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Reasons for teen crime in America, or of murderous teenagers and torturing cops

6 January, 19:55  

Cases of violence and horrific acts carried out by youth who have been influenced by the internet and computer games continues to grow as the first generation of children “raised by the net” come of age and are able to turn their virtual playrooms into real and tangible mayhem. Are they to blame? Or is the society that raised them to blame?

In Russia there was an old saying that said we must protect and cherish our children because they are the future. This saying is just as topical today as it was hundreds of years ago but who is responsible for raising our children?

Of course the immediate family unit is the primary structure responsible for raising children, and this is more or less true until the age when the child is given to a state or other educational facility to begin their education. The family unit carries the responsibility of shaping the basis for the future adult. This includes moral values, ethical behavior, sexual orientation, respect for life and fellow humans, and a host of other areas that the person then bases their world view and future behavior on.

When economic, moral and other factors, in anyway, cause a disruption in, or the destruction of, the primary family unit this has a negative effect on the development of the child, and once that damage is done it is almost impossible to undo it.

When we look at societal models from around the world with regard to the support of the primary family unit there are many factors which have to be taken into account, these include economic, educational, religious, moral guidance, health care and other kinds of support which most often have to take place at the local level and be easily accessible to the family unit.

The role of the state and the church in many regards has a huge effect on the preservation and support of the family unit. If overall society does not support the family unit or does not provide adequate conditions for it to thrive then there is a qualitative deterioration in the quality of the guidance provided to the child who is helpless and totally dependent on those around him or her.

If we look at the US capitalist model and that of states which seek to emulate the societal norms and conditions prevalent in that country we see many complete and utter failings and a dysfunctional state and societal structure unable to properly carry out the task of properly raising children who enter its citizenry.

One of the most basic needs of all humans, if not arguably the most basic need, in particular in a capitalist system, is the need for employment that is able to allow the individual to support him or herself and support the family unit.

Employment is of utmost importance in other regards as well in allowing the individual to realize and fulfill their potential and be a productive and contributing member of the society where he or she finds themselves and those factors are no less important, but we are focusing on family.

The failing capitalist system in the US is an example we will look at since its eventual collapse will have severe consequences around the world.

Almost any American will agree the “American Dream” is dead, buried and almost forgotten. That dream of having a home, a family and rewarding education and employment has long ago become out of reach for the larger part of society.

The American economy is devastated and will never recover, it was hi-jacked and gutted by a few who continue to profiteer from an endless illegal war not even allowing the populace the industrial and manufacturing boon that may be found in a “war economy” as most of the jobs have been outsourced to third countries and manufacturing profits stay in the hands of an elite few.

The resulting “natural escalation of capitalism” and move into fascism, where corporations run the state, has meant that the American populace and in particular the family unit has been devastated.

The primary necessities of the family unit have become almost unattainable, these include health care, education, housing, transportation and even basic sustenance. Under such conditions the first and foremost societal structure, the family unit, has become unsustainable, leading to irreparable damage to the children dependent on the family. Factors which have destroyed the family unit include both parents working, inadequate health and dental care, poor living conditions, poor life conditions and overall poverty.

A state run by corporations where even basic healthcare is the object of corporate profiteering can not be expected to solve any of these problems, although it is in the power of the state to do so and one might argue their most important responsibility. We could thus conclude that a healthy state and societal model can be determined by simply analyzing the health of the family unit, for as the old Russian saying goes: children are out future.

In the US the breakdown of the family unit has been coupled with a police state that has cracked down on all marginalized segments of society including parents, teens and children. In order to compensate for the societal breakdown caused by its own destructive self-serving policies the US state is dealing with the problems through the use of force and attempting to control the populace with an iron-fist.

One of the results of the breakdown of the family unit and the move to an information based society is the fact that children and teens who once spent free time doing homework, playing, reading or even watching endless hours of mind-numbing television are now spending their time on the internet.

With both parents working, less societal support for youth and advances in technology this dependence on the internet is a logical transition that has been promoted and allowed to grow despite warning by educators, psychologists and analysts as to the harm that could be caused to children.

We are beginning to see the results of such developments. Since the advent of the internet there has been a qualitative change in the youth of the world and in their lives. In most cases this has been a change for the worst.

The fault is not that of the internet but lies in the destruction of the family unit and the lowering levels of education, lack of supervision and absence of positive constructive activities for youth. These factors apply to the US societal model.

If we look at the Japanese model for example, where there is a concerted societal attempt to keep youth busy in positive productive and socially acceptable activities we might cite the old adage: idle hands are a devil’s plaything.

