the newspapers, clearly stating that she has always been a Russian spy from the time she was a student. Obviously, this is just a sort of propaganda that MI5 wants to get out there, into the media. Whenever Oleg Gordievsky appears in the media he always supports and praises the role of the British Intelligence Services. who are actually his bosses. Gordievsky’s explanation for the lack of evidence against Katya is that she was so good at what she was doing that she didn’t leave any sort of trace. Such an argument demonstrates to me that Gordievsky is an intellectually dishonest person, it is not any proof against Katya.

Is Gordievsky the only person who is used?

One of the main spokespersons is Prof. Christopher Andrew. He works at Cambridge University. He is another person who is often used by MI5 and MI6 to put stories into the public domain. In 2009, Andrew was entrusted by MI5 to publicize the authorized history of their organization. On my blog, I have referred to Prof. Andrew as the “Cambridge Parrot” simply because he is so adept at mimicking the words he is asked to say on behalf of our British Intelligence Services. Another book of Andrew’s is The Mitrokhin Archive, which was published back in 1999, with the aim of exposing alleged Soviet spies in Britain, including myself. This was just a propaganda operation and was meant to remind the public that the Cold War was justified and also a warning not to get too friendly with Russia.

Can you give the listeners another example?

A good example is one by Prof. Andrew’s identification of a woman known as Melita Norwood, a Soviet spy, the so-called “granny spy.” She was about 80-something at the time when she was exposed. What was strange about this case is the way in which it was exposed. A journalist named David Rose apparently he found out about Melita Norwood, managed to track her down and he did the very first interview with her at the time The Mitrokhin Archive was being published. The timing and the detective work, at the time, seemed incredible. How could he do this? In fact, it was too incredible. What actually happened was – it later became known – that during this period, Mr. Rose was actually working as an agent of MI5 and MI6. And he was given the task of leaking stories such as this through his job as a journalist. He was approached in 1992 by some MI6 officer. Apparently, his main qualification is that he unquestionably agreed to be recruited as an agent. And he also agreed not to talk about it to anybody or then he wouldn’t gain access to these, these sort of scoop stories.

So, how did we learn about it?

We learnt about it because he has actually stated this in the newspapers. In New Statesman Magazine in September of 2007, he wrote and admitted the fact that he had been an MI5 and MI6 agent.

Do you think that, also was a part of some operation?

I’m not sure. But let’s not beat about the bush with this. What we are dealing with here is disinformation and manipulation of the news, which is available to the public in newspapers and on TV. The media is used as a tool in this propaganda war and news stories can be molded to suit the aims of intelligence services in anyway they like. They want to win the hearts and minds of the general public. And, in the case of Katya, they attempt to boost the status of Britain and malign that of Russia.

July 01, 2010

Spy Games

Michael John Smith

Spy games

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John Robles links up with Michael John Smith, who was convicted of being a soviet spy in England, on a recent arrest of 11 individuals in the USA on supposed spying charges.

John Robles links up with Michael John Smith, who was convicted of being a soviet spy in England, on a recent arrest of 11 individuals in the USA on supposed spying charges.