State Security and Internal Meddling by Foreign Actors


Internal Meddling, the New Threat to State Security - By John Robles

26 January, 03:01

Throughout history states have risen and fallen and those that have risen and prospered have successfully understood and dealt with the threats to state security that were prevalent in their times. In the post 9-11 world we are faced with a new paradigm that the events of 9-11 were manipulated to bring about. Therefore it is of ultimate importance for the peaceful nations of the world to understand exactly who was behind those events. It is already clear who has benefitted and who has manipulated the events to engage in a plethora of activities that amount to crimes against peace and crimes against all humanity. Those actors have plunged our world into a lawless paradigm where the biggest threat to the states of the world today is not terrorism but those who would use terrorism and the threat of terrorism to bring about their own ends and in the extreme facilitate the destruction of states and the overthrowing of governments.


The subject of this article is one that warrants much further research and study by security specialists. My goal is not to attempt to properly address the issue but to shine light on it and hopefully stir debate and further study of the problem.

Real threat

Terrorism in itself is a real and continuing threat, that is an unarguable fact, but the bigger danger we have seen comes from those who finance and promote terrorism and even worse from those who use it as a pretext for military invasions and occupations.

Pretext for invasion and regime change

A perfect case in point is Afghanistan which has been occupied for almost 13 years by the US, has seen hundreds of thousands of troops deployed, has seen up to a million civilian lives extinguished and yet according to American intelligence agencies and even the Defense Department in an assessment to US President Obama in 2009  there were only 100 AL-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan.

In 2010, then CIA Director Leon Panetta said there were less than 50 Al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan and even worse in 2011 Congressman David Cicilline stated that there were only 25 to 30 Al-Qaeda fighters in the country. Meaning the US has spent over one trillion dollars of their taxpayer’s money, occupied a country for more than a decade and lost over 3,400 of the world’s best trained and equipped troops to fight a couple of dozen rag-tag Islamic terrorists, all of whom could have been quietly liquidated in one night in a JSOC operation.

Supporting anyone against the state

As we have seen in Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, throughout the Middle East, in Syria, in Venezuela, Cuba, South America, Russia and now in Ukraine, the US and its surrogates have supported any element that is against the state in any country that the US has unilaterally determined requires regime change.

This support for destabilizing, militant, insurgent and more often than not murderous forces has worked for the West to affect regime change in scores of countries and this support is in fact the biggest threat that countries face today if they wish to follow a sovereign path independent of the US and NATO.

The hegemony of the empire

The tactic of using, supporting and promoting any “opposition” to bring about the collapse of states or the change of governments has been seen from Egypt to Ukraine and is used to maintain waning US hegemony in countries that the US has decided they need to control or which possess resources or other “interests” for them.

These interests can be of any type including economic, resources, geopolitical influence or even the projection of military force to maintain hegemony. The playbook is the same and we are seeing it played out once again in Ukraine.

Preventing, dealing with and identifying forces


Organs of state security in all countries around the world need to be vigilant of any forces within, but most importantly without, their territories which may seek to bring about the destruction of their states.

A healthy open and just society and a government that looks out for the interests of its people is not an automatic cure or guarantee for security but it is a good foundation. A government that properly addresses the grievances of its citizens and subjects does more to prevent the growth of dissent and destabilizing forces than any other.

If grievances and the voice of the people are heard by the government then the state is almost guaranteeing its own security. However there is still the danger of outside forces and actors introduced into a country to destabilize it. Such as in Ukraine and Syria and the attempts in Russia.

Russia which has a long experience of dealing with almost every kind of nefarious force possible has dealt with the threat effectively, more or less quietly and identified methods and means that were being used and dealt with them. However for smaller countries with less robust organs of state security and more volatile less educated populations dealing with forces of outside interference is much more difficult if not impossible.

In the area of prevention in the age of the internet, special attention must be paid by the security services to the manipulation, dissemination and targeting of information that runs counter to the interests of the state and the people. This includes, for example, the introduction of previously non-issues into a populace to divide it and cause dissent. The West has been very successful at this and the most obvious case in point is the introduction of the divisive issue of same sex marriages, which although “normal” for Americans, was never an issue for the most of the rest of the world until the US introduced it and attached it to its foreign policy.


The most important area when it comes to identification in my opinion is the timeliness and effectiveness of the identification.

Dealing with the threat

With the case of a normal opposition in a democratic or fair system, of course the threat is dealt with through normal political discourse, debate and an address of grievances. In short sitting down at the negotiating table and working things out. That is with a normal opposition. However when there are fanatical or extremist elements who use violence they must be dealt with using extreme prejudice and force and effectively liquidated immediately.