Although I have said the family unit is the most important factor in raising children, the second most important factor, the societal unit, can not be ignored. Parents have their role in the early formation and development of the child but once school starts they are then exposed to the societal component and this continues for the rest of their lives.

Hence we as members of society teach the children and youth in society what is acceptable and normal. Any society that does not take that responsibility seriously does so at its own imminent peril.

In the US this societal factor is largely to blame for the acute rise in youth crime. This is largely due to the amoral nature of the signals that yuth receive on a daily basis namely with regard to the continued glorification of violence, crime, force and sex in the media and in the things that are marketed for their consumption.

The victims of society are then demonized as the victimizers when they succumb to hopelessness and an endless diet of violence and go out and emulate what they see on a daily basis.

Some examples include the autistic youth in Connecticut who recently gunned down over 20 people was an isolated child who spent most of his time playing violent computer games.

Recently two teenage girls drugged the parents of one of them so they could get on the internet after ten pm, tyhey were hence turned into the police by the very parents who were supposed to protect and care for them.

Another case has five teens being arrested for attempting to steal the shoes of a 13-year-old Chicago boy. Five teens attempting to steal shoes seems like a pretty grim statement on society to me.

Then we have the case of the 18 year-old from Astoria Oregon who was so influenced by Facebook that he posted the fact that he was drunk driving as a status update and was arrested. Apparently he thought he was being cool.

Another poor young man whose life was destroyed by the glorification and perceived acceptability of guns was an 18 year old who was evicted by his girlfriend and her new boyfriend and decided to threaten them with a gun, he is now a felon and will enter the US for profit prison system before even starting out in life. There are many reasons for teen crime in America, another is the endless sex and pornography available to youth, a factor no doubt leading to cases such as a recent home invasion and rape by a 17-year-old boy near Seattle and another in Tulsa. The response by the authorities only serves to escalate the violence and rather than attempting to consul and rehabilitate these youth they are turned into criminals and subjected to more brutality by a merciless system. Bycops who torture, arrest parents for letting kids play outside, attempt to make an example of an honor student working two jobs, and the list goes on.

Sure some youth may do horrible things, but it is the responsibility of societal structures that helped to steer them to these deeds that must also be looked at and reformed and restructured so that such events are not allowed to happen again. It is also the responsibility of society to stop allowing the glorification of violence and to demand from those who can affect change to do so, in a positive direction.

Without our children, we have no future.

Class struggle in the microcosm of Southend-On-Sea

8 March, 2013  16:37  

Class struggle in the microcosm of Southend-On-Sea

Fascism begins on a local scale so the apology by the Southend-On-Sea Council to peaceful protestors who had their clothing removed is like a ray of sunlight through the dark cloud that has been overshadowing the world for the past decades. Unfortunately the system in the UK is broken and people are suffering and as the UK follows the US blindly down the road to totalitarianism we may be seeing more of the same. But for now, they have apologized.

After we ran an interview with Mike Smith regarding the strange cancellation of the Southend-On-Sea air show, one of the largest free air shows in Europe and one that had brought about 7 million people and 10 million pounds of revenue to the restive English resort every year, and the fact that some protestors showed up at a council meeting to protest, wearing t-shirts with benign slogans and were forced to remove them, the council has apologized and called for an investigation.

Whether the publication of Mr. Smith’s interview and his words in anyway had any influence on the council is unknown to me but to see them do the right thing is something that must be brought to attention and is in stark contrast to many of the things we report on a daily basis. In particular the treatment by US authorities of protestors, including the all but forgotten Occupy Movement, which regularly sees police stripping, beating, gassing and arresting peaceful protestors on a regular basis.

What was alarming for Southend residents and for myself was that such fascist behavior by the authorities was taking place in such a restive and peaceful city as Southend and for such a benign act of silent protest. The protestors showed up at a meeting where they were supposed to be quiet with t-shirts merely stating “Scrap the Council” and did not engage in yelling or screaming or in another way bringing attention to themselves.

As far as protest slogans go “Scrap the Council”, in my opinion, is a very mild set of words and even former Conservative cabinet member Mark Flewitt agrees that, Scrap the Cabinet, is a legitimate point of view. In light of that and the non-belligerent behavior of protestors Mark Sharp, Patsy Link and Sheena Walker, yes two women were also forced to stand in the public gallery half-naked, the actions of the authorities were way out of line.

The Echo, a local South End publication, reports that several Councilors themselves have come out in support of the protestors quoting Labor Councilor Julian Ware-Lane as having said: “Not only is it an indignity to disrobe people, it is a suppression of free speech.” Yes, an indignity indeed.

The Echo quotes the Chief Executive of the Council, Robert Tinlin as having said: “Please accept my apologies for the situation you found yourselves in on Thursday evening….” and “…“I have asked a senior member of my management group to deal with your complaint. I will also be personally reviewing the guidance for our facilities and security staff to avoid any similar circumstances in the future.”

The reason I find events such as these alarming is because fascism begins on a small scale and such behavior by elected officials and those in power against the very people they are supposed to serve echoes and mirrors what has happened in the United States.

That the UK, Australia, Canada and many of their allies follow the US blindly down almost any road is a given fact, but if the sensible Brits, who pride themselves on their politeness and proper behavior, begin to spit on the rights of their own citizens, then as they say, all is lost for the Western world.

Such events are symptomatic and point to the widespread and cancerous decline of Western civilization, for no civilization based on democratic principles, freedom, rule of law and respect for the individual can stand long when the rights of the individual are so wantonly ignored and violated.

Brits may see themselves trapped in an economic mess and a “War on Terror” paradigm brought down upon them from the outside without their permission or participation and may live with that but such American style crackdowns on freedom of expression will most likely not go down well with the population.

Free thinking and progressive Brits are living with a deep political and sociological crisis as are black Americans who can not criticize the fascist policies of the black man in the White House. The crisis is symbolized in Julian Assange who remains trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy unable to leave because the government of the UK is not capable of doing the right thing, making an independent decision and standing up to the descendants of British criminals across the water and allowing him to leave unhindered to Ecuador.

The man in the street knows that Julian Assange is not a criminal, he is a fighter for truth and he is a hero for all of us, but they see their leaders and government blindly and subserviently toe the US line and sell off their very sovereignty every day he remains trapped in the embassy.

But Brits are a stoic lot and will put their heads down and grit their teeth and bear it whether out of respect, or politeness, or perhaps out of meek subservience, is not really important. What is important is that they wake up before it is too late and stand up to the people who are supposed to serve them when their interests are no longer being served.

The fact that the little drama in Southend-On-Sea ended with an apology by the Council, this simple and minor event in the grand scheme of things shows that perhaps goodness does have a chance after all and the ugly face of fascism may not rear its head in Europe once again.

US Educators Not Respected: A Model for Eliminating the Future of Your Country

10 September 2012, 22:48  

Chicago’s teachers have reached the end of their rope in negotiating with the Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel and have for the first time in 25 years been forced to go on strike.

The Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU) announcement to go on strike Monday morning did not please the Mayor of Chicago whom many see as someone who only supports special interests and the very rich. A common complaint all over the US by those less fortunate has become louder.

As the Occupy Movement becomes more organized and the people more oppressed and at the same time less fearful as conditions grow worse, they see that they have nothing to lose.

In May of this year just before the NATO Summit and timed to coincide with May Day celebrations, Occupy Chicago and over 75 other protest groups banded together to protest numerous issues including school closures and low salaries. Of course due to the nature of May Day, chief among the issues was worker’s rights. Several Chicago area Unions took part in the demonstrations fighting not only to bring attention to key issues but for the very right to stay alive and continue to exist.

On Sunday night, after months of failed negotiations, Chicago Teacher’s Union President Karen Lewis said that: “Negotiations have been intense but productive, however we have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike.”

Back in May I spoke to Rachael Perrotta, an Activist with Occupy Chicago and a Member of the Occupy Chicago Press Team and she said that Chicago has a serious problem with schools being outright closed and money that is meant for education going for things like the NATO Summit.

Rachael also spoke to NBC News in May and told them: "What we're seeking to do as Occupy is to become the glue that can bring all of these causes together, creating a gigantic coalition that can begin the hard work of fixing this country." She was speaking about the Occupy Movement bringing worker’s groups and unions together under one umbrella.

Having spent part of my childhood as a pupil in the Chicago Unified School District I can say one thing, conditions must be extremely bad if Chicago’s educators have decided to go on strike. Chicago has some of the toughest schools and some of the toughest kids in America. The teachers in Chicago are some of the toughest in the country and put up with conditions that are bad to begin with. If they have been pushed so far as to strike things must be completely unbearable.

One of the key issues that the Union and City are sparring about is a new system of teacher evaluation that Chicago Teacher’s Union President, Karen Lewis told the press could cause 6,000 teachers to lose their jobs within about 2 years.