The new opposition

A new phenomena we have seen in the post 9-11 world is an irreconcilable opposition, and with the case of Russia, one which had no clear goal or even grievances other than the destruction of the state or the removal from power of the elected leader.

This is the form of “opposition” that we are seeing in Ukraine. An opposition funded, backed and instructed from the outside, in this case from the US. In a normal scenario these “traitors” would be dealt with using the full force of the state as they are a threat to the continuity of the state and the government and the people, but this new western backed opposition is like a disease, once you have it, it is almost impossible to get rid of.

As in Ukraine the “opposition” has the advantage of the full array of US instruments at its disposal, in this case the most important is a complete and total media onslaught, with the “opposition” even allowed on television to call for the kidnapping and punishment of police.

New methods to secure the state

Ukraine, due to western meddling and its open society has been an easy target for the West and in the current climate the state would be wise to take emergency measures which should have been in place before the current unrest escalated into bloodshed. But it is not too late.

First and foremost the state should shut down the instruments that are being used by the outside actors to communicate, instruct and propagandize their installed opposition. The most obvious and simple measure would be shutting down internet access and cell phone communications. The US has shown that this is their favorite tool and we saw it used during the Arab Spring and in Syria.

The other methods that must be developed and implemented to effectively deal with the threat are something the security services must study and bring about once the threat is identified and contingency plans put in place.

A free net

In this regard (identification) the internet can be an invaluable tool if it is kept free and allowed to operate without interference. A wise government will monitor the net and use it to connect with its citizens. It will use it to understand the wishes of its populace and to work out strategies to address grievances. Not as the US has done namely to manipulate, spy on and crack down on the population.


If the threat of outside interference is in fact the largest threat to the security of the world’s states, as I have put forth, then the world community, and I mean the real world community not the US and its surrogates, needs to take measures to deal with that threat.

As more and more situations come about such as that in Ukraine, the US may find itself more and more isolated as more and more countries begin to realize that secretaries of state of foreign powers handing out cookies to violent protestors who wish to overthrow the government is not something normal but direct outside interference and part of a concerted effort to destroy the state.


My hope is that the above piece will stir debate and help the people of the world realize that just because your country does not allow gay marriage does not mean it is illegitimate. We are all different and all our differences are legitimate and must be respected and protected.

Finally, never take food from a stranger, especially when that stranger wants to overthrow your president.

US Spying on Americans, Trading Liberty for Security: What Not to Do

14 December 2012, 17:49  

The US continues to take away the liberties of American citizens and expand the tools available to the already out-of-control police state to rule and control the people with an iron fist. Not only have they now used the UN as a tool to implement worldwide cyber surveillance but it is now legal for the US to spy on the whole world and collect data on Americans who have nothing to do with the terrorism and haven’t ever been criminals. The goal of a recent meeting of the ICU behind closed doors was to implement tools to allow easier global surveillance.

The NCTC has been spying on Americans since at least the beginning of 2012 and is being allowed to do so in the name of security and in protecting Americans in the supposed “War on Terror”. Their access is almost completely unhindered and unlimited in its scope, including government databases, unhindered access to intelligence data, full access to commercial and “private” data bases and company records and full monitoring of internet and wireless communications. The only test for gathering and keeping the information on any US citizen is “possible relevance” or “reasonable belief” that the data may be connected to terrorism.

“A society that would give up liberty for security is deserving of neither and will lose both.” Those words, spoken almost 300 years ago by US statesman Benjamin Franklin, are as topical, if not more so today, as they were in the context of 1759 America. Those words were a warning, one that has been unheeded and ignored by the small circle of elites carrying out their plans for a New World Order (NWO) that will effectively enslave each and every one of us.

While the world, in particular those distracted and dumbed down by the western corporate mass media, is fed round the clock coverage of what we all know is set to be the next US resource invasion, namely Syria and the further taking over of the Middle East, and the continuing endless “War on Terror”; under the radar, the NWO proponents are actively taking away more freedom and expanding their scope to a global level.

Vladimir Lenin said, “While the State exists, there can be no freedom. When there is freedom there will be no State.” He was also said and understood that “liberty is so precious that it must be rationed”, also ideas that are as topical today as they were when he spoke them. The US State knows this better than anyone, the paradigm being superimposed on the system the US populace was taught to believe guaranteed freedom and equality, is completely antithetical to those principles, leaving the populace forced to adopt a paradoxical belief system, necessitating their dumbing down and the propagation of the belief that their security is constantly under dire threat.