The mayor Rahm Emanuel was also attempting to coerce teachers to extend the school day by 90 minutes so he could keep his campaign promise to do so, and attempted to skirt the Union and get them to ignore their contracts. The Teacher’s Union complained to the Illinois Educational Relations Board and the mayor stopped attempting to by-pass teacher contracts. However the city and the union reached a compromise in July where almost 500 laid off teachers were to be re-hired to work the extra hours required to extend the school day.

In the US teachers receive some of the lowest salaries in the country and the importance and difficult nature of their jobs in not appreciated and not rewarded as it should be. Chicago areas teachers are fortunate that they still have a union to look after their interests as many unions and labor organizations in the US are being done away with.

The CTU has 26,000 teachers who did not show up for work on Monday although according to the city a lot of concessions were made.

In the mayor’s opinion there are only two stumbling blocks left: the teacher evaluation system and the his demand that the principal of each school decide who works in the school as he is responsible for the educational level and the program in the school. Mayor Emanuel believes the Chicago Public School System (CPS) and the union should not have a hand in deciding what teachers work where.

Across the US teachers and unions are watching the situation in Chicago very closely because the issues in Chicago are issues which teachers all across the US share.

One of these is class size, which in Chicago has grown to over 40 students in a classroom. The mayor says this is not an issue but as a former educator myself and as any teacher will tell you, class size is a very important and a key issue for many different reasons, the main one being the quality of the education and learning that takes place. Giving teacher’s classes of such size and then basing their evaluations on the student’s results is a lose-lose situation for all those concerned and one which will back fire completely.

The Occupy Movement and many in the US see the rich as not doing enough for the common people and in the area of education this is clearly more evident than anywhere else. However why should the US Government promote and support quality education when a less educated population is easier to control.

This is a short-sighted strategy that is bound to lose. Quality education guarantees a prosperous future for any country, as such any country that does not value education, does not value its citizenry nor its own future.

US cutting support for the elderly is a dangerous and nearsighted decision

4 July 2012, 17:25

For senior citizens life in America can be very difficult. The combination of the high cost of living, exorbitant medical care costs and limited social support coupled with decreased mobility, isolation and greater needs makes it close to impossible for many seniors to live full and normal lives.

Sadly assistance and budgeting for seniors is not enshrined in U.S. law but is now the subject of political tennis as budget cuts affecting the level of benefits seniors receive is unfortunately a subject for negotiation.

The main law in the U.S. under which funding is provided for seniors, the Older Americans Act, expired at the end of the 2011 Fiscal Year, yet the U.S. Congress has continued to provide funding for programs under the act.

On January 26, 2012, the Older Americans Act Amendments of 2012 were introduced and were supposed to make changes and continue authorization of the Older Americans Act something which in the past has been done for five year periods. The current bill would extend the authorization of appropriations for most Older American Act programs through FY2017. Yet the current bill has become bogged down with some predicting it passing sometime next year.

Due to the fact that the Older Americans Act is classified as a discretionary program the House and Senate Appropriations Committees is now including it as an area where necessary budget cuts can be made, unfortunately these cuts have a direct impact on the quality of life of seniors.

One area that affects seniors and one program that many American Seniors and caregivers depend on is the meals on wheels program. For many seniors this program provides them with the only hot meal they receive a day. For care providers the meals on wheels program also provides for a means to regularly check on the health and welfare of shut in and isolated seniors.

Food insecurity is a large problem for U.S. seniors and the hardest hit are mostly Black and Latino seniors. Through no fault of their own seniors often require special diets for medical reasons and their incomes are often not enough to pay for food. Programs such as food banks or meals programs at senior centers are often used by seniors and provide many of them with the means to survive.

According to the website Feeding America org there are almost 4 million American seniors who are food insecure. This is due to the high cost of living, fixed incomes with no cost of living adjustments, high medical costs and other factors. These factors often cause seniors to have to choose between eating or paying for healthcare or housing or other basic needs.

Another area to which $700 billion in funding cuts is being proposed is the Medicaid program which provides a small level of medical support for the elderly, the poor and those making smaller salaries.

Some Americans deride social programs, such as they did with Social Security, calling them a step toward socialism, but for many older Americans who worked all of their lives and counted on these programs, cutting their funding or the funding of programs they support is like a slap in the face.

Another area that the Federal Government has proposed cuts to is the Food Stamp program, a program that allows many of the elderly, disabled, poor and for many veterans as well, to eat. The program comes under a larger U.S. farm bill and includes cuts in the amount of $45 billion dollars, which will leave almost a million people with almost $100 less every month to buy food.

In most modern countries social assistance for the elderly and social programs in general are seen as part of the overall system of assistance that the citizenry fund through taxes and are seen as part of their responsibility to their country and their fellow citizens.

For the U.S. on the other hand most responsibility for all social needs including health care, costs associated with bringing up a child, costs associated with job loss, medical problems, disability, housing and more are considered the responsibility of the individual. Of all of these none are considered a right and all are areas where a profit is to be had.

In any society seniors should be protected, honored and supported as it is their work and struggles that have made our lives possible. If a country forgets their seniors, what future can they expect for themselves?

US/NATO Lawlessness, Post-USSR Dehumanization and the 1% by John Robles

11 March, 08:08

With the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and hence an end to a movement toward world Socialism and Communism we have seen the dehumanizing forces of capitalism spreading throughout the world and stifling the will and the very nature of the people and the human race as a whole. 

Communism was supposed to lift up the proletariat and raise the workers to the status of those who governed them while bringing those in the ruling class down to a level that was closer to that of the people they were supposed to be ruling.

This very concept was the antithesis of Capitalism, which under the pretense of allowing for opportunities for those who worked hard to rise up socially and economically, was believed to be better than Communism. Yet western Capitalism has now shown itself for what it truly is, a system where only those at the top can prosper and control the rest leading to the creation and rule of what we have in the world today, the 1 percent.

The end of the USSR was not just the end of the greatest power that the history of mankind has seen but also the signaled the end of the idea that the worker, the proletariat, and thus the general human population for under Communism we were all workers, also had the right to human dignity and were also just as important than those who are gifted with being able to hold and maintain power and wealth. In other words the ruling class. Without the USSR as a balance and a threat to global capitalism those in power and those at the top of the capitalist system were free to begin the complete and total dehumanization of the 99%.

As has become the vernacular this ruling class is now called the 1% (thanks to the Occupy Movement) and the standard dehumanizing term, I say dehumanizing because it removes the concept of class and oppressor from the equation and turns them into just a number protecting their identities. But what is the 1%? The 1% is an official union of elites and monied corporate interests that have subverted and taken over the government of the United States and its allies and are literally attempting to take over the world, subjugate and enslave its people and control all of the lands, resources and most importantly capital.

The 1% do not have a political or ideological platform with which they interface with the people of the world. They also are free from the constraints of international law, sovereignty and national or state loyalty. They have one goal, the complete and total taking over of the world. Hence the 1% are free to include almost anyone in their “club” be they Nazis, Jews, Muslims, Evangelical Christians, or anyone else. The only requirement is huge amassed wealth and the willingness to use power and subvert peoples and governments to assist in the fulfilling of their master plan which is a New World Order (NOW) and a one world government which will cement their control of ALL peoples countries and resources.

The USSR was not pliable or workable into such a plan, the very idea of Communism, that the individual was important was the antithesis of their aspirations and hence had to be destroyed. Thus the United States was chosen as the instrument (if not the instigator) and the state to facilitate this takeover. The political, social-economic conditions and more importantly the instruments for iron state control were already in place. What they needed was a catalyst and an event to bring about their plan. This was drawn up by a neo-conservative think tank called the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

The PNAC thought they were drawing up a plan for establishing American hegemony worldwide and American control of the world but they were mistaken, the end plan calls for the end of the United States as it was originally conceived. With a people completely subjugated and in no way “free” or living in a democracy. Engaging and manipulating the neo-conservative thinkers and believers and those on the far right was necessary because they were effective in demonizing and gathering support to dehumanize and subjugate the rest of the population. This dehumanization is key to establishing their NWO. People must not believe they have no power or are important, people must not believe they can stop the 1% and even more importantly the people must be brought to believing they have absolutely no rights or liberties or willingly give those up.

9-11 was the catalyst that brought it all together. It allowed for the military industrial complex and the organs of state security to establish a dictatorship of security and to expand their reach beyond national borders and spread word wide. It was also more important in that, while calling it an outrage and the reason for the stripping away of rights necessary for the introduction of the endless-war-hyper-security-paradigm, it showed to those who questioned the official version, and those who rightfully understood that something was wrong, that humans were valueless and could be wiped off the face of the earth at will and nothing would ever be done about it. 9-11 was also important because it proved that the global 1% could in fact do whatever it was they wanted and work in unison.