Many of the tools being used to now expand and superimpose this paradigm of a total and complete police state onto the world are right in front of you. They include endless terror propaganda, complete state control of media and mass communication to facilitate the distribution and manipulation of information designed to allow them to meet their goals, tools to control and limit the freedom of travel and movement, economic and financial manipulation and the endless list of laws and tools limiting your freedom as a sentient and wonderful human being.

This was to be an article on the spying on Americans by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and the recent meeting of the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the secret passing of the Deep Packet Inspection Standard (DPI), and not a treatise on the enslavement of mankind, but unfortunately the one requires the intelligent discussion of the other, as they are completely interdependent.

For Americans who still held some sort of belief that they were not already being spied on by the CIA, the NSA, the FBI or the DHS, this should serve as a wakeup call, albeit one that is, for all intents and purposes much to late in coming. The NCTC now officially has the right, after the implementation of a document titled the “Guidelines for Access, Retention, Use and Dissemination by the National Counterterrorism Center and other Agencies of Information in Datasets Containing Non-Terrorism Information” to openly collect, store and distribute any and all information on American citizens that it wants, until the end of time.

In an article on the matter in the Wall Street Journal the former Chief Privacy Officer at the US Department of Home Security, Mary Ellen Callahan, in a “Situation Room” meeting at the White House protested the move stating: "This is a sea change in the way that the government interacts with the general public." Despite her concerns the Obama Administration backed the move and the new guidelines were authorized. Due to her efforts Ms. Callahan, just another in an almost endless list of Americans punished for fighting for the rights of the American people, lost her job and is working elsewhere .

The fact that the entire US Intelligence establishment can do whatever it wants to non-US nationals worldwide, including droning and extra-judicial execution is something no one bothers to talk about in the US but when the same intrusive spying, classification, listing and surveillance occurs on Americans then those who have not been terrorized and cowed into blind obedience by the out-of-control-police-state, do still speak out and, as we have seen repeatedly, do face the consequences for voicing their concerns.

Human nature, with all of its imperfections and perfections, incongruities and valiant traits, is something that is not compatible with the complete and total police state. Even the simple act of sharing, one of the nobler traits of the human animal, is something that the police state has decided they will not allow.

The necessity for total control is not for your well-being, nor for the well-being being of your country, it is not even necessary for the continued existence and propagation of the human race as a whole. It only serves the interests of a very small group of elitists. Call them the 1%, the NOW, or what have you, and their only goal is complete and total world domination.

This is one reason the internet, which was supposed to connect the free world, has become at once the largest threat and the most vital asset. For this reason: information activists, hackers, hacktivists, journalists, bloggers and even programmers have become the biggest threats to the US police state.

The total crackdown and use of the internet to spy on and attempt to control the masses is something that many have been warning about for years, but few listen.

We saw the total police state in action after the planned destruction of the World Trade Center on the 11th of September 2001 and the almost complete and total attempt by the US government to put in place a worldwide media blackout on anyone who questioned the unbelievable official version of the events of 9-11, and we have seen it since on an almost daily basis in case after case. An iron-fist crackdown, arbitrary detention, persecution and marginalization of anyone who threatens the criminal regime that usurped US power after 9-11: Manning, Assange, Hammond, Doyon, 9,000 people who disappeared after 9-11, Kelly, Tomlinson, Grabbe and hundreds of thousands more including yours truly, all marginalized for seeking the truth and attempting to expose the criminal regime that started at the Project for the New Amercian Century and continues today.

As Vladimir Lenin said: “Politics begin where the masses are, not in places where there are thousands but where there are millions, that is where serious politics begin.” The internet is such a place. The US is confident much of world has become enslaved to their computers, devices and the internet but what will they do when the global population decides enough is enough with the total control and just turn off?

The paradoxical nature of the internet may be the apotheosis of the human condition, people who sought freedom naturally swarmed to it, as any organism would flow to the path of least resistance. The internet was a place where people thought they could be free, and as we saw above, freedom and the state may be incompatible.

For the US police state the internet became an evil because it was being used to expose the high-crimes of 9-11 and afterwards. Instead of cleaning their own house and rewarding whistleblowers and truth seekers they decided to go to war with you the people and destroy everyone and everything that says their house in disorder.

Now the same internet and the massive surveillance establishment which has been turned against the American people is to be turned on the rest of the planet with the United Nations serving as the tool to bring that about. We saw this with the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union recent secret meeting and we see this almost every day in myriad ways.

It seems fitting that the US Statue of Liberty was recently permanently closed, now all they need to do is put a black gunny sack over her head and dress her in an orange jumpsuit.

Americans continue to allow their government to do what it pleases. Should the rest of the world? I hope not.


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