Everything we have seen, the internet, the violent repression of the Occupy Movement, the continued destruction and targeting of independent thinking and socialist states, the iron control and manipulation of the media, the illegal detention of hundreds at Guantanamo, the trampling on the rights of whistleblowers and those who seek the truth, the continued advance against Russia and China and the overthrow and destruction of state after state are all part of their plan. You are not human to them, your country is not important to them, they will destroy and subjugate you and your people and as they want you to believe, there is nothing you can do about it.

Who Are the 1%?

Saying we will never know who they are will only be serving their interests. I argue that we will know (if in fact we do not already know “shudder”) and that knowledge will be made available to the people soon, no matter how hard the 1% have tried to obfuscate and stay in the shadows.

Judging by what we have seen and perhaps more importantly, what we have not seen, the 1% is actually a circle of individuals much smaller than what has been publicized to date. They are compartmentalized and organized in tiers with only need to know knowledge of their part of the “master plan”. Behind it, in the shadows, and at the top with full knowledge there may only be as little as 3-7 people.

Note: Describing a global conspiracy of this scale from the outside is not really possible and may be an effort in futility but it is one that has to be done, for it is necessary for you dear reader to understand what we are being subjected to. I do not claim to have the answers, I merely wish to report on my observations and conclusions.

At the top of the hierarchy are the heads of the key instruments of control. But even these individuals, no matter how powerful they are or appear to be are not privy to the master plan. These individuals are changed at will when they either know too much or are no longer performing their proper function. In the US Government they include the President of the United States, the heads of the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Justice, the newly formed DHS, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all other instruments of control.

In the public domain and internationally this tier is populated by the heads of international financial institutions, military, scientific and energy bodies and alliances, legal and regulatory bodies, educational organizations, energy and agricultural trade bodies, medical associations and media conglomerates, including: the UN, the IMF, NATO, the ICC, the IAEA, the EU and almost the entire global network of corporate media.

Internationally this tier is also populated by the heads of state of “allied” nations, the directors of intelligence services and militaries and the heads of central banks and exchanges and financial bodies. Again this of course includes the global media. In order to ensure the control and manipulation of these bodies internationally the NSA and FVEY countries use all of the resources at their disposal to ensure control. This is why the Snowden revelations have caused such a stir among the US elites.

The NWO requires global cooperation in subjugating and controlling the masses and manipulating economies and all spheres of societal and political life. If one is to accept that the events of 9-11 were an orchestrated inside job to serve as a catalyst towards global takeover and that it was a joint US/Israeli/Saudi operation then the level of this “cooperation” and the lengths they will go has been revealed.

Saudi control of Al-Qaeda throughout the Middle East was revealed by the head of Saudi’s intelligence, Prince Bandar last June in a released conversation with President Vladimir Putin, during which attempted to bribe and then threaten the Russian leader with terrorist acts. Bandar, a long Bush family friend, also admitted that Chechen terrorists and terrorists in Syria were under his control.

Connections between Israeli Mossad and Saudi in 9-11 are documented all over the internet even though all such claims are demonized and marginalized as conspiracy theories. Since the US Government has never properly investigated the events or offered a believable explanation and in light of confessions and admissions by elites such as Larry Silverstein and John Kerry on orders to “pull” demolish the WTC buildings these Saudi/Mossad/Al-Qaeda/CIA connections take on more meaning.

So who is the 1%? Who is really in power and control of the world and who are the members of the alliance and what is their agenda? President Putin and the leaders of the BRICS are definitely not part of the conspiracy, I think that is clear but the list of players may or may not surprise you. These are mostly hereditary power brokers and their families who have stayed in the shadows but maintained their positions some for over a hundred years.

If like with any crime we look at who has benefitted the most and follow the rule that these people will not make themselves known then among the top 7 suspects and beneficiaries are the following: The Rockefeller Family, the Morgan Family and the Carnegie Family are probably at the top, with the House of Saud, the Bush Family, the Vanderbilt Family, the hidden owners of nazi founded Volkswagen, Benyamin Netanyahu and representatives of MOSSAD and Israel and perhaps one or two others on the second tier.

These families and their relatives and cronies control almost the entire US military industrial complex (GE, Raytheon and others), big oil (Exxon, Shell, ets.), manufacturing, agriculture and food production. Through indirect influence and even direct positions in the government, such as John Rockefeller IV and his stints on the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, they control almost every aspect of the American Government.

Many members of these families have also been key in developing CIA and the western intelligence apparatus and many of the most odious CIA programs, including eugenics and race control through genetic manipulation. They were also key in allowing 40,000 nazis to find refuge in the US after WWII and many have benefitted from and even implemented nazi ideas, scientific research and plans into being. One might spread this to Europe and ask why the founder of the European Commission and Union Walter Hallstein was a captured nazi lawyer who was taken to America and then released.

It is also interesting to note that nazi style eugenics was not the creation of the Nazis but was something invented in America and funded by the Carnegie family long before the nazis ever existed.

Israeli ties to the 1% are largely in banking, diplomacy and media control and include Gerald Levin, the Bronfman family, Tanley Gold, Sumner Redstone, Dennis Dammerman, Peter Chernin, Samuel Newhouse and Shamrock Holdings, these are Jewish individuals and Israeli holdings which control almost all of the western media and world media through subsidiaries. Their US media control includes: ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, Interscope Records and many hundreds of more magazines, web sites and newspapers.

Middle East and Muslim ties are also prevalent but they are mostly related to terrorism, oil and filling orders for Israel and the US with regard to the Middle East as well as international terrorism and false flag attacks.

Another group of particular interest is the Bilderberg Group and who the real hidden organizers and funders of that forum may be, their agenda is clearly one of maintaining the 1%’s hold on the power and wealth of the planet and clearly they have targeted Russia and excluded it from their elite club. Their last secret meeting included Russia on the agenda and unifying the US and Europe.

Aspects of Dehumanization

In order for these elites to continue to rule and exploit the world and the masses one of the key aspects of their control is dehumanizing their targets. Like the nazis stripped the Jews of their citizenship before they killing them, modern elites also dehumanize and degrade their targets.

In the modern world this dehumanization has taken many new and interesting forms. Things that Marx and Lenin would have never dreamed about when fighting the dehumanizing aspects of the industrial revolution on the Proletariat; a concept and member of the world community which modern day elites and media do not even admit exists.

Dehumanization is necessary when injustice is carried out on people and peoples. It is also a necessary ingredient for genocide and the justification of apartheid like policies and the maintenance of the ruling class in power.

The United States, a country founded on genocide and built by slaves, was the master in dehumanization. The indigenous people the committed genocide against they simply branded as animals, the slaves as sub-human. Those polices of genocide have never been annulled and that over-all thinking continues to this day and may have been the inspiration for nazi eugenics.

The dehumanization that occurs today is much more subtle but includes many different faces and means to keep the populace down and keep the elites in power. One of the most insidious is the restriction of healthcare to the rich and the privileged. Another is making education only accessible to the elites another is the continued existence of policies and unspoken rules that do not allow “minorities” to enter the upper ranks of the capitalist system.

The Anonymous Movement

While Anonymous activists fight for social justice and the beautiful things that make us human, the very mask they wear has a dehumanizing aspect on the world’s population. Why a white man and a English folk hero who is openly burned in effigy? This figure means nothing to blacks and other ethnic groups who also have legitimate complaints against persecution. Not only is the mask dehumanizing in and of itself but the treatment of hacktivists from Anonymous is also dehumanizing. The power elites make sure that the real hacktivists receive ungodly prison sentences while the rest are terrorized into hiding behind their masks. A necessity to escape a fate worse than death.

To the average consumer of media the mask immediately has an association with a person who was an enemy of the state and for most of the population, who does not take the time to find out who exactly Guy Fawkes was and what he did, when the Anon member receives the same fate as Fawkes there is little outcry.

The very act of hactivism is also dehumanizing but also works in the service of the elites. They know that a simple DDoS attack does nothing but it is portrayed as being something monstrous. This has led to many people who would be out on the streets taking part in real demonstrations and becoming involved in politics sitting at their computers thinking that they can make a real difference. This is good for the elites because it keeps their “opposition” fragmented, disorganized and weak and it keeps the real protestors off the streets and away from real demonstrations where they can be seen and thus be more effective.

The Occupy Movement

While the goals of the Occupy Movement were also noble and honorable the elite managed to infiltrate and subvert the movement. The simplest tactics was to give them so many things to complain about that the movement imploded and fragmented under the weight of too many different causes.

This conglomeration of causes led to a dehumanizing aspect of the Occupiers, they were not people fighting for equality, for example, but just a bunch of social malcontents whose fates were no longer of any importance to the masses.

The Internet

While we now can not live without it, the internet has had the most divisive and dehumanizing effect on the world’s population. People have literally forgotten many of the social skills and social interactions that kept the people together.

Computers have dumbed down the educational level and thus the knowledge of people worldwide with children now not even knowing how to write a normal letter and almost incapable of normal human interaction. This dumbed down populace glued to their screens and gadgets is very useful and beneficial for the 1%. They are easy to control and track and manipulate.


While technology is supposed to improve our lives and the lives of the people the most important advances; the gadgets and devices and cars and computers require constant funds to obtain them and literally turn many into slaves for their gadgets. Then there is the endless time that people spend interacting with their gadgets. Time that could be spent reading, interacting, discussing, building relationships and alliances, and again becoming involved in politics and fighting for social justice. For this reason for the 1% gadgets and technology are a wonderful diversion from the real issues.

Economic Manipulation

The key tool in dehumanizing people is economic manipulation. That is why economic crisis, job uncertainty, inflation and low wages are beneficial for the 1%. If the populace is kept afraid, poor and beggarly they are easy to manipulate and control. Making the instruments to obtain economic freedom and independence, education, documents and the like are therefore things that should be almost unattainable.

The dehumanization and instilling in the populace the belief that they are economically worthless or at risk works wonderfully for the 1% to keep people obedient and pliant. This makes sure that workers will not protest or go against the rulers or the state out of simple fear of losing their jobs and their very livelihoods.

While discussing economic manipulation we cannot forget usury and the way that the populace is manipulated by interest rates, credits and mortgages into literally becoming slaves of the 1%. Think about this for a minute: why shouldn’t you as a human being have the right to have a home, just as Mr. 1% does? This is an aspect of Capitalism that maintains the status quo, and the bankers do more, they maintain the racial supremacy by only allowing certain race groups to obtain loans. Just ask any African American.

Non Issues

The constant introduction by those in power and the media in the west of non-issues has a dehumanizing aspect on all those who reasonable oppose such issues or did not even consider them an issue to begin with. Such as gay marriage. An abhorrent thought to most of the population and one, such as abortion, which is a strictly personal choice, thrown in the face of the populace to endlessly debate and argue about. Divide and conquer in a socio-political framework.


For the general population and the thinking and reasonable individual, such as you dear reader, the illegal prison at Guantanamo is like a lighthouse for dehumanization. There are hundreds of innocent men being tortured and held and we know they are being held illegally and the state has let us know their detention is illegal, yet they continue to do so. Why? this is a symbol for them. This is a triumph for them. This shows the populace and the world that they are supreme, they are above the law and you and I and anyone who they consider an enemy is not human.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

The case of the poor young man who is forced to live in a windowless room in an Embassy in London is perhaps one of the most dehumanizing aspects that the 1% could have thought up. The world knows he did nothing wrong, they know he is innocent, they know his rights are being violated, but he is an enemy of the 1% and his continued predicament proves that they are immune from following the law. They are more human than this poor idealistic man. He is no longer a human according to them and like the men at Guantanamo and everyone they brand as an enemy, he is no longer human.


The people of the world are tired or being dehumanized, unless of course they are of the privileged class and enjoy all of the good things the world has to offer, but for the rest of the world, who also have the right to self-determination and a good life, they are growing tired. They are tried of the invasions, the illegal wars, the stealing of resources the destruction of countries, the economic enslavement, the illegality of those in power, the international lawlessness, the endless war on terror and beating of the drum of war. People want peace but where can they turn?

Before for those disillusioned with Capitalism there was the hope of building Socialism or a just Communist society, now there is just capitalism and endless war. The people need a new thinking, a new movement which will defend their rights to exist and to be humans. They need a movement and an idea that will lift all of them up and that idea is not the distraction of gay marriage or the endless war and demonization of other peoples. That idea is not endless war and the stealing of resources and the raping of the planet.

The world has a new Proletariat called the 99% and it must in some way unite and demand that it be treated fairly and justly and with the respect that it deserves. for the 99% are also people, with hopes and dreams and desires and wants, these human needs are not only for of those at the top.

An International Body With Teeth

The only solution, before it is too late for the world and for the peoples of the world who have been targeted for destruction and/or enslavement by illegal and lawless regimes then is the creation of n international body which has teeth and can tell certain states the international must be respected. That can stop certain states from invading others at will, executing anyone it wants extra-judicially and subverting and taking over any other country it so desires.

The international bodies that now exist are impotent in dealing with their illegality, hence new ones must be created. Ones with teeth who are unable to be influenced, subverted or bought off. But where and by whom? I may be wrong in my solution so then I ask you: what is yours?

“There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!” – Mario Savio


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